Win or Fail: Last Week in Goals

I’ve decided that today is the day I am changing my URL. I’ve written about this before, so it should be no surprise. Don’t worry, I have a master plan to keep all my followers from WordPress and Bloglovin. No one has to do anything.

Per the process I must use to convert my Bloglovin followers, this is my official announcement.

This blog, which I have named Chapter TK used to have the URL It now has the URL Please make the necessary change to my account so my followers stay happy. Please and thank you!


Since it’s the beginning of a new week, I thought I’d take the time (since most bloggers are not paying attention to the internet) to touch on those lovely goals I set for myself. Let’s see how I’m doing.

1. Read at least 100 pages:

I did read this week, but I think it was only about 30 or 40 pages (sorry Tammy). Damn; why does life have to be so busy during the Holidays? I have to try to do better next week. I’ll be traveling. So long as I’m not driving and no one in the car wants to talk to me, I should easily meet this goal.

2. Spend at least one afternoon playing video games:

I did this! Okay, so I’m pretty sure I did this…. *runs to Twitter*

I did not do this. Sadness. I fail at nerdom.

3. Add something to my portfolio:

I do remember this. Monday, after work, I went out and bought myself a 3-inch binder and 300 page protectors. I used almost 1/3 of those on my work from the online dating blog job I had in college. Success!

4. Write at least 1,000 words:

You could technically claim that I accomplished this. I had a brainstorm thought on my way to work on Friday, which I then typed up during the first 10 minutes of work. This was about 600 words. When I did a word count, it was at 554, but then I typed a little more. The night before, I tried to add content to two or three of the many ideas I have rolling around in my head. I didn’t like any of what I wrote, so I don’t really want to count those words. Unfortunately, counting them is the only way I’m getting to 1000 this week.

If this were any other writer, I would say any work on any story idea counts as progress. You may have spent most of your time one evening staring at a blank word document, but at least you were working.

I really like the story idea I was rolling with at work (why do I always come up with the best ideas while I’m driving?). it’s actually based off an idea I made into a story when I was in middle school. I wrote it out over four pieces of notebook paper (back and front). It was pretty simplistic, but I think it has a lot of potential. What I have counts as an outline, and I’m going to run with it for a while. 12-year-old TK would be pleased.

5. Clean the whole apartment:

I did clean my living room (including dusting off shelves and vacuuming the floor). My kitchen was immaculate for the first half of the week. I confess there are now dirty dishes in the sink and clean ones in the dishwasher. Still, I wiped down all the counters and even cleaned off the stove.

Latter in the week, I managed to do most of my laundry, but I didn’t put it away… and I didn’t vacuum my bedroom floor.

I guess I need to call this a fail. While I did more cleaning than usual, it was far from a complete job. Here’s hoping for success next week!

6. Abstain from blog hops until 2014:

This has been hard, because I’ve seen a number of Christmas blog hops. There are plenty out there that don’t dictate what kind of content I blog about. Still, I think doing this has been good for me. I’ve been able to focus on what I want this blog to be. I dare say, I may be developing a voice here at Chapter TK.

7. For my net worth to be more than -$20,000 by 2014:

Well, I paid my student loans this week. In addition, I adding $100 to my savings account. That’s really all I can do to make this happen, besides make additional payments. I set this goal on a whim without doing any math, so I’m starting to wonder if this goal is even possible

Turns out I will need to either put an additional $1200 down on my loans or save an additional $1200 to make this happen. I’m going to keep that number in mind. I think the smart plan would be to attempt to save $1200 more dollars next year. If I can accomplish that goal, I’ll throw it all on my loans (…said the girl who plans to go to Peru in 2015). A girl can dream.


To conclude: I got more done by attempting to achieve these goals than I would have otherwise. That’s a level of success in my eyes. Here’s hoping I do an even better job next week.

Why did I have to try and set weekly goals during the busiest month of the year?


9 thoughts on “Win or Fail: Last Week in Goals”

    1. It’s going to be hard to do better as the month moves on. Damn this Holidays!

      But, without these goals, nothing is exactly what would get done. We’ll see what happens this week (especially since I have a Christmas party this weekend).

  1. I ALWAYS have my best ideas while driving. In a as attempt to get them recorded I usually use Siri, who is completely useless and always botches my words… But at least it’s something!

    1. It’s so frustrating. Even more so because I’m still trying to get a method nailed down for writing. I’m jealous of the writers who can just grab a bottle of wine and go. My inspiration is always most active in the morning. Damn that full-time job! (but not really because yay, I have a fantastic job)

  2. student loans are a bitch. they’re also a necessary evil like a mortgage because not everyone has $23234897428732 lying around. i agree with focusing on paying off your loans asap because they’ll only serve to sabotage any savings you’re trying to accomplish. when i finished school, everything except paying off my student loans could go to hell and it took me a whole year to pay all that shit off and when i made my last payment, i danced right out of the bank while giving them the finger.

    1. Wait, so you paid off all your student loans in a year? That’s impossible for me at the moment. I do try and pay a little more than the minimum every month, though. While I know there are some who would disagree with me, I think having a savings account is always important. I make a point to move at least a little money into my savings account every month.

      Thanks for reading!

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