Book Review: Bleach Vol. 04 Quincy Archer Hates You by Tite Kubo

Source: GoodReads


Despite its title, most of this book has very little to do with Mr. Quincy. Instead, the bulk of the book revolves around a TV sensation named Don Kanonji. This brings the book’s rating down quite a bit for me. I’m sure Kanonji was meant to be comic relief, but it was too ridiculous for me. Kanonji is stupid-funny to me, and that type of comedy rarely makes me laugh.

In fact, I feel disgust towards Kanonji. Not only is he egotistical, but his actions are hurting the souls of the dead. I mean, what would that person’s loved ones think if they knew?

P 35
I feel you, Ichigo. Baka Kanonji (image from Page 35)

A new character, Uryū Ishida, is introduced towards the end of the book. He is a descendent of the Quincy family. While I don’t hate him like I do Kanonji, he is far from my favorite character. His story cuts off, to be resolved in vol. 5.

I have to point out my IchiRuki moment. The image below is a screen shot from an online manga scan. This is significant because the wording is slightly different from the published book. I could have sworn Ichigo was thinking about how nice Rukia’s legs looked in the far left box. This scan is just different enough to change the meaning. I’m going to accept the book translation because I like it more and I hear a lot about Kubo’s suggestive jokes throughout Bleach.

p 43
The translator must be an IchiHime fan. Don’t worry, I corrected it for you. (Image from Page 43)

I can’t justify giving this volume a good rating. I love Bleach, but the story here is weak. I don’t like the new characters introduced and I can’t take the ridiculousness of it all.

Sorry, Tite Kubo. Better luck in volume 5.

Rating: 2 Stars

Kubo, Tite. Bleach, Vol. 04: Quincy Archer Hates You. San Francisco, CA: VIZ Media LLC, 2004. Print.

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