Confession: I Love Video Game Music

Resistance is futile. Ever since I walked with Zidane as he learned the truth of his existence in Pandemonium and took it upon himself to fight against the purpose given to him at his creation, I have been hooked on the Final Fantasy series. After playing Final Fantasy IX, I felt a compulsion to explore every game that came before. While other children were giddy over their shiny new PlayStation 2s, I was devouring Final Fantasy I,II,III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII. Eventually I got my own shiny PS2 and indulged in X, X-2 and XII, but none could ever compare to the stories, characters and music that characterized those first nine games. I’m actually still working my way through them. I’m in the last area of Final Fantasy VI (PS1 version) and hope to complete the game soon. The only reason I bothered with a Nintendo DS was for Final Fantasy III.

I have since said that I will give up on the Final Fantasy series. FFX-2 was a shame of a game, and FFXI was an MMORPG (WTF Square Enix? Are you trying to destroy the franchise?). FFXII was decent enough, but the storyline was weak. I haven’t played FFXIII, but I hear it is worse than all that came before. People who have never played a Final Fantasy game think XIII is fantastic. If only they could have seen the series in its heyday.

How does Square Enix remedy their faults? The release a sequel to XIII… and then another following that one. Continuing the pattern of repeat mistakes, they release FFXIV as an MMORPG. Do you know how well that went? The game was such a travesty that they destroyed the world and remade the whole game. Literally. Bahamut came and destroyed everything, as evidenced below.

After watching that, one thought crosses my mind.

I want to play Final Fantasy XIV so very bad!

My cognitive processes have been reduced to that of a giddy school girl. I want to experience that story. The music calls to me as only notes composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu can.

This past year, I bought a fancy new computer with capabilities to run games. I’ve never cared for MMORPGs, but slap the words Final Fantasy on to it, and I lose all reason. Even then, I knew it was only a matter of time before  I gave in. Now, with my fancy (used) PlayStation 3 at home, I am even looking at FFXIII as a logical video game purchase.

Luckily for my muddled, school-girl mind, there is one thing that always makes me sober: money. After a free 30-day trial period, Final Fantasy XI costs $11.95 PER MONTH to play. Final Fantasy XIV cost $12.99 PER MONTH. These are just the ‘basic packages.’ There are people out there spending even more per month to play these games after paying None of this includes the purchase price. The amount of money I would have to spend on games I’m not even sure I would completely enjoy has been the only thing preventing me from making these purchases.

Something about the Holiday season makes me want to buy everything my heart desires. It probably has something to do with all the deals and commercials telling me to ‘treat myself.’ To appease my obsessive mind, I could track down the soundtracks to these games. I hear the music is worth it regardless of whether you’ve played the game. Through the magic of Grooveshark, I can share some of these great melodies.


Listening to this soundtrack as I prepared this post brought me pause. I don’t actually want to play this game. Instead, I want to be able to say I’ve played every Final Fantasy game. Clearly, I have an obsession here that has brought me great joy. Moreover, the stories I played through gave me hope and confidence. These video games were an escape and a sanctuary. They created characters that reminded me of myself, put them through hell and showed me how they overcame their oppressors.

If I play these MMORPGs, I fear they will ruin the series for me. They disturb a series that has died. Yes, my friends, Final Fantasy must be dead for me. Square Enix may not be willing to let it go with dignity, but I can. Farewell my friend. I promise, even as the PS4 makes its debut, I will still obsessively play the old games that made you a legend.


18 thoughts on “Confession: I Love Video Game Music”

  1. I love video games, but am HORRID at playing them. I love watching other people play like I’m watching a movie. It’s almost relaxing. However, I’m dying to play The Last of Us and the new Tomb Raider which I demoed at Comic Con last year.

    1. I really want to play The Last of Us, too. I’ve also heard Journey was a great game. When I Googled it, it was listed at the game of the year for 2012. I’ll be having fun with my PS3, but I don’t think Final Fantasy will be included.

      When I was younger, my mom had an at-home daycare. The kids used to love to watch me play. They’d asked me to play so they could watch. I think it was because I was so animated and would yell at the TV. Apparently, I’m quite entertaining when I play games ^_^

    1. Well, feel free to ask me all you want. There are many different types of games out there. I like games like Final Fantasy because they merge storytelling, music, art and game-play. This series is what got me into reading. When I first picked up these games, I would have a dictionary next to me so I could look up any word I wasn’t familiar with.

      A lot of my artistic and musical interests have their roots in concepts I experienced in these games. It’s why I think of them so fondly.

  2. I’m currently playing FFXIV and loving every minute of it. It has however taken quite a bit of my life!

    It reminds me of XIII – Which I also loved.

    I preordered a PS4 and am refusing to pick it up because the next FF won’t be out till April next year, I have no rush to own one!

    1. I you ever played any of the first 10 games?

      FFXIV looks like it would be fantastic… but I don’t think I have that kind of free time in my life. I’d rather play something that has a definitive beginning, middle and end to the story. We’ll see, though. Maybe I’ll give in one of these days.

      As far as a system purchase goes, I probably won’t touch the PS4 for a few years. I usually buy all my stuff used.

      1. Yup I have played them. Also Steam currently has VII & VIII available on it too which I’ve got. It’s a bit different playing them on PC!!

        It is fantastic, the graphics are amazing and the fact that you can have one character that is all classes makes me happy. I have quite a bit of spare time after work – I don’t really watch tv so it’s a nice relaxing thing to do when I get home before bed 🙂

        1. Hmmm… well now you’ve got me thinking…. I have seen XIII used for less than $7. Certainly it’s worth at least that much…..

