Will Gender Bending Turn Me Into a Trekkie?

I’m not a complete nerd. There is rarely enough time in the day to indulge in my love of books, video games anime and writing. How could I add to that? As such, comic books are one medium I have never gotten into.

There have been some recent stories that have piqued my interested in comic books, like the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan (an Muslim American teenager). Then, I read an article and Jezebel about a gender bender I couldn’t refuse. Something about gender bending in comics has always entertained me. My experience so far has been with mangas where a girl pretends to be a boy or is mistaken for a boy. Oh the hilarities that ensue.

Star Trek: Parallel Lives flips the genders of the traditional Enterprise crew. That right! One Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk will lead her crew on a mission to see new worlds and whatever else the typical opening used to say (sorry… I told you my nerdom was not complete).

Church, Kevin. “Mike Johnson And Yasmin Liang On Gender-Flipping ‘Star Trek’ And The Tie-In Comic’s New Five-Year Mission [Interview].” Comics Alliance. N.p., 5 Feb. 2014. Web. 17 Feb. 2014.

I’ve seen two covers related to Parallel Lives, one of which shows the full crew. The fact that the crew is entirely female, with the exception of one person, stands out more than anything else. I never gave any thought to comics where almost all the characters were male. That just seemed normal. To see a cover where almost all the main characters appear female is something else. It makes me wonder what this story might be about. it’s not that I hate male superheros (I actually love very many of them), but that I feel a deeper connection with female heroes.

Excluding anime, two of my favorite cartoons growing up were X-Men Evolution and The Justice League. Of these two  shows, my favorite characters were always those I felt connected to. I loved Rogue in X-Men and Hawk Girl in The Justice League. A part of me has always wanted to get into those comics, but I’m still obsessing about starting with the very first comic ever published in that world. Maybe Parallel Lines will shake that part of me. If I can enjoy that comic without reading the previous 28, certainly I can do the same with other comics.

I’ve always wanted to get into Star Trek. It looks like something I can really get behind. There’s just so much catching up to do. I guess I will start here. Maybe, in a few years, I’ll be making my way to a Star Trek convention and reach a whole new level of nerdom!


12 thoughts on “Will Gender Bending Turn Me Into a Trekkie?”

  1. Speaking of gender bending and the hilarity that ensues I recommend a Korean drama called coffee prince. It’s truly one of the best shows I have ever watched (and I’m also a book and anime and manga nerd) 🙂

    1. I’ll have to look that up. Have you read Ouran High School Host Club? I think that has to be my favorite so far. There was another I read about a girl who pretends to be a boy so she can play soccer… and ends up rooming with her soccer idol. I’m not sure if it cam out before or after the Amanda Bynes movie. The story was really good though.

      Coffee Prince, huh? Has that been published in English yet or do I need to find scans online?

      1. It’s actually a show :). I found it online with English subtitles. On crunchyroll I believe. Love Ouran High School Host Club !

        1. I see now. It’s a TV show, but not an anime. The Wikipedia page did say it was based off of a book, though. Now I’m even more curious. I wonder if I could find this on Netflix….

  2. Star Trek has typically been a show/fandom of equality, so I’m sure it can make you into a fan. I got into it through The Next Generation and then watched the other series. Star Trek Voyager has a female captain and a pretty strong female team behind her, although this gender bending story sounds cool!

    1. D tells me this all the time, too. I like to discuss cultural and social ideas and half the time he’ll tell me there’s a great Star Trek episode about it. He’s convinced me, but I still want to start at the beginning. I’m not a huge fan of the original series, but it’s kind of entertain to watch any way. D can’t wait until we get passed it so I can see the other series.

      OMG, I am so going to turn into a Trekkie by the end of the year.

  3. I really liked the film “V for Vendetta” I had never heard of the comic book or anything so the movie was my first exposure to it…and shortly after I bought the comic book; first time in my life I ever purchased a comic book and I got through like the 10th or 11th page and gave up, I just didn’t ‘get it’; so I can say I’ve tried to read comics but it is simply not my thing………

    My daughters love the TV show Big Bang Theory so I often find myself watching it (and ok I like it a little bit now too…. and it doesn’t hurt that the producers threw in the obligatory stereotypical hot chick (Kale Cuoco) which both offends my intelligence and yet appeases my juvenile male emotions…… AND so watching the show has introduced me to a LOT of the terms you use regularly, in fact until seeing the Big Bang Theory if you had used the term “Comicon” I wouldn’t have even known what that meant. What bothers me though about the show is that even though I’m not a ‘trekie’ or ‘star wars nerd’ or fill-in-the-blank, it is annoying that they only portray ‘nerdy’ looking guys and girls as being into those kind of things……i mean c’mon; there has to be a LOT of attractive people who are into star trek… right? So why can’t the hot chick on the show be into all of that stuff? Just something I thought that I’d mention….. and why do they always have to dress up the nerds… as, well, ‘nerdy looking’? Why can’t they have a bunch of young adults wearing Calvin Klein and Gucci who are going to a Star Trek Convention or Anime film?

