Chrismahanukwanzakah: It’s Not About Wanting

Now that we established, yesterday, that it doesn’t matter what holiday you are celebrating, let us move on with the cheer. I’ve honestly had most of this list since early November, but I hate when Christmas invades other holidays and didn’t want to publish this until the first of December.

Happy first of December everyone! Time to start rocking the Trans Siberian Orchestra music!

In totally honesty, I love giving gifts. I don’t think I’m very good at it, but I love it all the same. I want people to know I care and I want to bring them joy with whatever I come up with. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Every year since I’ve known D, he has asked me not to get him anything (he’s a bit of a Grinch) and every year I tell him that I don’t care because I’m getting him something anyway. This year he pulled a new one on me. He asked, what about what I want? What I want is nothing? I told him the same thing I tell him every year, I don’t care.

The holiday season isn’t about wanting and it’s not about getting. Instead, it’s about giving and many people give to their children and families even if they have little. Christmas has obvious roots in the celebration of the birth of Christ. Set the whole debate about what you do or don’t, should or shouldn’t believe about that. Look at it like this.

There is a parent, who has a child. This child is both separate from the parent, but the same. The parent loves the child like all parents love their children. Then, the parent see a world of souls in need of help. The only path to help these souls is for the child to be put among them, even though the souls will surely kill the child. When this happens, the child will fight death for all the souls. The child, who is both separate from the parent, but the same, will do this alone. When the child returns from the dead, all the souls will be saved.

Christmas celebrates the day that child came to a world of suffering souls. It’s a gift I think few parents would  be able to give. It’s a gift given out of a great love. So, when Christmas comes around, I like to celebrate the great love I have in my life by giving to them. I give to my family, my friends and to D (whether he likes it or not) to acknowledge them as significant people in my life. This isn’t always in the form of a physical gift and we all know it doesn’t have to be a physical gift. Sometimes, the gift is driving for hours in snowy weather just to spend time with loved ones. Sometimes, the gift is being there for a loved one during a time of need.

Since it is December first, I give my blessing for everyone to thoroughly freak out about Chrismahanukwanzakah (not that you needed my blessing to start freaking out)!

Lastly, here is my obligatory wish list more for my reference than anyone else’s. When someone asks what I want, I need to have more to say than “uh……”

TK’s Christmas Wish List:


14 thoughts on “Chrismahanukwanzakah: It’s Not About Wanting”

            1. Go if you ever get the chance. I had a friend in college whose boyfriend’s father worked for a radio station that gave him four free tickets. They weren’t the best seats in the world, but you can’t argue with free.

  1. ya know what’s weird about my student loans; they only send me a bill every-other-month, i think there’s a glitch with my account or something so for the past year i only made 6-payments and yet my account is up-to-date…..although now I’m wondering whether i should of typed this because maybe Sallie Mae is monitoring my internet activity…..anyways, Sallie mae has given me a gift that lasts all year long (well at least it is a gift every-other-month)

    btw) I’m with your boyfriend; I’m not a big fan of getting gifts….although I’ve had my eye on this painting by a local artist that i love.

    1. Do you pay more than the minimum every month? Maybe it balances out that you only need to make a payment every other month? I wish I had that glitch. It would make life a little easier.

      I’m not big on getting gifts myself; I always feel a little undeserving. I do, however, love giving gifts. No one can stop me! I think I’m a really bad gift giver, but I try really hard to buy something that will make the people I love happy. I love to see the joy on people’s faces when they open a gift I’ve given. That’s why I try to have a reasonably long list. If I only have two things, I can’t be surprised. With a long list, covering many different items and prices, it’s easy for someone to buy me a gift that will generate that joyous surprised reaction. Maybe it’s conceited to think people enjoy the same aspects of gift giving that I do, but it’s all I have to go on.

      1. nope, I never pay more then the minimum! dude it is so weird…..they only send me a bill every other month…and the amount is REALLY low lol….the first year after I graduated the amount was double what I’m paying now but someone from Sallie mae called me up one day and asked how my experience was and I said, ‘im always annoyed cuz if I’m a day late you guys call me like 5 times a day!” so the lady said, ‘oh I’m sorry…would you like me to lower your payment?’ and I said, “but will it make the length of my loan increase?’ and she said, “nope, it will stay the same”….so she cut my payment in half and I only get billed every other month…dude…its the most bizarre thing in my life……

        as to gifts and all….I guess my problem is I’m obsessed with traveling.. i wish all my close friends could just go on a trip with me somewhere cool (like Africa or the rain forest) to me that would be so much better than gift giving……I’m not exaggerating either; i think about traveling EVERY day lol…I’m a loser who’s head is day dreaming all the time

        1. Haha. You and me both. If I could, I’d see every country in the world. Since that’s next to impossible, I’ll settle for visiting every continent. D and I have plans for a trip in 2015 (gotta save the money). I think about it all the time, too. The problem is, I don’t know anyone who is interested in traveling to other countries. Luckily, D will come with me. I have no problem traveling the world by myself but he worries. My mom thanked him for planning to go with me. She knows I’d go with or without a companion.

    1. I agree, though I still think I’m a horrible gift giver. There’s a lot of thought there… but I’m not sure how good my result always is. My best results problem come from non-physical gifts, like driving 5 hours to see my grandmother. I really love catching up with those family members I rarely see throughout the year.

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