This past Friday I had a great conversation with a group of co-workers covering topics surrounding drugs, guns and sex. Yes, it was wonderful and, I think a healthy conversation for people to have. I’m saving that for tomorrow, though. Today, I’d like to talk about my perfect weekend.

D and I will have been together for five years come this Wednesday. Multiple people have asked what we are doing and a few have asked why, after so much time, I don’t have a ring on my finger, yet (The answers are nothing and because I’m only 23 and am in no rush). This weekend was a great homage to these past five years. In a way, it defined who D and I are together.

Last week was rough on D. He’s been going through some stuff the average person would think is ridiculous. Hell, I think it’s ridiculous. I understand, however, how stress can affect D. On Friday, my job as his girlfriend was to make sure he knew he was still a wonderful, valuable person despite how he was feeling. He opened up to me about the things that had worried him and the things that made him feel shame.

I’ve learned that complete honesty works best. I did not hide the fact that I could not fully understand his worries or why he was so stressed. All I knew is that he was, and that I was there for him. We made plans for the rest of the weekend which involved actions that will hopefully relieve D of his stress. With plans in place, we settled in for a night of pizza bites with The Walking Dead and Frozen as entertainment.

The next day, we put our plan in motion. It will be a while before we see any result. If and when we do, I’ll let you know. For now, I can’t say anything about what I our plan is. There is only one thing I will share. If this plans works out, the two of us may be living together by the end of the year. How terrifying is that? Living together isn’t the terrifying thing. My parents reaction is. I expect anything from non-caring to complete disownment and anything in between. That’s way too terrifying to think about; let’s move on.

As the day neared an end, D and I were feeling pretty accomplished. We decided to celebrate with a night of comfortable gaming. D played Battlefield 4 while I play Final Fantasy VII on steam. As the plate fell onto Sector Seven, crushing all who lived in the slums below, D’s brother came home. He wanted me to play this game called Limbo. You guys, you have to find this game. It is creepy as hell, but fascinating. Honestly, this is the game that all game makers today should take a lesson from. Even if you don’t play video games, watch this trailer. It will only take a minute of your time.

You don’t actually hear that breathing in the game. It stays silent a lot and you have to listen for the slightest rustle of trees or gust of wind. Those sounds are often the only clue you have to the next puzzle. If you fail a puzzle, you die. The game always brings you back to the beginning of the puzzle you just failed. Limbo is a masterpiece of fantastic game play mixed with great graphics and sound. This game is all about game-play, something many developers seem to be forgetting as they focus on creating something with great graphics. Here me now, game developers: games with great graphics are shit if you forget about game-play.

Sunday put into motion yet another plan. It had been a while since D and I had gone to church. I know he likes going. He’s always more calm and just seems more at peace when we go. I decided I would commit to going every Sunday from here on out as motivation for D. It was a lovely service about how we are saved. Long story short, your religion, your good acts and the law can’t save you. I loved that the pastor specifically pointed out people who think they are better than others as an example of people who have been fooled to think they can ever be good enough to deserve saving. We’re already saved, and you can probably guess by who, given the fact I was in a Christian church.

After, we chilled at D’s favorite restaurant and then moved on to more chores. It was quiet lovely to have someone along with me as I did my grocery shopping. Unfortunately, that took up the better part of Sunday and we made our way back to D’s house. The rest of the day was spent cuddling and watching scrubs.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like much. There were no flowers or grandiose proclamations of love. It was the small things that shined this weekend, like the way that wild look in D’s eyes on Friday subsided as I comforted him. It was the appreciation he had for my presence and how he needed little else. It was in the way his eyes were alight on Saturday as we put our plans into motion and how brightly he smiled when he realized his grammar was getting better. I enjoyed editing what D wrote and working as a team to produce the best product. I could go on, but, honestly, it was the way he looked at me all weekend. Every smile and every hug was precious. All in all the weekend wasn’t too eventful, but it was perfection because we didn’t need anything else.


4 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. I wish I had time to play games cuz the colors, or I should say the shades of black, white and grey were totally awesome in that video. I practically NEVER watch videos that are linked inside articles (I know I’m terrible) but I dunno why I did this morning. It seems only natural that video games have become so artistic…… hell, I think they probably always have been (with the exception of Pong maybe… nothing all that artistic about that one!)

    Good luck on all your plans TK, when my sister moved in with her boyfriend my dad refused to allow him to keep coming over to his house. Only my sister could come over for holidays and whatnot. My dad considered her to be in total “rebellion” and whatnot. So her and the boyfriend came to visit me one year (they live in Florida where most of my family lives) and I let the two of them stay at my house…. in the same room! Oh the horror lmao! Anyways, after they spent a week staying at my house, they go back to Florida and in less than a week my dad calls them up and invites the two of them over for dinner!!! After a year of my dad refusing to talk to her boyfriend, all it took was one week of them staying at my house to soften my dad’s heart. …and ya know my sister never thanked me! Lol

    Anyways the moral of the story is a question for ya; do you have an older brother that can let you and D sleep in the same bed at his house… maybe that will soften your dad’s heart to the whole idea.

    1. I do not. I have a younger brother who still lives with my parents. When D and I stay over at their house, we sleep as far away from each other as humanly possible. I’m completely fine with that, too. It’s their house, after all. But, in my home, I can do what I want. If I want to live with my boyfriend, that’s what I’ll do.

      I honestly think the most likely scenario is that we won’t be allowed to stay at my parents house when we visit, but I don’t think they would ban either of us entirely. It’s more likely they will adopt a “fine, if you want to act like adults, be adults” attitude and make us stay at the local hotel. (never mind the fact that, as adults, my grandparents still open up their home and let my parents sleep there when they stay over).

      I think my fear really stems from how high my parents held me against my cousins. When we went to visit family, my father never failed to tell me I was better than my cousins who dyed their hair and got tattoos, or my cousins who got in trouble with the law, or my cousins who had kids out of wedlock or my cousins who were living with their boyfriends. Since they’ve always seen me as so much better, is scares me to let them know I am just the same as everyone else.

      I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m not going to put the life I want to live on hold for them. Besides, while my dad might throw a fit, my mom is usually pretty good at smoothing things over. So, what will actually happen is I will tell my mom when the time comes and let her tell my dad ^_^

      Didn’t that game look amazing. It’s pretty short. On of the ‘trophies’ you can get is for completing the whole game in an hour. I scream a lot because you don’t always notice when something is going to jump out at you. The whole game is so quiet but then has these bouts of dramatic sound. I have to see if it’s something I can get on my PS3.

  2. Aw, I’m glad you had such a great weekend. And… I’m very curious about these super secret plans of yours. I love making plans, and extra love making them with the boyfriend. I’ve been a solo planner for so long, it’s nice to factor someone else in for once.

    The situation with your family sounds stressful and I wish you luck on navigating it. I can relate to a certain extent– I’ll get married before I live with the BF but we frequently travel together and I know it makes my family get their panties in a bunch that we (presumably, they daren’t ask) stay in a hotel room together. And I’m 27 years old, haha.

    1. remember the super secret goal I set at the beginning of the same year. It’s the same one. If it happens, I’ll make sure to post about it.

      I originally thought I would be married before living with a partner. That’s actually been my plan until recently. Given our situation, it makes more sense this way. I could explain further, but then I’d have to let you in on my super secret.

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