    1. I follow a Pinterest board dedicated to female cosplay. Believe me, there are plenty of hot nerdy girls out there. For that matter, there are plenty of hot, nerdy men as well. A girl at my place of work just went out with a guy who looks like the typical muscle guy you’d see at the gym. Turns out he’s quite the nerd.

      I agree that they should show a more diverse image of nerdom. Unfortunately, the lonely short kid with glasses is still what we see when it comes to nerd. Women face a whole other challenge for being considered less than nerdy. One of the things that scares me the most about going to a convention is that someone will try to test how nerdy I am and then claim I’m not a ‘real nerd’ because I have seen what they deem all nerds have seen.

      Also, you now scare me about trying out comics. To me, they are different than manga. Manga artwork is just different and it’s attractive to me. Comic book art doesn’t tend to grab me in the same way. I guess I’ll see if Parallel Lines has enough of a story line to keep me interested…

      1. Okay… because YOU said it first I am gonna comment; you don’t strike me as the ‘real nerd’ type at all… although I doubt I’m in a position to judge since I’m not into that ‘scene’. But my closest friend growing up throughout grammar school and high school was hands down a certifiable treckie he looked the part, he acted the part… he even spoke Klingon…..and you strike me more as someone who happens to have a diverse taste of different things….. yea you like magna, yea you like video games…. but you also like a LOT of OTHER things as well…. just reading the different things you write about tells me you think about a lot of different shit. Hell, you comment on my blog all the time and my site is 100% philosophical (without the heady philosophical jargon cuz I try to reach a larger audience then just the people who read Sartre and Camus for breakfast)…….. and while I’m sure the Comicon ‘people’ are pretty accepting of just about anyone…I wonder if your fear isn’t that they will ‘test’ you and you will fail… but that you will be subconsciously ‘testing’ them to see if that is really a community you could see yourself 100% apart of …..and maybe it will be… and maybe it won’t be….

        I think all of us want to be ‘apart of something’…. call it community, call it church, call it political, call it whatever….. its awesome when we find that niche that we feel is ‘home’….. for me though there isn’t really one particular club/thing/church/etc that I’ve ever felt at ‘home’ in……. take for instance my trips to Costa Rica; I always stay at hostel’s and I love the whole backpacker scene; the 20 & 30 somethings who travel the world backpacking have their own little culture just like Comicon, but I could never 100% embrace being apart of that culture; I like it, I can hang out with them for a little bit; but ultimately Its not the only thing that defines who I am….

        That is why I’ve always struggled in church; most church people are happy living in (dare I say) their little closed church culture, but for me the world is a lot bigger place and I don’t want to be closed up in a little hell hole of mediocrity. So I attend mass every week…. but I often feel a little bit like an outsider.

        I just figure that ultimately…I am a writer. That is who I am. Its something I only have begun to realize in recent months…. as recently as last autumn. In fact, I deleted my twitter account last year and when I restarted it, I only started ‘following’ other writers…. because when I had my twitter before I found myself disinterested in so much of what the masses would post everyday…..

        And I don’t mean any of this to sound like I’m some writer snob….. but that I’m realizing more and more that the people I identify the most with is other writers; whether they write fiction, poetry, fantasy… or even articles about how much they like magna 😉 ….I like listening to writers and I like hearing what they have to say about life

        1. I guess I would most identify with being a writer as well. Sometimes I am reluctant to proclaim that title because I haven’t written a book yet. But then, I have my blog. A writer is just someone who writes, right?

          I feel like there are different types of nerds. In actuality, I am way more obsessed with Final Fantasy above all else. Beyond that, I have many nerdy interest. When I found out that the actor for the black power ranger voiced acted the main character of one of my favorite animes, I was beyond excited.

          I find, when I am around the average person, they see me as nerdy. Since I was a child I was always that weird girl in the corner reading backwards comic books (literally backwards, Japanese read right to left). Reading those books and watching anime made me an outcast, but I was fine with that because I liked the stuff. I’ve had real hard time finding people who share those same interests…. That’s what I really want out of anime midwest. I want to find someone I can talk with about these interests.

          But I’m also very interested in culture. I’m interested in society and human rights. Those are always things that draw my attention.


          I guess I’m just interested in a lot of things…. what do you call that? Because I find most people are not nearly as interested in these things as I am.

        1. Maybe the truth is I’m obsessive. I’m never simply into something. I either love it or I hate it. It’s either the best thing in the entire world or evil. So, when I love something, be it culture or video games, I submerse myself……

          …. I think I have to stick with nerd,… or fangirl… but they’re kind of the same thing. I’m a fangirl for a lot of things.

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