A Quick Reaction to Ignorance

A quick thought because I haven’t been feeling well and I miss my computer.

A young man and pro-football hopeful has come out as gay. I just saw a clip about this event. Another young man asked the following question.

If we’re in the locker room and I’m in the shower, what do I do when he looks at me? What’s the right reaction?

This is on The Daily Show,  so of course Jon Stewart makes a joke. This is my reaction:

YOU DO FUCKING NOTHING, BRO! How do you think women feel when you do the same thing? When you stare, oogle and cat-call, what is their reaction? If they don’t immediately succumb to you, would you degrade them by calling them whores and sluts?

New flash: your not that hot. The world does not bow before you. Every gay man isn’t begging to bed you.

There are just so many things about that statement.  I want to tell him you deal with the objectification or ask them to stop. Worried that your request to have the behavior stop will go unheard? There are many women who have filed sexual harassment complaints with no results that understand your frustration. Worried that, just because of what you wear, you might get raped? Every woman has felt that fear at least once, even though what you wear has very little to do (statisticly) with your chances of being raped.

So just shut it. I’m not sorry the world is changing. I’m not sorry the world is more accepting of different sexualities, religions, cultures, genders, etc. than it has evet been. I’m am only sorry that the beautiful,  unique people who make this world the great place it is have to deal with your ignorance.

And now I’m going to bed.

P.S. Sorry I haven’t had the chance to read many blogs lately. My health and my absent computer have put me way behind. I promise to catch up with all of you soon.


7 thoughts on “A Quick Reaction to Ignorance”

    1. I slept alright when I was at my worst over the weekend. My only ache was a sore throat. Now that my sinuses are draining properly, I can’t breath out of my nose. It’s been hard to get rest. Hopefully that won’t last too long though.

    1. I once heard the theory that men are often homophobic because they are afraid a gay man will treat them the same way they treat women. That’s what I see in this statement.

      Can’t we just all agree to treat each other like human beings regardless of the qualities that diversity us?

      And thanks. I’m at about 90%. Hopefully I find my way to 100% soon.

    1. I would vote fro Jon Stewart in a heart beat.

      I’m feeling about 90% better now. My worst days were over the weekend. Now if I can just get my computer back, I can start to blog properly again.

  1. I find this is a normal reaction to any gay person to be honest.

    When some friends learned that I was a lesbian they thought for some reason that if I ever saw them naked I would want to do them. Or now that they knew I was a lesbian that I wanted them secretly. It was hard trying to explain that I am not attracted to them so it’s kinda hard for me to want them if I see them naked. Or that I actually didn’t want them at all in that sense.

    Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean that they are instantly going to be attracted to you and want you. They could just think that you’re a nice person and that’s it.

    Guess it comes down to people’s prejudices and the fact that they think that everyone wants them.

    Newsflash. We don’t.

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