“You Have Brought Me to that Moment When Words Run Dry”

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably heard that I saw The Phantom of the Opera this weekend. Since I don’t have the skill to describe such magnificence in words, I will instead share the story of my longing for this theater production, for it is one of my longest held desires. phantom

I don’t know when it was that I developed a love of theater, only that it was before high school. Perhaps my first interests were born out of the musicals put on by my Catholic school or maybe the roots stared even earlier. It was when I first started to explore interests that were exclusively mine that I found beauty in fantasy novels and classical video game music. As I grew older, it was only natural that I would see those same admirable qualities in musical theater.

The Phantom of the Opera has long stood as the grandest of Broadway musicals in my mind. It’s always stood out in my mind as a kind of wonder. I’ve listed to the Broadway soundtrack since high school and have longed to see it live.

One of my main motivations for wishing to live in or near a major city is for the theater. The major tours too frequently skip over Iowa.Since moving to the Chicago suburbs, I’ve made a point to see as many musicals as I can without a second thought to the cost. It’s all worth it in my mind. Had the tickets for Phantom of the Opera cost $500, I would have still gone (although I doubt I’d get anyone to go with me at that price).

As I’ve become more acquainted with the theater, I have also become increasingly picky about seats. I’m a short girl and don’t like have too many rows of people in front of me. Nothing is worse than struggling to see the stage because there are taller people sitting in front of you.

My pickyness has heightened my already excitable nature, urging me to purchase tickets as soon as humanly possible. When purchasing ticket for Phantom of the Opera (a purchase which happened not long after I started this blog, though the performance was just this past weekend), I was even more anxious.

I read the email: January Pre-Sale Tickets. Finally, Phantom was coming to Chicago! Then, I began to look at the ticket sales. Living in the suburbs, I tend to favor weekend shows. Even more, I prefer the 2PM matinée so that it’s not too late when I return home. As I clicked through the available show times, I was dismayed to find the theater almost completely full. Once, the seats I was considering purchasing were swiped by someone who made a quicker decision. All the best seats were taken, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. One thing was clear: my purchase had to be made now.

In hindsight, perhaps my urgency wasn’t warranted to the extent that I felt it. After all, tickets for February weren’t even on sale, yet. Such logic has never been a strong part of my personality. Since I was young, I followed my favorite authors and graphic novels obsessively. I absolutely had to have the next book on the day it came out. It didn’t matter if I wouldn’t get a chance to read it for days. It had to be in my hand on its release date. Movies were much the same. I loved midnight premieres, although I’ve been to very few. I always want  to be among the first.

So, as I had already had one set of prospective tickets swiped from me, I made my decision quicker. All my energy was focused on finding optimal seats and making my purchase.

Fast forward to this weekend, and I finally saw The Phantom of the Opera performed live! It was marvelous, like one of those movies you could see again and again.  What more can I say. It was everything I wanted it to be. I have already committed myself to seeing it again. The next chance I get, you will see more tickets in my hand! I don’t think there will ever be another musical that can compare.


4 thoughts on ““You Have Brought Me to that Moment When Words Run Dry””

  1. Awesome 🙂 You know I share your love for the theatre. Phantom of the Opera was one of the first musicals I ever saw, other than Les Mis… and while I still have a fondness for it, I honestly think I prefer Wicked or In The Heights! I know, I know…. I’m so trendy. Anyways, so cool that you got to go.

    1. I have not seen In The Heights or Les Mis, but I’ve seen Wicked twice. That’s a great one,too. I think Book of Mormon is even better, though. There are a few other shows I saw off Broadway (by that I mean, not the touring production). I just can’t get enough. I have more Broadway soundtracks than the number of shows I’ve seen.

        1. There is an entire scene/song called the Scary Mormon Hell Dream… it has dancing Starbucks cups….

          That alone makes it a must see. It was hilarious.

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