Reading Caps Lock

I think this is going to be my new things: taking random pictures involving whatever book I'm reading.
I think this is going to be my new thing: taking random pictures involving whatever book I’m reading.

Life has been crazy lately due to the fact I’ve been waking up at 4 am so that I can write and/or blog for three hours and I’ve been attempting to stay on track with my goal to read 3 books every month. Guys, I don’t know if you realized this, but there are only 24 hours in a day. That being the case, today’s post will be short and lighthearted.

Tuesday, D and I resumed trivia night with some friends of ours. We no longer go to the same place and the location we were at was run by a different organization. That didn’t stop the guy who hosted trivia at the other location, who goes by Chevy, from checking out the competition. He’s a cool enough dude and he ended up on our team. As a matter of fact, he ended up sitting right next to me.

When I got to work the next day, I was greeted with this message from D.

d message

Did you yell in your head as you read that because it’s in all caps? There’s a program he uses as work the requires him to have caps lock on and he doesn’t like to turn it off just to shoot me a message. I’ve known this, and I still can’t help myself. I just see him screaming “I GOT A COUPLE OF BREAKFAST SANDWICHES…!” and giggle a lot little inside.

Also, apparently someone was flirting with me? I’m so bad at these things. What is the difference between talking to someone or flirting with someone? You can’t tell me that the only reason a guy would ever talk to me is to flirt. There must be some way to detect a difference. Besides, Chevy knows D and I are dating, so why would he flirt with me?

I feel incredibly vain saying this, but I did kind of noticed this time. At least once since D and I have started going to trivia I’ve heard him refer to my team as the team with pretty girls, so it may not be much of a stretch. Or maybe I’m just hearing things? It’s probably more likely I’m hearing things.

Don’t think I missed the part where he complimented my looks. It’s been almost five years and those words still warm my heart. Is that lovesick? I’m not really sure about that either. I think it’s far more likely that D is lovesick, since his eyes are clearly blinded. Still, who doesn’t love a compliment ^_^. The email certainly made my morning.



4 thoughts on “Reading Caps Lock”

  1. Flirting is a topic a couple of my friends and I discuss from time to time and we’re usually all on different sides of the coin. Some of my friends think It is totally wrong for people in relationships (whether married or dating) to flirt……the others think it is fine…..

    I fall into the ‘I think it is fine’ category. I used to watch a lot of French New Wave films and that led me into watching a ton of foreign films in general and it seems like Europeans are sort of the masters of flirting. Men and women over there are able to have intense, deep, intellectual conversations while at the same time tossing in a certain level of innocent flirting. One of the reasons I think flirting is fine is because its nice when people who are not our lovers notice us. I mean, is there really any harm in two people participating in innocent flirting?

    For me its like alcohol; you have to know your limits. For some people; they can’t handle their alcohol….and so they shouldn’t drink at all. For others, like me, I’ve never been addicted to alcohol and I drink a ton one night and then not drink for a year……I’m totally a social drinker so its merely something I do for ‘fun’ and its not a very frequent part of my life.

    So people who can’t handle flirting (i.e. they take it to far) they shouldn’t flirt AT ALL (notice how I used the correct emphasis of Cap’s Lock! lol….and this is my final comment; your boyfriend needs to turn caps lock off because its 2014…..typing is as second nature as talking for all of us now and we need to keep to some standard of decorum 🙂

    1. D doesn’t care if I “flirt” because he’s knows that 99.9% of the time I am completely clueless to the fact the guy is flirting. I’m just having an intellectual discussion about the meaning of life (that’s what usually happens when I get a few drinks in me). I think he finds it comical. He knows those guys don’t stand a chance.

      Since I don’t know the difference between flirting and talking, I can’t say it’s ever wrong. I’ve know a few people who were just flirtatious in nature. Moreover, I don’t think most relationships are fragile enough to be torn apart by one person finding another attractive. I agree, though, that some take it too far. Flirting is a far cry from cheating. Cheating is unacceptable.

      Lastly, I am totally fine with caps lock because it makes me laugh. In the middle of what is sometimes a long and boring work day, a laugh is just what I need.

  2. Hahaha! I haven’t received a message in caps lock in a long time, but it definitely makes me laugh too because I read it as yelling. I once received a message entirely in caps lock from a *professor* when I was auditioning for music schools. Something like: “YOU PLAYED BEAUTIFULLY AT YOUR AUDITION, AND I WAS GREATLY MOVED. WE HOPE YOU WILL CONSIDER COMING TO _______.” etc. It was bizarre but really funny.

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