Stream of Consciousness 001

So, my movie and book review posts for the weekend seem to be on hiatus. Apparently, I have a life to live on the weekends and it frequently interrupts blogging obligations. That being the case, I’m going to try something new. I’m going to collect all the random thoughts I have throughout the week and post them during the weekend, just because I can.

  • When I lived in a small town with a limited supply of manga at the local library, it made sense to spend 10 dollars a month of graphic novels. Now that I live in an urban area with big library (it has more than one floor!), this makes less sense. It didn’t dawn on me until I started obsessing over Bleach. What I wouldn’t give to own every Bleach graphic novel. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that there are currently 59 volumes of Bleach. Just Manga is selling them for $8.29 per volume. If I were to buy them all, I would spend $489.11 before taxes and shipping._
    That number doesn’t deter me. I still want them
    , However, that’s not an amount of money I can justify spending right now. It’s a very sad thing.
  • I wish I had the time to replay every Final Fantasy game and play all the new games I want to play on my PS3 and read all the books in the world and catch up on every TV show and Anime that holds any interests in me and write out all my  book ideas and still manage to maintain a career and healthy social life.
    My life is a run-on sentence.
  • Speaking of games, part of me is tempted to buy all the Final Fantasy games available on mobile devices. I do have a tablet that could be used…. However, I already have Final Fantasy I, II, II and IV on hand held video game devices. Why pay another $15 for a game I already bought? Would it be too much for my purse to always hold at least one book, a GameBoy Advanced and a Nintendo DS? I definitely need a nerdier purse if I’m going to start doing that.
  • I feel like I’ve been nerding out extra hard lately. I hope I’m not annoying any of you.
  • I have a few pins scattered around and I think a get a pin in every Loot Crate. What do I do with these pins? Can I cover a bag in pins, use it every day as my purse and still be respected as an adult? Also, how do I avoid losing those pins? I’m afraid I might develop an emotional relationship to my pin collection and face devastation if one falls off.
  • I want a black cat whom I will name Loki. When I talk about him or her, I will call them my little trickster. This is a great idea and I think it should happen.

6 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 001”

  1. So you ARE totally nerding out big time lately… but that is OKAY… cuz ya gotta write what ya love :0) p.s. could you really replay all the final fantasy games again? So I never was a big video game person but I did play every single Mario game (including all the Yoshi games as well) from the first one all the way to the Nintendo Cube (then life got busy and I stopped) so that had to amount to like at least 10 or 12 games and I beat them all (they are so not on the same level of difficulty as final fantasy of course cuz I’m nowhere near your level) and I really loved all of them. Well last month I thought to myself I would try playing them again…. but after a few days I just couldn’t’ get into them. Every time I tried I found myself getting distracted after a little while and I started doing something else…..I wonder if its harder to get into old games that you’ve already beaten, or maybe its just me.

    1. I’m not sure if I could really play them all again just because of time. I hardly have enough time to play new games I get. The one benefit is that the games definitely go faster now that I know the story line and where I need to go. I would think the first four or five would be just as exciting because I don’t remember them well. I think they’re also a bit shorter. The stories are more simple. Six through ten has a good supply of side quest and mini games, many of which I skipped to continue the story line when I first played them. If I replay, I can go back and try to ‘do everything’ the game has to offer.

      I think RPGs are different than other games. To me, they are like reading a book. Half the fun is the story you experience. When you find a story you love, nothing can stop you from rereading a book again and again. Of course, books face the same problem. There’s only so much time in the world. Every moment spent rereading a favorite book is a moment where you could be reading a new story.

  2. Love me some stream of consciousness writing… I think it produces the best stuff ! (also nerding out is awesome sooooo everyone else can just go not have exciting lives haha)

    1. Nerding out is pretty exciting in the fantasy land of my mind ^_^

      I just came up with this idea Friday, so all these thoughts seem related. I’m hoping this week will generate some unique ideas.

  3. Yes, excellent the Nerd is strong with this one ::steeples fingers in an Emperor Palpatine sort of way:: just keep doing what you doing, stream of consciousness is always a good thing.

    1. Nothing makes me happier than obsessing about my obsessions (aka: nerding out). I am honored to carry the Nerd title.

      Still, I may try and lay off the nerdom this week. There are plenty of other thoughts fighting to escape my mind. They deserve a turn.

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