The Childhood Books that Turned Me Into a Reader

Thanks to Jezebel for first asking this question. Once asked, I just had to share. I can’t adequately describe how much I love books. If I make a ton of money some day, but still claim a broke status, you can blame books.

What Book turned TK Into a Reader?

I HATED reading when I was a kid, but my mom made me do it anyway. She’d timed me, but I still refused. I remember pretending to read while staring at a clock timing how long I should wait to turn the page so it looked like I was reading.

That changed when I came across Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile. It’s a YA historical fiction book written like a diary. In the back where 10-20 pages of real information about her. This was the first book I read of The Royal Diaries series – a series of books I devoured and continue to display proudly on my shelf to this day.


This book is the best because Cleopatra was kick ass and I discovered my love for other cultures. Every princess in the series was fascinating and fantastic.

What book Left a Lifelong Impression?

The YA book that left a life long Impression is Heaven Eyes by David Almond.


I connected with the kids in this book looking for an escape. Where they found themselves was terrifying and mysterious. I just remember being completely taken by the mystery of Heaven Eyes and where she came from.

What YA Series to I Read Over and Over, Even Now?

The YA books I still read are anything written by Richelle Mead, most notably, the Vampire Academy series.


I guess I have a thing for women who kick ass. Rose Hathaway was everything I aspired to be and more in high school. She literally kicks ass and takes shit from no one. That, on top of how dark, serious and slightly political the series became makes this my favorite YA series. (I’m crossing my fingers the movie is awesome. If it is, it better do well! I want to see a Blood Promise and Spirit Bound movie!).

Now I just have to include this:

A Bonus Question for this Blog:What is TK Reading Now?

I just started A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan. I started reading the Wheel of Time series back in middle school. Once I hit high school, life became more hectic and I never finished. In fact, this is the book that I was never able to complete. As an adult, reading adult epic fantasy is much easier and I’ve figured out how to make time for a good book. Since this is one of those complex series where you can’t just jump in the middle (and since I probably wasn’t able to comprehend everything as well at 12-years-old), I’ve been re-reading the series. I’m very excited to make it past this book and into the story I missed out on back then.

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