Google Thinks I’m Morbid

Since my travels this weekend involved a total of 10 hours of driving over 52 hours and because I had vacation days to kills, I took yesterday off. Instead of working, I threw myself into pre-writing.

I did this back in September (before my computer decided to fuck itself) and I am here to tell you that September TK has no idea what she’s talking about. That girl has so many stories running around in her head. There is no way she can concentrate on just one story.

Today, I busted out a fresh notebook and wrote down every idea I’ve had to date. Most of them have a beginning, middle and end. Any concepts I want to play with have been put into writing. There is something about physically writing something that makes it real. Those are my stories, my working titles and my worlds.

One story is more thought out than the rest and it’s the one I am going to run with. I spent a reasonable amount of time searching for name meanings. I would like the names of my characters to match their personality or their purpose in the story. Three main characters and the villain now have names I love and I am all but ready to roll.

This is going to be my project of 2014. Tis the season for seemingly impossible new years resolutions. By the end of 2014, not only will I be worth more than $-20,000 (thank you student loans), but I will have a completed draft. Who knows, I may even share my working title with you in 2014. I’d share it now, but it feels kind of lame. I’m sure I can come up with something better.

One very important thing was discovered in Google Land today. Did you know there is a place you can go to see your Google Web History? Well, there is. Some people may prefer to clear their web history for fear of what others may think. I know that you already know I’m crazy. If writing doesn’t make me crazy enough, knowing that I plan on waking up at the butt-crack of dawn to write should finalize my insanity. I’m not afraid of sharing my Google history. In fact, let me share it with you now.

1.   Latin word for sage

This always sound cooler in Latin. Maybe being a dead language makes it extra mysterious or something. I also searched for other words just for some inspiration.

2.   Greek goddess ate pronunciation

I found a site where I could type in a word and see all the names whose meanings relate to that word. Among many names was Ate. I thought to myself, “Ate? As in, I just ate some cookies? That’s a name?” The name is actually pronounced Ay-tee and I did a quick search to learn more about her story.

3.   Ancient art needles relieve pain

The word I was looking for was acupuncture, but I just couldn’t bring it to the front of my mind. Good thing Google had me covered.

4.   Animals known as protectors

This search lead to other searches that got closer to the specific point I was looking for… sort of. I wanted to know if there were specific animals that had a kind of mythology associated with them. I must have got hungry at that point, because my Googling skills were weak. In the end, I made up my own creature. It’s my story I can do what I want!

5.   Relationships that usually fail

For one of my stories, I wanted to play with relationships stereotypes. I have my own ideas about what kind of relationships do and don’t work, but I wanted to see if there was a consensus out there. There were some ideas I formed off the information I found, but I mostly went with the relationships I already had in my mind.

6.   What happens if a child never experiences emotions

Google probably thinks I’m a horribly morbid person at this point. After the results of this search, I threw out a detail for one of my stories and expanded upon another. The original idea didn’t seem plausible anymore. Some things have to be based on a small amount of reality, right?


My wrist was not happy with me after all that writing. I may not have started typing my draft today, but I did get all of my ideas out. When I have a sudden idea that relates to any of those stories, I have a place to put that idea. In this way, I hope to avoid distractions as I focus on one story. I feel really successful with what I accomplished today. These next two weeks are prep for my 2014 goals.

In a perfect ending to my day, my incessant coffee ingestion resulted in a trip to the restroom. Since I was still in my head with all my ideas, I forgot to lock the door……

Now, I was lucky enough to be fully clothed and washing my hands when someone else opened the door. That didn’t change the fact that I was embarrassed and she was embarrassed. She also happens to work at the Starbucks closest to me. I hope she’s fine, because I’m used to embarrassment and will be back soon to continue writing.



TK’s Novel: Draft One coming in 2014!


10 thoughts on “Google Thinks I’m Morbid”

  1. Oh wow!! YAY!

    Best news ever!! So proud of you getting to writing!

    Look at you go =)

    Can’t wait to see how you progress!!

    Ps. My little notebook goes with me everywhere to jot ideas into. Because sometimes staring at a tree waiting for the bus I get inspiration. I hope yours fills up just as quickly!

    1. I always knew I should do that, but I never did until yesterday. All those ideas just kept building. Now, they are out and I am happy.

      I always seem to get brainstorms at inconvenient times, though… like while I’m driving or as I’m falling asleep.

      Thanks for the support! Hopefully, by this time next year, my first draft (at least) will be nearly complete.

      1. Well long as you are happy with it!!

        You’re welcome, it’s helpful to have support. It gives you that added boost that you sometimes need to get some writing done 🙂

        I look forward to hearing about it!

  2. im on the same page! i am usually clumsy or something at least once a day! haha but dont worry, thats what google is for! to search up random things… no matter how weird, we are all guilty of it whether we want to admit it or not! haha but good luck with your writing (: i know getting inspiration is hard, but motivation to keep going is even harder!

    1. I’m excited to move my story forward. I hope you guys like reading about writing. If all goes well, there will be many updates next year.

  3. Meh. Better that Google think you’re morbid than you go your whole life not knowing the name Ate. Hope you manage to sneak that in as a character name in your novel 🙂

    1. I really liked her story, although she is a minor (and therefore less known) goddess. I would probably change the spelling of the name so readers pronounce it correctly.

      In a fantasy world where I get crazy lucky and my book becomes a movie, I imagine fans being angry when they find out Ate is pronounced Ay-Tee.

  4. lol I think the first post of yours I read was the one where you talked about being worth -20,000 and it cracked me up……ya know I still have student loans and it dawned on me one day; if I take two classes every six months (and take six months off every year) I can forego paying on my student loans for the rest of my life… I really don’t want to go back to college AT ALL….but wouldn’t it be cool to never make another payment to Sallie Mae??? If god blesses me to live till I’m 80 or 90 I could rack up like 30 degrees and never pay on any of them…

    1. I think it would depend on who you are at 80 or 90. What are the chances your wife or children won’t be left to deal with that debt? If the loans are only in your name, can they chase after other family members?

      For the record, I do know someone doing just that. It’s not very good for her credit, but she plans on renting her whole life and doesn’t want to marry of have kids. So, I guess it is very possible. I wonder if Sallie Mae knows…..

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