Creation Unfolds

David Mitchell, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

You may notice some changes to the blog. When I originally started this site, my intention was to disregard any kind of plan. In the past, I have tried to start many blogs and each time I felt the need to pick out a specific niche. That doesn’t work for me. There are just too many things that interest me.

The original name of this blog was supposed to be self-descriptive. That is still my intention, but I would like it to be shorter and work as a general description for any time of my life. Calling myself a 20-something won’t work very well when I am in my 30s. I didn’t change my URL, but my title, as you can see, has changed to Chapter TK. I’m not sure if I am going to stick with this, but I like it because it so far. The word chapter indicates the intention of this blog to document the various chapters of my life and is also a shout out to my favorite hobbies and dreams.  TK is, of course, the nickname I use here.

How did you decide what to call you blog?

Have you ever changed the name of your blog? Why and how?

In addition, I removed the image of the girl making peace signs from the right side of my blog. As much as I love the goofy playfulness of that image, I fear it may turn people away. I read through a few forums on 20SB that said any anime or anime-like image would immediately turn readers away from a blog (these were people saying, if I saw an anime image, I would immediately leave). While I do enjoy anime and manga, that is not all I write about. The heart of this blog is in the posts themselves. No matter how much I adore that image, if it distracts people from the content of the site, it has to go.

I’ve added new images to the right side of my blog that I believe provide a more accurate visual representation of what this blog is about: living. It’s probably easy to identify myself in those photos as I am the girl who appears most often. These photos show me with my closest friends, with D, studying abroad and running 5Ks. I used a program called CollageIt to create this wonderful background. You can download the basic version for free and it is extremely easy to use. I’m going to keep it bookmarked from now on for when I want to use it to document fun activities I do in the future. The particular layout you see on this blog is just one of many. You can change the number of pictures, the spacing and the tilt. The only thing that disappoints me about the program is that I can’t individually adjust each photo. I had to keep reshuffling the photos until they all looked like I wanted. Perhaps that’s a perk of the paid version. As it is, the free program works well enough for my purposes.

What immediately turns you off from a blog before even reading?

Do you believe blog content and blog layout are equal forms of expression, or it one more important than the other?

I have quickly become obsessed with this blog. As soon as I am 210% sure of the title and layout, I am seriously considering owning my domain (dropping .WordPress from the url) and maybe moving over to As one who fancies herself a writer, I have found a happy home in the blogosphere. At the end of my life, even if I haven’t achieved all of my wild dreams, at least I will be able to say I am a writer. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.

To end, I would like to embrace all of my readers in followers in a giant internet hug. I love you all and I look forward to learning more about each other. Keep blogging, my friends.


5 thoughts on “Creation Unfolds”

  1. To answer a few of your questions, I feel that blog content and blog layout are completely independent of one another. While a poor blog layout won’t necessarily drive me away from that blog, subpar content will make me leave immediately. Also, blogs that center the majority of their content around pictures (unless there’s a specific purpose in the post for it) typically aren’t my reading item of choice.

    My blog’s name is Short Stories and Sustenance. In essence, it’s a great descriptor of what my blog holds: short stories I’ve written and the day-to-day dilemmas that keep me going in life (the sustenance). I had an old blog named Introspection, and I’ve considered changing my blog’s name to that, as the blog is very much a self-exploration of feelings. That said, the fiction writing is a very important part of what I do, so I feel it’s worthy of a spot in my blog’s name.

    1. I think I agree the two are different. While a blog layout might be an annoyance, if the content is good, I will still read. However, the best layout won’t keep me coming back if I don’t like the content. Ideally, both layout and content would be great, though.

  2. Immediate turn offs would be: terrible grammar (I’m not a Nazi, but if it l00ks lyk dis, I wont reads it), blatant sexual topics, hatred of other groups.religions (difference of beliefs doesn’t have to equal hatred), music playing, difficult to read layout (harsh colors, that halfway patterned backgrounds behind content).

    I wouldn’t say that blog content & blog layout are equal, but both are important. Content is obviously the heart & soul of a blog. However if the layout is distracting or just plain hard to read, it won’t matter how great the content is because no one will make it that far.

    My blog name is Delightfully Awkward Brit…because my name is Brittany & my husband called me delightfully awkward one day, and it seemed like a pretty good description. I’ve changed my title several times previously (although I kept a generic domain with just my name until I felt ready to commit).

    1. Haha, that’s kind of how I landed my blog name. TK is a nickname my boyfriend calls me. Harsh colors and hate are defiantly turn offs. I hope I’ve found a good balance of everything here.

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