Almost, Sort Of Looking Forward to Taxes This Year

This photo, “Taxes!” is copyright (c) 2014 Martha Soukup and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Why, of all the things a woman could look forward to, would I look forward to taxes? Last year’s taxes were so horrendous, they had in shedding tears of frustration. I could not contain myself. Something that you have to do over and over again should not be that hard. I don’t even own a lot of stuff or have a lot of money.

The cards were stacked against me, though. The first time I was left to my own devices in tax season was last year. I had to prepare taxes for 2012, the year I graduated college. The significance of this cannot be overstated as my life changed more that year than any before or since.

I had had three paying jobs in 2012, one in Iowa and two in Illinois. Of those jobs, only two took out taxes from my paycheck. Another of those jobs gave me a hiring bonus, which, while very gracious, added more complications to my taxes. My address changed, since I moved to Illinois and I had started to pay off my student loans.

It stresses me out to just think of what a clusterfuck that whole thing was. I had to file taxes for two states along with federal taxes. Sometimes, it was hard to know what I needed for each state. It was madness. My refund was non-existent. Anything I gained was lost because of the job that didn’t take out any taxes. I guess braking even is better than owing the government money. Still, and extra bonus around tax season would do wonders in restoring my budget to it’s pre-holiday glory.

Against my better judgement, I have hopes this year, associated with taxes. They are almost big enough to be considered high hopes. For once in my adult life, I have had one job – just one – throughout the year. While I did move, I stayed in the same state. Hell, I stayed in the same building. To top it off, I have been paying my student loans diligently for one full year. Not a month went by in 2013 without a quarter of my monthly income going to a loan agency (unenthusiastic yay…).

My peers have given me the impression that I get a tax rebate for some of the interest I paid on those damned loans. Is it too much to hope for that rebate to be a good chunk of money (‘good chunk’ defined as $1,000 or more)? Even a reasonable chunk (‘reasonable chunk’ defined as $500 – $1,000) would be nice.

I can’t imagine a worse tax experience than last year. I’m hoping things will be easier this year and that my only source of anxiety will be how long it takes to get my refund.

What was it like to taxes on your own for the first time? What was your worst tax experience? Do you panic about making a mistake that gets you in trouble with the IRS? How do you do you taxes? Do you use a program or do them yourself?


5 thoughts on “Almost, Sort Of Looking Forward to Taxes This Year”

  1. I remember the very first time I did taxes after graduation college. I remember sitting on the floor in my apartment on April 14 with crocodile tears in my eyes and calling my mom to vent to. Just awful. May your tax experience this year be much better!

    Student loans. Barf. Hate them!

    1. My boyfriend was the one who I vented all my frustration to. He had done it before and was helping me out. He swore it was easy with whatever program we were using. But sometimes I got confused. I didn’t always know if they were talking about my Iowa taxes, Illinois taxes or federal taxes. It was madness.

  2. Ya know…I’ve NEVER actually filled out an IRS form. My dad did it for me when I was a teen, his accountant did it when I was in my twenties…. and now I have a bookkeeper that does it for me. Dude, I would get a panic attack just holding that damn form before I even filling it out, so kudos to you for doing your own taxes. I take a lot of comfort that my bookkeeper stamps her company name on my tax return so if there are any mistakes I’m not going to jail lol

    1. Yeah, my parents have a guy that always did my taxes, even in college. Left to my own devices, I used an online system… Tax Act I think.

      I might need to find my own guy though. I can’t image taxes when you own property and have children and all the other adult things that complicate life. I’m just not going to think that far ahead.

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