Reflections on The Firey Heart

There’s less than 20 days left until the release of The Firey Heart. If you are as obsessed with Richelle Mead as I am or at least a fan of her Bloodlines series, you’ve probably been following the book trailers. The fourth one was released this week.


This is more than a giddy school girl rant about how Sydney gets the D (frankly, I would be surprised if that happened, even after these trailers). I want to talk about how ironic it is that the above conversation happens.

In the beginning, magic was not only something Sydney disapproved of, it was something she feared. Around the likes of strigoi, dhampir and vampires, I think she was used to her role as a planner and problem solver.

On the flip side, we have Adrian, a party boy who is described as ‘too pretty to be useful.’ The vampire uses alcohol, cigarettes and women to suppress the dark side effects that come with spirit magic. His magic is a blessing and a curse.

Given the events of Bloodlines, The Golden Lily and The Indigo Spell, the events of this video are predictable. Sydney not only embraces magic, but is a powerful user herself. She has learned that magic has a place in this world and can be used to do great things. With the use of magic, she can step out of the background to center stage when it comes to protecting the ones she loves and fighting for what she believes in.

Adrian, however, is predictably going down the same path Lissa did in the Vampire Academy series. He, however, is not in a position of responsibility. There is no reason for him to avoid his magic except for the stability of his sanity. Yet, the survival of his relationship with Sydney, a relationship for which he fought hard, depends on his mental stability. Does he have the ability to step down and let Sydney protect him from now on? Given the state of gender roles, that would be a hard thing for any man to do.

Maybe the question really is, if he chooses to give up his magic for the sake of his relationship and sanity, what else will he have to give up? Who won’t he be able to protect?

This is so Richelle Mead. Just as two lovers find happiness, something happens to tear them apart. Isn’t that just the way of the world. The second we find peace and stability, life throws us a curve-ball.

Have you ever read any of Richelle Mead’s books? If so, what is your favorite?

My favorite is her Succubus Blues series, but her Age of X series has the potential to be even better.


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