Here’s to the End of a Week-Long Bump in the Road

Mythology 2

I’d been feeling off for the better part of last week, which reached its peak today with my lack of a book review post. Honestly, I rushed the post on Castle in the Sky yesterday (and then told D I needed to find that soundtrack) and failed in my endeavor to finish Mythology for today. I’m about half way through and have some great stuff to tell you, but that will all have to wait for next Sunday.

It’s worth noting that I did try to finish the book. The thing is a sight to behold, with its worn binding and bent pages. The age of it gives off a faint, glorious smell. Someone needs to bottle that sent into a perfume. Certainly every woman wants to smell like old books.

Why waste time wishing for book smelling perfume? I mean, it already exist. What I really need is a spare $100. Oh well.

I am deeming today the start of my new week. I will work hard, write hard, read hard and even find some space in there for some video games. I will eat healthy and go to be at reasonable times.

None of this should be that hard to achieve, but I seem to be slowing. Did you know that the high for today is -2 degrees (-18 C) and that the wind chills could make it feel as low as -25 (-31.5 C)? Sure, that’s no -40, but it’s still damn cold. I am ready for spring. All this frigidity is having to strong of an effect on me. I need Spring.

Another thing I failed at this week is my endeavor to avoid all meat products. I had little time to prepare a proper meal when D was over last week and bought a gigantic vegetable lasagna. It was delicious, but it had far too much cheese. I bought it, though, so I had to eat it. I had a piece of that almost every day last week. Then, on Friday, my boss ordered Popeye’s for lunch. I do my best to resist, but I hate the reaction I get when I say “I’m not really feeling that. I’ll just eat what I brought today.” I said that earlier in the week when they ordered KFC. I’m not the biggest fan of KFC, so I declined. This was followed by five minutes of “oh, so your going to eat healthy today. fine.”

I don’t feel like I go out of my way to eat healthy most days. For me, eating has become as much about how I feel after eating as the way the food taste. Since I have been avoiding meat, I’ve noticed and uptick in my energy. Maybe that’s why I was down for most of the week. I didn’t always eat meat, but I think I had some form of meat product as a major part of a meal each day this week (curse you, Cheese, and your gooey goodness).

…and I totally just got done eating an unhealthy meat product for dinner. But it’s okay. I just want to keep my meat eating down to two or three meals a week. That was one. Just one. I don’t have to eat meat for the rest of the week.

I’m usually such a planner. A part of me burns with a need to plan out the next week, although I am sure something will come along to dash all my plans. I think I will let that part of me smolder and take one day at a time. Tomorrow will be a simple day. I will wake up and write (within the warmth of my apartment) with a delicious green smoothie. I will go to work, bust out something wondrous and eat a lunch rich in vegetables. Then, I will come home and do whatever feels right. There is no pressure for Monday and no need to look further.

Stay warm, my friends.


8 thoughts on “Here’s to the End of a Week-Long Bump in the Road”

  1. All I can say is… cheese is a weakness. It’s sooo good but sooo bad for you ):
    Why must this happen?
    On the upside, vegetables are really good, too! At least you’re attempting to eat healthy and doing it more often than a lot of people! Sometimes we just have days when we don’t have motivation or time to prepare all those healthy things. Also, a cheat meal once in a while, maybe two to three times a week is good so then we don’t splurge and over eat all the bad stuff for not allowing ourselves to eat that!

    1. At the very least, I’ve managed to eat and green smoothie for breakfast every day for the past two weeks. The one I made last Monday tasted just like a piña colada.

      I’m trying not to think too much about my cheat meals, especially since I didn’t go overboard. I remember reading something about how people can screw themselves over with cheat meals. Just because you’re indulging in something unhealthy does not mean you need to eat enough to feed five people in one sitting. I’m sure I could do it. I’m a black hole when I eat.

      1. Well that’s good! I’ve asked for a blender for my birthday so you’ll have to post some recipes because I want to start doing smoothies (:

        As long as you don’t go overboard that’s good! And exactly hahaha, sometimes people do eat way too much for the serving size! I’m sure I could do it, too! Especially when it’s something you love it’s so easy to eat until we’re way past full! haha

        1. I recommend looking into the NutriBullet. I got a blender so I could make smoothies and it did a very bad job. It just couldn’t grind everything up like I thought it would. NutriBullet, though, is a monster. I could put anything in that thing and it would instantly liquefy it.

            1. and it comes with so much. I bought my at Best Buy for $100. It comes with a large cup, two smaller ones, two covers, two blades and a book of recipes. It felt like I got a lot for the price.

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