Weekend Relief and Inspiration

This was one of those weekends which seemed both busy and non-eventful. Finally granted the freedom of a weekend without plans, every ounce of stress that had hidden itself this week was let loose. At first, this meant I was absolutely no fun. D didn’t get the picture right away and I was in no mood to play the cute victim. Instead, I went on with everything that had bothered me all week (all which he had heard before). This earned me a foot massage, which started to ease the stress out of me.

D thinks very highly of me, which isn’t a bad thing. He tells me that I am stronger than he is and admires the way I face life’s challenges. Having been with me for almost five years, he’s seen me deal with many. I think he sometimes forgets that I am far from infallible.

The rest of Friday night involved fried fish and whiskey. The only way the night could have been better is if the whiskey was Fireball (not to self: I need to pick up some Fireball).

The rest of the weekend was lazy, filed with rain, movies and cuddling with D. We decided to attend the church we found last week again, but we went to a Saturday evening service. The message of the service reminded me of a  blog I read on Culture Monk earlier that day.

“So much of religion is irrelevant. So much of religion is about rules, and meetings, and pursuing conversations that are in many ways entirely disconnected from the things that matter most…..yet what I appreciate about someone like Jesus; is that he brought back relevancy to religion. He brought our attention back to the things that matter most; he pointed our eyes to the poor, the lowly, the outcasts, women, children, and everyone else whom the rich and healthy ignore.”

Even though I heard through a friend that this church observes equal marriage, I haven’t heard them actually say anything about it. As a matter of fact, I hear very little about anything specific. In the two services I’ve attended, I have heard two things

1.   Many variations of “God loves us! How awesome is that?” Such acclamations were often accompanied by the idea that God is love. We all know I have no problem with that.

2.   Give to all, regardless of who they are, what they’ve done, what they believe or how they live.

This was the last service focusing on the theme of generosity. I think they are moving on to Advent and Christmas themes and I am very curious to see how they handle that.

D and I went to the service on Saturday because we had friends to go to the mall on Sunday. We all know about the storms that rolled through Illinois today. We rode through them in the mall. While in the food court, we could hear the radios being interrupted by various warnings. My phone went off once to alert me to a flood warning. In addition, our area was under a high wind warning and a tornado watch. We could hear the rain pound even over the commotion of early holiday shoppers. Luckily, the most severe casualties around here were fallen trees and branches.

Walking around the mall tired me out more than it used to. Maybe there’s something about trying on clothes that you don’t need and can’t afford that wears you away. That, and I felt like the stores I could have spent hours in were not the same that my friends out here would like to spend their time in. At least they enjoy Hot Topic, one of the guilty pleasures from my youth. I found the most kick ass Goku t-shirt there. Words cannot describe how much I wanted it. At 23, it’s probably time I stop investing in nerdy memorabilia and look to purchasing pieces that are closer to ‘modern fashion’ (don’t think for a second that means I will stop buying graphic novels. Once a nerd, always a nerd).

By the time we left the mall, the storms has passed. The rest of the night will be spent in the blogosphere and watching the episodes of Reign I’ve missed.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Relief and Inspiration”

  1. sounds like somewhat of a good weekend, right??! haha doesnt sound too bad to me! sometimes i enjoy those busy but not really busy weekends (: its more of a do what you want on your own pace type of thing (:

    1. I needed this weekend, especially with the holidays coming up. There’s not a single weekend that I have free all of December. I’d rather not having anything to do with the Holidays until December 1st, but if I wait that long, I will have no time to buy presents.

      I’m going to need another “do nothing” weekend after New Years for sure.

      1. yesss! i always want to enjoy the holidays and all that but it all seems so busy ): we all try to cram it all in at the last minute! and yeah, once thanksgiving comes next thing we know it christmas is here! and agreed to that! we all need those weekends once in a while!

  2. Shopping has almost completely lost it’s charm for me as well. I have to psych myself out and set aside a huge chunk of time if I want to accomplish anything. And forget shopping during the cold seasons– ain’t nobody got time for removing multiple layers of clothing. Uh Uh.

    PS– what is this “Reign” you speak of? Do I need to watch this?

    PPS– you’re never too old to buy nerdy t-shirts. All four of my older brothers are living testaments of this.

    1. 1) I’m finding that I now get more enjoyment out of shopping when I go alone. Maybe this is a sign of my age…

      2) Reign is a historical fiction show on the CW about Mary, Queen of Scots. It’s a lot of politics and pretty people, although I have a feeling the magic of the “druids” (I think that’s the term they use) is going to come into play soon. Mostly, it’s a lot of royal political drama with some romance mixed in. You can read more about the story here: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/reign/about

      Note: I doubt the show has any historical accuracy.

      3) I love my nerdy t-shirts, but that’s also all I own. I have a slim petite body type and I loose all my curves in boxy t-shirts. If anything, I need to start looking for fitted nerdy shirts ^_^

      1. Haha get you some SEXY nerd shirts, for sure.

        That show sounds intriguing… my boyfriend got me hooked on Game of Thrones this past summer so now I’m kind of dying waiting for the next season– which is still like 6 months out. This sounds like a worthy substitute…

        1. I’ve wanted to watch Game of Thrones, but I really want to read the books first.

          That said, at the rate they are coming out with book-based shows and movies, there’s no way I will be able to stick to that rule for long.

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