Here’s to Family

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Happy Christmas Eve my friends! I wanted to share a Christmas miracle with you guys and today seemed like the perfect day to do so. Fair warning, this will not bring you to tears or make you jealous of my life. In fact, it might not even qualify as a miracle to most of you.

TK and D (taken by his mom)

I’m going with D to his family outing with his dad and step mom! This is a big deal because I feel like they are accepting me as a part of their family. I’ve always worried that his dad and step mom didn’t like me. They put up with me because I’ve been around for so long, but they’ve never done anything that made me feel like I was really a part of the family.

This outing is something D’s dad does for his siblings every year. The first year I was able to be with D for Christmas, I couldn’t go. The second, they said I could go so long as D paid for me. Finally, this Christmas they are not only allowing me to come and they are paying for my ticket. They are doing the same for me as they have done for D’s siblings and their significant others. I nearly cried when D told me this.

The outing is different every year and it always involves a reasonable amount of cash. I don’t bear any hard feelings toward them. I’m just a girlfriend. When I was still in college and D was at home, I was a long distance girlfriend. To me, it seems reasonable that they didn’t want to spend money on me if they didn’t think our relationship has potential to last.

I am unbelieving happy to be that much more a part of D’s family.

Merry Christmas, Friends


8 thoughts on “Here’s to Family”

    1. Very true. Sometimes I think people miss that. You can spend all the money you want on someone, but the small gestures are what really count.

      I know this event will probably cost a good chunk of money, but I don’t really care what we do. It could be an annual family picnic for all I care. It just means a lot to be accepted into the family.

      1. Dude, sometimes we have to spend the money… is like that: we work fucking hard day-after-day and if we don’t splurge at times then what’s the point? I’m happy for ya 🙂

  1. Achievement unlocked!!

    Grats TK! That’s awesome news =)

    Have a merry christmas and hope it’s safe and full of the crazy!


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