I Support Equal Marriage Because God is Love

I don’t know how many of you pay attention to all the happenings in Chicagoland, but this past Tuesday, the Illinois House passed a bill that legalized equal marriage. Governor Pat Quinn has already expressed support and is expected to sign the bill into law later this month.

There are a lot of things I could say here about equal marriage and LGBT rights. Instead, I want to share with you why equal marriage is immensely important to me. Obvious reasons include freedom for all and that I think people should be able to do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of others. Yet, the root of my passionate support for equal marriage is in spiritual belief.

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You can blame the Catholic school I attended from kindergarten until eighth grade. They are the ones that taught me “God is love.” Catholicism, combined with my childhood experiences, taught me that God is loving and merciful. God loves everyone equally and is always there in the gravest time of need. There were times as a child that I just needed a friend and I spoke to God as if God were just another 10-year-old. That got me through some tough times (damn those bullies).

It all boils down to that one statement: God is love.

I believe that God has no corporal form and, therefore, has no gender or race. This is why I overuse the title God. I hesitate to call Divinity ‘he’ or ‘she’ because I don’t think either of those pronouns are accurate. The word ‘it’ seems, lacking. English leaves me with few other alternatives. Please bare with me.

I take the statement “God is love” literally. That is to say, I think the two are one and the same. Love makes the world go ’round. Love conquers all. Love has no limits. Love is God and God is Love. They are the same. The same energy, same spirit and same passion.

Why does this makes sense to me? There are so many similarities between the two feelings. Love is not something that can be proven. No ring, vow or mortal measurement can prove love. Love is something we believe in because of an inner feeling. We can feel love within us and we believe in the love of others. This is extremely similar to the way I view spiritual or religious belief. Where is the proof? It does exist. Proof exists in a believer’s heart. There isn’t an easier or more logical way to say it. God’s existence is proven to believers through their personal, spiritual feelings.

It just makes sense to me.

Now I’m going to say something that you’re going to think is nuts. I think God is here, with each person each day – literally here – through love. Divinity manifest in our lives through the love a parent has for their child and a child for their parents. God is here in the love between friends, mentors, family members and, most importantly, in the love shared between partners.

I don’t care if you are homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, bisexual or any other kind of sexuality I am missing. The kind of love that drives people to commit their lives to each other, to live and die for each other, is the strongest form of love and the closest we come to God.

Something else I was told in my Catholic school days is that we are all called to be like Jesus. Since Christianity believes in God as three persons in one, Jesus being one of the three, I say ‘to be like Jesus’ is the same as saying ‘to be like God.’ It’s not something humanity can ever perfect. That said, I ask you to think about the story of Jesus for a minute. His ultimate display of love for human kind was in dying on the cross. Likewise, the person known as God the Father so loved the world that he sacrificed his only son. That’s some intense love right there. How can we ever come close to that?

I think we come as close as humanly possible to understanding that level of love when we commit ourselves to another in marriage. The love that two life partners have for each other is unlike any other. Personally, I think that is the closest we ever come to being like Divinity.

Can you see now why equal marriage is so important to me? It’s not just that people deserve to live their lives as they wish. it’s not just that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. I believe the love between LGBT persons is equal to that of heterosexual couples. In addition, I believe that this love is the literal manifestation of Divinity. In believing, feeling and accepting this love, we comes closer to Divinity, God or whatever name you want to use, than we may ever be able to come.

To deny that love is equal in my mind to denying Divinity. It’s unacceptable. How can one pair’s love be more or less sacred than another?

It can’t. Love is true and sacred no matter who that love is between. Love is God and God is love. End of story.

P.S. In case you were wondering, no, I do not consider myself Catholic any more. Perhaps I will elaborate as to why in a later post.

How do you interpret the phrase ‘God is love’? 


19 thoughts on “I Support Equal Marriage Because God is Love”

    1. I find quote like this from the Bible interesting. The book has been interpreted in many ways and caused man to take action that harms others. Because of what people think the Bible says, wars are fought and people die.

      Personally, I find the Bible to be inspiring, but I also take it with a gain of salt. Even if it is inspired by Divinity, it was still written with a human hand. Because of that, the writer himself may have misinterpreted the original message.

      Lastly, I find that you commented with this quote particularly interesting because it could apply to anyone, including yourself. How do you know that what you think is right is actually right? Is it just something you feel in the core of your being? How do we know that human institutions of religion are interpreting the Bible correctly for us?

      I feel like I could write a whole other post just expanding upon the ideas in that quote. Thanks for reading.

      1. Maybe you should just forget about the Bible then, since you feel your excuses for perversity are going to carry more weight, and forget about God since you think you’re smarter and better than he is and have no intention of obeying him. Write whatever you like, for what do I care about those outside the kingdom? Outside are the dogs, and the fornicators, and the sodomites, and all who love and practise falsehood…

  1. I just cried while reading this. This is so wonderfully and beautifully written. The passion I feel here just made me cry. Thank you for writing this and more so believing it because I truly believe that God=Love.

    1. Thank you. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I sometimes feel like it’s hard to express what I honestly believe. In a way, it goes beyond my understanding. Once I stopped blindly following what others told me and looked into my soul, I started to feel a much deeper truth. I think questioning our believes can only grow our spiritual relationships. More than anything else, the personal relationship each individual shares with Divinity is more important than any institution, holiday or service. Through that relationship, we find our truth. I imagine that truth is different for each person.

    1. Yes, I think religious messages can and often do resonate with the LGBT community as much as anyone else. It’s why I can’t be a part of any church who doesn’t treat the love between two men or two women as equal to the love between a man and a women.

      1. I grew up in a very anti-gay background. I never truly agreed with others about it though. I think that homophobia is really based on sexism. People have certain ideas of what a man or woman is that make no sense.

        Also, me not being part of any church at all makes it easier to think about it without peer pressure.

        1. I agree. This is why I say feminism and patriarchy is more about equality between femininity and masculinity than genders. No matter what your gender, you are looked down upon for having more feminine qualities and held up for having masculine qualities. Being gay is associated with a number of feminine qualities, causing our society to think less of them.

        2. In ancient Semetic society, if a man or group of men wanted to really dehumanize another man, they would rape him because they perceived it to be “making him as a woman”.

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