How These Two Nerds Met

February 2009

My good friend, *Mary, invited me over to her dorm to play pool. She was hanging out with a bunch of friends, most of whom I hadn’t met before. I wanted to appear attractive but not like I was trying to be so. My solution was to wear a baggy, hoodie proclaiming my membership in the University Fencing club and boots with a wide heel. I was TK the fencer and damn my legs looked awesome.

Various people were playing pool with Mary, but I can only remember the name of one. I can’t tell you his name, but I’m sure followers know of him. I call him D. He was very serious about pool, which I found adorable. His XBox name was derived  from his favorite characters from InuYasha (an anime for those who don’t know). We went back and forth, sharing our nerdiness just thrilled to have found someone with similar interests to my own.

D gave Mary a shoulder massage while she was sitting out for a bit. She told me he have the best messages and he offered to massage my shoulders, if I wanted. My answer was yes, of course. Who doesn’t want a free message? Mary didn’t lie because it felt wonderful. D went on to offer everyone a message.

We eventually left the pool game and took up playing Apples to Apples. The game didn’t end until every card had been played and most of our group lay asleep on the couches. It was 3AM, late enough that the campus buses were no longer running. We all decided to crash right where we were.

The couches and chairs were stiff and made for a restless sleep. We woke around 7am to partake of an early breakfast in the mess hall and go to church. After mass, we all finally parted ways. I gave everyone a hug, even D.


The next day, my roommate (who had showed up to play pool a few hours after I did), insisted D was flirting with me. I told her that was ridiculous. I was a freshman and he was a senior, and what did she have to prove he was flirting? He gave plenty of people a message and talked to more people that night than just me. Still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to him. It was something about those blue eyes and his smile. Smiles always win me over.

A few days later, I spoke with Mary about what my roommate had said. With more enthusiasm than I expected, she asked if I what I would say if he did ask me out. My answer was to deny that any such thing would ever happen. No one could tell me the exact thing he did that proved he was flirting with me. How did anyone know he had even slight interest in me? Eventually, she got me to confess that I’d be happy to go out with if he asked. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

Unbeknownst to me, Mary had already asked D if he was interested in one of her friends. He said no, but after talking to me, Mary questioned him again. Somewhere in the second conversation my name was mentioned, but I have no way of knowing what was said about me. All I know is that I got a text from D a few days later saying the two of us should hang out sometime.

Instant glee turned to instant panic. It was Wednesday and I had class. The next day, I had fencing practice until 11PM. Friday, I was leaving for a fencing tournament and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. The following week was equally busy with classes, fencing and other responsibilities. It seemed the only free time I would have to hang our with D would the weekend after the next.

“Yeah, let’s hang out a week and a half from now,” didn’t seem to ring with interest. I didn’t know what to expect and I still wasn’t sure I was interpreting the signs correctly.

I decided to go for it. After what I thought was an appropriate amount of waiting time, I texted him back my agreement. I mentioned the busy weekend ahead of me and asked if he’d be interested in hanging out after my fencing practice Thursday.

How do you have a ‘date’ after 11PM on a weekday night? That’s a post for another day, my friends.

How do you know if someone is flirting with you? Do seniors normally ask freshmen out? What did you do for a first date in college? Any predictions about what we did (hint: the night was PG)?

*Mary is not my friend’s real name

In other news, go check out Aussa Loren’s Group Therapy for January. This is the second time I’ve been quoted on her page!


9 thoughts on “How These Two Nerds Met”

  1. At least when I was in college, students didn’t normally “date.” It was a trial and error period of hooking up. You got lucky girlfriend! College relationships can be hard to maintain if both people aren’t 100% into it. I’d guess you guys either watched a movie or got really late night pizza haha

    1. I had a different experience in college. Almost all of my friends were in committed relationships as freshmen. Many went on to marry them after college.

      And you’re close on your guesses, but I’ll save the truth for another post.

  2. Aw, this is cute. I was mostly antisocial in college but this did give me flashbacks to those nights of “oh no big deal, I’ll just sleep on your floor!” Hmmm… what could you do for a date after 11PM? If it were my college campus you would eat taco bell and/or burger king and then go jump in all of the fountains. How freakin’ romantic…
    Also, love hearing that you geeked out together over his Xbox name. Those truly are the kinds of things where you’re just like….. yesssss.

    1. I had to hide the fact that I hate xbox. We’re nerdy, but opposite. I have the anime, graphic novel, book reading and J-RPG playing down and he has the computer tech, comics reading, cartoon watching and xboxing down.

      And I can’t say what we did because I will probably turn that into a future post. I can say that your guesses are wrong. Sorry….

    1. It was not a warm February, but we did our share of laying in the grass and looking at the stars in college.

      p.s. don’t judge me on how Aussa quoted me. it’s taken out of context… kind of.

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