          It’s these MMORPGs that worry me. I mean, it’s not like I can play XI and XIV at the same time…. or afford to…..

          Can I ask what the game play is like in XIV? What the point story wise? I know it’s supposed to just keep going… but is there some kind of story tying everything together?

  3. Well on Steam I think I got it for about $6-8?? I can’t remember tbh. I was just too excited that it was available on PC lol

    There is most definitely a story!!

    Final Fantasy XIV takes place in the fictional land of Eorzea, just before the Seventh Umbral Era, an apocalyptic event heralded by the descent and potential impact of the lesser moon Dalamud. Players create and customize avatars who participate in the affairs surrounding the impending invasion by the Garlean Empire and its relationship to Dalamud’s descent. The various nation states of Eorzea reestablish their Grand Companies and form an alliance to prepare for the coming war with the Empire.

    Seeking control over the peaceful realm of Eorzea and its abundant crystal resources, the more advanced civilization of the Garlean Empire invades the realm from the north. In retaliation, despite their differences and anatgonisms, the city-states of Eorzea reinstate the Grand Companies—comprehensive centers of command which combine the cities’ military and economic assets. The player joins one of these states to aid in the war effort. Though Garlean imperials like Gaius van Bealsar intend to conquer, the invasion force’s commander, 8th Imperial Legion Legatus Nael van Darnus, has his own agenda. Insanely bent on purging all he sees as impurities, Nael orchestrated Project Meteor to summon the lesser moon Dalamud and wipe out all life. This forces the Grand Companies to put aside deep-rooted differences and consolidate their forces under the banner of the Eorzean Alliance. At the behest of this new confederation, adventurers from across the realm take up arms and march to the floating islands of Rivenroad to defeat Nael after he absorbed Dalamud’s power. However, despite the mad imperial’s death, Dalamud continues its descent to Eorzea.

    In a final bid to save Eorzea, the Grand Companies turn to the Archon Louisoix, an enigmatic scholar hailing from the forgotten city-state of Sharlayan. Louisoix devises a plan to summon the power of the Twelve, Eorzea’s pantheon of guardian deities, to banish Dalamud back to the heavens. But for this to succeed, the rite needs to be performed directly beneath the point of Dalamud’s impact: A vast swathe of barren lowlands in central Eorzea known as the Carteneau Flats. But the soldiers of the 8th Imperial Legion, now under Gaius’s service, have also begun gathering in central Eorzea and the Battle of Carteneau soon unfolds. But the battle ceases when Dalamud enters the atmosphere while revealed to be a prison created to contain the elder primal, Bahamut. Freed after aeons of imprisonment, Bahamut jump starts the Seventh Umbral Era while unleashing his wrath upon the realm. Quickly conjuring a barrier to protect what remains of the Eorzean Alliance, Louisoix attempts the ritual to once more seal Bahamut in vain. Seeing his death certain in the Primal unleashing his ultimate attack, Louisoix summons the last of his strength to call upon the Twelves’ power to send the survivors (including the player) into an ethereal rift, where they will be untouched by the passage of time, until it is once again safe for them to emerge and rebuild their ruined land.

    Taken from :

    What that means is that there is multi player fights that you have to team up to do (which are lots of fun) there are dungeons you need to run to collect stones so you can buy higher level gear that makes you all powerful (with a glowy weapon no less!) and there’s raids. The new update just came through this week which also included even harder mode primal battles, PVP, better ping times for us poor Australians that were lagging like crazy and more interesting dungeons and quests. You have a range of crating abilities, new guild housing, etc etc etc. And we spent all night talking via teamspeak to each other while we run stuff which gives the game more appeal to me.

    I spent last night unlocking a kitten and puppy minion =)

    In say that, I also do love a good MMORPORG – just as much as I love single player. I think it’s the team work that goes into being successful in this game that helps.

    1. You’re getting my obsessive juices up again. Final Fantasy , at the very least, might have to happen…
      I’ve never played an MMORPG because I don’t like the idea of having to work with people in order to achieve anything. But then, that seems to be the way games are going.

      I’m going to keep your comments a secret from my bank account, because I’m pretty sure it would be mad at you for making me think the thoughts I am thinking right now.

    1. Thant’s fantastic! I can’t actually play any of this stuff. Mario is some serious stuff. They held concerts (and subsequently released CDs) called Video Games Live, and I’m 99.9% sure they rocked the Mario theme there.

      Mario Kart, especially, is the only reason why I wish I had a Wii….

      1. Yesss Mario Kart. So amazing. Christmas always makes me think of Super Nintendo 🙂 That was our tradition when we were little.. all 5 of us would stay up all night playing video games *hapy sigh*

        1. The big game for my family was a demolition derby game on our old PlayStation1. That thing was awesome.

          Mario Kart was more of a college game for me. I was extremely series about. People who got in my way received a large number of cuss words and a turtle shell.

  4. you would get along with the people i work with SPLENDIDLY. i’ve had to wean myself off of video games because of the benders i can go on but these guys here love everything about video games – the music, the action, everthing!!

    1. I bet I would, although Final Fantasy makes up the majority of games I’ve played. I should probably branch out.

      Have any of the guys at work been obsessive enough to go to a video game concert? I went to a Distant Worlds concert last year and it was one of the best musical performances I’ve ever seen.

  5. I know I’ve said this before but especially if you like a game with a good soundtrack you reallly have to check out Zelda! Koji Kondo is brilliant. I get chills when I hear the opening music every time I turn on OOT ❤

    1. I’ve played a few games, but they’re not on the playstation. Unless I happen to have a friend with a Nintendo system, they don’t get played. Zelda is a classic, though. I can’t deny they are fantastic games, music and all.

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