You Can’t Call it a Goal if you Don’t Write it Down

I learned about goal setting in both high school and college. There were whole class periods dedicated to what defines a goal. From what I remember, one of the key elements is to write your goals down. Maybe that’s why I’ve been failing at achieving some of the short-term goals I have. The excuse I use is that I’ve been too preoccupied with my long term goals (most of which I feel pretty on track for). I call bull shit. There is no reason why short term and weekly goals can’t be achieved. Today, I start with step one, writing them down.

Read at least 100 pages per week, not including blog posts, manga or work


I have a plethora of nerdy hobbies, but books are by far my favorite. They are one of my muses and inspire me to write my own stories. I read a little bit of everything… that is, until recently. Why am I so busy that I haven’t had the time to read? The answer is that I do have time to read and I choose to waste it doing other things. Even so, this goal won’t be hard to reach for the next couple weeks. The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead comes out tomorrow and doubt the week will be finished by the time I have finished the book (if you hear crying, don’t worry. Richelle Mead just ripped my heart open).

Additionally, I have an exciting book to review. I don’t want to say anything else for the time being. Just know that I am super excited to explore this new world.

This goal will reach peak difficulty in December. Why do the holidays have to be so busy?

Spend at least one afternoon per week play video games

Yes, this is a serious goal. Honestly, video games are also one of my muses. Mostly, I play Final Fantasy games, although I recently borrowed a bunch of other PS2 games from my brother (including God of War, Whoo!).

There’s a large part of me that longs for a PS4 (even though I’ve never owned a PS3 due to being a poor college student during the height of its success). There are so many great looking games like Destiny, Beyond and Final Fantasy XIV. It can’t be that hard for me to enjoy my video games, especially with D being into them as well. I can easily transport my PS2 to D’s house and we can “play video games together” aka at the same time. I feel like that will be more difficult with a PS4 since it may be a lot for his internet to take. Also, I feel like I’d need a flat screen TV. That’s what’s holding me back from purchasing a PS4. I want to have a non-tube TV first. Maybe I’ll stick with my PS2 for another year or so.

Add something to my portfolio every week

Since I write for my employer’s blog weekly, this shouldn’t be a tall order. However, gathering everything on the internet that I have ever written will be a more daunting task. I’m hoping I will be able to have all my material gathered by the end of the year. My task for 2014 will involve my online portfolio. That thing is a different kind of monster.

Write at least 1,000 words for any of my book ideas per week

Why are you not doing this, TK. Shame! All the shame on you!

I think I have 4 or 5 book ideas at the moment, with only one having anything of substance written. I’m hoping this will be easier once I get my love of reading and video games off the ground.

Book + Video Games + Manga + Anime +Blogging = Amazaball Ideas

Clean. My whole apartment. Every. Week.

TK STOP BEING SUCH A LAZY ASS! There’s is no reason why I’m not doing this. Dishes in laundry get done out of necessity… which mean during particularly busy weeks, I only have enough clean clothes and dishes to get by. Don’t even ask me about the rest of my apartment. I’m not a slob. Most of the time, there’s nothing but books and paper scattered about. Even that gets to me sometimes. I commit here to do more than just pick up the random shit around my apartment. I declare that I will clean my whole apartment every week. This shall include scrubbing the bathtub and vacuuming the floors.

(*snickers* good luck with that, TK)

Abstain from blog hops and link ups until 2014

I don’t know if this will disappoint anyone or not. In the short time this blog has existed, I haven’t found many great blogs through these events nor have I received many additional page views. I don’t see a point. Seeking out blog hops and link ups has been more of a time suck than anything else. Well, no more! Maybe I’ll jump back on after the New Year. Until then, I’m just going to focus on my blog content and those blogs I love. My time is better spent there anyway.

For my net worth, according to to be more than -$20,000 by the end of 2014

I’m counting this as a long term goal. My dismal net worth as of today is less than -$27,000 (thanks student loans). Through saving money and paying down my debts, I’m setting a goal to be worth more than -$20,000 by New Year’s Eve 2014. That’s achievable, right?

(I seriously have no idea how achievable that is. It’s a goal nonetheless.)

What do you try to accomplish every week? Do you ever plan out your hobbies for the week? What are your goals for 2014?


8 thoughts on “You Can’t Call it a Goal if you Don’t Write it Down”

  1. Yes!!! I completely agree with writing down goals. I look back on anything I have ever achieved and know I wrote it down as a goal at some point, if not on some school essay then in my girly diary 🙂

  2. Excellent goals! I can relate to the reading one– I freaking love getting lost in a book and yet I am more likely to sacrifice it above many other things that I get less enjoyment out of.
    I’ll be curious to hear more about your online portfolio, hmmm.. that does seem like a daunting task. Almost as daunting as maintaining a clean house. The problem is that every time you clean it it just starts getting messy again. What the heck.

    1. That was always my argument growing up. Yet, if I just put my shit away to begin with, I wouldn’t have a problem (…said my parents when I was 14).

      One thing that will almost never get done is my bed. Cleabing the sheets is fine, but making my bed every morning just to mess it up again at night? That’s not happening.

      1. YES. SERIOUSLY. I don’t understand that at all– making the bed is for those bi-annual moments when I let someone into my house. It doesn’t make sense at all! That being said, my boyfriend makes his bed everyday… *mind blown*

    1. Haha. Blog Hops and link ups are these events, usually hosted by 2-6 bloggers, where everyone post a link to their blog in a list. It is implied that the bloggers who add their link to the list will go a visit other bloggers in the list. At first, I used this as a way to discover new blogs, but (despite their claim to thousands of followers) I didn’t find most of those blogs interesting. The amount of page-views I get in a day hasn’t changed since I stopped, so clearly there weren’t very many people interested in me either.

      1. ahhh…gotcha! And I hear ‘ya on the blogs with 1,000’s of followers that seem to contain all variety of mindless drivel (and poorly written, at that). Makes me scratch my head and wonder who the readers are, and what they get out of it. So puzzling.

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