Writer Quirks

Yesterday was my first chance to work towards my writing goals. Despite the winter weather advisory that continues to persist and the early hour, I was at my local Starbucks a little after 5am. Aside from one person who quickly left after making their purchase, I was the only person there.

Ready to full my creative side, I purchased a venti blond roast and got to work. This being my first day carrying out my plan for the year, things were rocky. I wrote a blog post and then settled in for my story. Who knew it would be so hard to avoid editing while writing. Even with spell check off, I find myself second guessing paragraphs. It didn’t help that I had a hard time falling asleep as early as I wanted to.

When I took the time in December to write out all my story ideas in a notebook, the words flew from my hands. The progress I made was magical. I think my true path to writing lies there. When I was in middle school, I let my emotions escape from my hands via poetry. When I wrote my first short story (which I am elaborating on for this book) it was much the same. I put a pen to paper and everything flowed.

I’ve already arrived at Crazy Town waking up as early as I am. It’s time I officially moved in. I’m going to buy a notebook to completely dedicate to one story and hand-write everything. If I have to, I will buy another notebook to expand and edit until I have the story fully prepared. Typing, which my brain treats as editing, will happen once the story is complete.

Since I’ve started this blog, I have found a number of authors and aspiring authors. They all have their unique quirks to the writing process. Perhaps this is how we separate ourselves from other writers. We have to discover the one action that brings stories forth.

My creativity stems from pen and paper. This is where I thrive and it’s how I will move forward. I’m not sure if I can say I’ve discovered my personal formula, yet, but I have the building blocks. It starts with the morning, lubricated by caffeine and given form with pen and paper.

Onward, my Dreams!

Paleo Tip of the Day: Coconut oil is your best friend. Just be sure not to let it burn.

19 thoughts on “Writer Quirks”

    1. Thank you. Now that I look at it, that sentence could really be the tagline of everything I do. A person could conquer the world with the right amount of caffeine.

  1. My first published short story was an easy flow-er, too. I just sat down and shot it out. Naturally, all subsequent stories have been touch and go. Some shoot out, others are like pulling teeth. My writing quirk is headphones with no music playing. I CANNOT write without silent headphoned ears.

    1. The story I want to work on has been with me for so long. I first envisioned it when I was in middle school, but I didn’t have the discipline to expand upon the 5 notebook pages. I remember writing it in one evening. It was a thing of beauty that seemed to manifest out of no where. Trying to expand upon it takes so much more effort. I have to keep reminding myself to just have fun with it. Whatever happens will happen the way it should.

      I love your quirk. That’s brilliant! I usually listen to music so quietly you can hardly hear the words. I do the same thing when I sleep. It helps me zone out.

  2. Love, well done on finding your writing quirk!

    I need music, or total quiet. Has to be one or the other. But I find that I can use either medium which is nice 😀

    1. Thanks. I’m surprised it hasn’t been harder. Instead, I wake up looking forward to the hours I can spend writing. I imagine that’s what keeps me going.

      1. I cant say I was born a “morning person” cuz part of me still loves staying up late into the night……but ever since I started getting up early in the morning to write and read as a teen …..it’s now something that I find exhilarating…….I dunno what it is either; the quiet, the coffee, I dunno……I love walking into Starbucks (they r the only coffee shop in my area that opens at 5am ) when it’s still dark out (your picture captured exactly what I experience every day)…..in the warm months, sitting near the window is like watching a ballet; first the street sweepers come by, then the bank manager across the street arrives, then a couple of the homeless drift in for their morning coffee, then the city workers who water the flowers……it’s quiet, beautiful and serene……..

        1. It really is pleasant. I agree that I enjoy my nights as well, but you can’t have both. I just like watching the sky as the sun rises over the snow. I’m sure it will be different in the summer. There will be more light.

          1. Well……sometimes we can have both but it can definitely be hard; a local reader who found my blog contacted me last week and we got coffee….but I was so busy that day that I wasn’t able to meet up with her till late……we ended up having coffee from 11 to 2 am…her story was fascinating…her parents forced her into an arranged marriage at age 15…,holy cow, it was such an interesting story I told her I didn’t mind that it was so late…….so I got home at like 230….and what did I do; I got up at 6 am and went to coffee lmao…I’m such a moron on i know…..obviously I took a nap later that day

            1. I still enjoy my nights on the weekends and give myself the pleasure of sleeping in. I imagine I will be kicking myself every Monday morning. There is also a trivia event I usually attend on Tuesdays that gets me home around midnight. I’m sure that will be fun….

              Maybe there is something uniquely creative I will discover about the delirium of sleep deprivation.

  3. The butterfly photo is so pretty! I find something so cliche writer like, writing at Starbucks that I just love! haha especially in those moments when it’s slow and there isn’t a whole bunch of people parading through (: I hope your writing goes well and does better with pen and paper! I think there are different quirks that separate writers and that’s what makes them unique

    1. Thanks! I do feel a little cliché writing in a Starbucks. Any coffee shop would do, tough. That just happens to be what’s closest to me.

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