Book Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol. 02 by Naoko Takeuchi

Volume two of Sailor Moon hit me right in my shipper heart. We start off where volume one left off, with Usagi waking in Mamoru bed. Yeah… that’s not creepy at all. Lucky for her, Mamoru is a gentlemen and only sought to help her in her time of need. The connection they share proves greater than they could have expected as we learn more about the Moon Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom. In true dramatic fashion, just as we learn about the past lives of Usagi and Mamoru everything is ripped away.

While things were still blissful, the two started to use terms of endearment toward each other. I was already familiar with -chan, a term meaning child. The term is sometimes used between lovers and is best compared to the English word ‘baby.’ Usagi frequently refers to Mamoru and Mamo-chan for this reason.

The term Mamoru used was new to me. He called Usagi Usako. At first I thought it was a misprint, but it kept happening. Mamoru was the only one who ever called her that, so I did some Googling. The suffix -ko also means child and can be used in the same fashion. I didn’t know about this second suffix until half way through the book. Thinking it was a misprint ruined the emotion of a few good moments.

Outside of that key relationship, things moved along fast. I’m loving how fast the story moved in the Sailor Moon manga. I’m used to shōnen manga with drawn out battles, but the battles in Sailor Moon are straight to the point. There’s no elaborate speeches on either side. In shōjo manga, it’s typical for the romance to be drawn out, but I don’t feel like that happens here either. Despite the black and white balance between good and evil, I am loving this story. I honestly can’t say I have read a graphic novel that has moved this pace.

Sailor V make a surprise appearance in this book. Even though I knew a lot about the story before picking up the manga, I wasn’t expecting the events surrounding her to go down like they did. The mystery behind the Legendary Silver Crystal are revealed along with the origin of the Four Kings of Heaven.

In conclusion:

  • Fast paced
  • Good drama without drawing out battles or romance
  • Solved mysteries bring more questions, increasing the complexity of the story
  • Concept of good and evil is black and white
  • Use of Japanese terminology where it makes sense

Rating: 4.2 Stars

Paleo Tip of the Day: Save money by excluding animal products from one or two meals a day.

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