Book Chat: A Book Everyone Should Read Once

I could not resist this Book Chat prompt posted by Megan at Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. Unlike other posts I have read, I can’t say I immediately knew what to write about. There are so many good books I’ve read, such as The World Without Us, The Road of Lost Innocence and Please Stop Laughing at Me. To me, a must-read book is a well written account of issues that are rarely noticed. Choosing one book is then like choosing one issue and holding it above all others. I’m not here to tell you that. The issues that are most important to one person aren’t always important to another.

Now that I’ve thought about it, I realize the answer was obvious all along. I went to GoodReads to look at the list of books I’ve read and the answer hit me in the face.

Source: GoodReads

I don’t subscribe to a specific religious dogma, which is why it is so amazing to me that this book struck a chord. With what I would call my very basic ideas about God, religion and spirituality, Cynthia Rylant hit the nail on the head. This is my God. The only difference is shes uses the pronoun ‘he,’ as if God is male.I don’t believe God has a corporal form and, therefore, God has no defined gender. That’s not so much a complaint as an observation. It’s not her fault there is no singular pronoun that means ‘him or her’ in English.

God When to Beauty School is a short series of poems that come together to make a story. We see the tiny details of the world that God loves and other details which he suddenly discovers. Towards the end, there is a poem that goes into God’s thought process as he created the world and sent his son as salvation. After all that has happened, how does God observe the world today? I honestly think this book has something for everyone, religious or otherwise. With a humorous tone, poems like “God got Cable” and “God Found Himself” just bring a smile to my face. By far, my favorite is that long poem about the creation. Refreshingly, this book doesn’t take itself seriously. That’s a rare find when you are talking about God. The only thing that would make this book better is if Cynthia Rylant is behind Facebook God. If you’re looking for other must-reads, click the button below and see what other bloggers have listed in today’s Book Chat. Photobucket You can also check out some must read books in the YA Genre in my earlier post, The Childhood Books that Turned Me Into a Reader.

Rylant, Cynthia. God Went to Beauty School. New York: HarperTempest, 2006. Print.

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