Stream of Consciousness 002

I’m not even going to try and pretend this makes sense. Here are all the random thoughts I had throughout the week:

  • I am becoming more convinced that the hardest decisions writers make after the soul crushing decision to write a book is whether or not certain characters should die. Even if that answer is easy, you now have to decide how. Will the character be plagued with an incurable disease, or will you  – the writer and god of your world – decide they should go peacefully. Will they die by fault of their own, or at the hands of another. That TV show 100 Ways to Die is really just written by people trying to figure out their novels.
  • Lootcrate’s theme for this month is Titan. They specifically mentioned Titanfall and Attack on Titan. I’ve never really cared for war games, so I’m not that excited about Titanfall. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t look cool, because it does. It’s just that I can think of hundreds of other games I’d rather play. Hell, making my way through the Assassin’s Creed series will take me long enough considering I’m still on the first game right now.I am, however, very excited for some Attack on Titan gear. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I’m already hooked. The only thing that would make it better is if it were already dubbed into English. That’s really just a technicality, though. Attack on Titan is on Netflix, so I should probably watch those episodes to get me hyped up.
  • What are the chances Lootcrate would have something Final Fantasy themed during April. That’s my birthday month. I’ve been thinking about sending them a message asking. I mean, the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X and X-2 is coming out soon. They could do something for that.
  • The Starbucks near me is lively but not loud in the evening. I had no idea so many people hung out there at 8pm. It made for a surprisingly good writing atmosphere.
  • I feel like the Xbox is becoming the main stream system that is ‘popular’ to play. You can be a high school jock and play Xbox. The Playstation is the nerd box, with games for people who like wizards, magic, fairies and the like.
  • I hate the Xbox (and I don’t have much of a reason as to why. I just do, okay).
  • I feel like I’m nerdy about things most other people aren’t nerdy about. Is there anyone out there who wants to gush about Final Fantasy, then binge read Richelle Mead. After, we can browse through a used a book store and dream about what our personal libraries would look like. When we go home, we’ll binge watch Rurouni Kenshin and Bleach. Any takers?
  • I regret the TV I watched Tuesday night after my attempt at cleaning my apartment. Having limited time to read, write and game continues to bug me. I think hearing about every new PS4 games makes me feel like I’m behind the times with my PS3.
  • Yet, I am trying to convince myself not to regret Tuesday night. While the TV was on, I was mostly focused on the blogging world. Technically, that means I was writing and reading. I love my blog, and I can’t say that any time I spend with it is a waste.
  • Solution: Stay up until at least 11PM. After my local cafe closes, I can go home and game for two hours. There are eight Assassin’s Creed games, three Final Fantasy XIII games, soon to be two Kingdom Hearts remasters and the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster all calling my name. Everything in me wants to own all those games right this second.
  • You know what? Screw it. I’m just going to go buy the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles. I want them and they are mine. You can totally see where my gaming priorities are. I say I want to branch out from Final Fantasy and Square Enix, but my loyalty is too strong. Even when they create a craptacular game, I still want it with every fiber of my being.
  • *leaves to buy FFXII and preorder the FFX/X-2 remaster* While I’m doing that, please enjoy one of my favorite scenes and melodies from FFX.
  • New plan (I think I’ve made about a dozen plans this year… always refining): As soon as I get home from work, I will read a chapter of a book, then eat. Following dinner, I will go to the nearby café to write and/or read depending on how well my muses are treating me that day. When I leave the café, I will then play games until 11PM. In this way, I should get all of my hobbies in (on those days where I have no other obligations).
  • Damn those camera angles in Kingdom Hearts. I forgot how annoying that was. Good thing my love for Final Fantasy and Disney can override that bother.
  • Who ever came up with the idea to combine Disney and Final Fantasy us a genius. I can’t wait to make my way through the games I missed. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll remake the Dessidia games on the Playstation some day.
  • I haven’t been doing my stretches like I’m supposed to… my chiropractor will not be pleased at my next appointment.
  • It’s impossible to stop watching Attack on Titan once you start. It’s not even English dubbed yet and it’s taking over the world. The detail in the animation is superb and the mystery of the titan’s existence is so intriguing. I have my theories….
  • Just before I published this, Jehovah Witnesses came to my door looking for Spanish-speaking people. I avoided their lecture because I only speak English and everything they had was in Spanish. How lucky is that? I’m in no mood for a religious discussion.

8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 002”

  1. On the trip to Atlanta I listened to an audio book and it was good, but It was so weird that the central character that almost the whole book was about, died like a third of the way through…. so strange.

    1. I’ve always wanted to write a book where the main character dies almost right away. It would be something no one would see coming. The challenge, then, is having enough to continue the story. Strange is good when it comes to books.

      Here’s a random thought for you. Have you ever read a book called God Went to Beauty School? Is a small book of poems written in the perspective of God. It’s also strange, but in a good way. It’s a unique and expected read.

      1. No, I’ve never heard of it… but it sounds weirdly interesting lol reminds me of something Mark Twain would have written; he was always writing funny/weird stories about what goes on in heaven

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your write up on Lootcrate as I’ll only be receiving mine in spirit during the next two months.

    I’ll agree on the Xbox, probably because it is so closely linked to COD. Some co-workers and me have had long conversations about them refuting the fact they are gamer’s even though they have daily games of COD.

    I don’t know about gushing about Final Fantasy (last one I played was VII) but I’ll wander the bookstores, read books, and binge watch anime you got my vote. I’ll bring the coffee.

    Congrats on buying the games, never played the Kingdom hearts series but always enjoyed their look.

    Actually Attack on Titan is getting an english dub and releasing later this year, while I own the originals I will probably buy that as well because it will allow me to focus more on the quality of the animations, and the show in general then learning Japanese and reading subtitles constantly.

    -Steam of consciousness response system

    1. I just finished Attack on Titan today, so I am even more excited about Lootcrate. I hope Netflix gets the English dub of the show when it comes out. I’ll have to watch it all over again.

      YES! Let’s go wander bookstores and watch anime. But you have to keep an eye on me. I have a tendency to want to empty my bank account when I walk into a bookstore.

      I was skeptical about Kingdom Hearts when it first came out. A synergy of Disney and Final Fantasy? How is that supposed to work out. The answer is well. I love those games. I’m excited I can play games other than I and II on these remakes. I just have to get through the first game again (and it’s terrible camera angles).

      1. Netflix, Netflix?! No, no, no you must buy the DVD’s possibly the BlueRay. I’m with you I’m really interested to see what the Lootcrate brings.

        Deal, but I’m more of an enabler you’ll need your boyfriend or someone else to restrain you. I’d probably just wander the isles handing you books the entire time.

        I’ve seen it played, it just never really hooked me. Looks like those are your guilty pleasure games.

  3. I actually prefer my Xbox over my PS3 but I think that is because pretty much every cross platform game I’ve bought for the PS3 has been full of game breaking bugs and glitches so I’ve had to buy them again for my Xbox 360.
    I’ve also never been a huge fan of some of the PS3 exclusives like Uncharted so apart from a few older games I bought on the PS network and some HD remakes of PS2 games, I’ve gotten a lot more use out of Xbox 360.
    Of course since I purchased a PC last summer I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of either.
    And as you know I’m SUPER looking forward to FFX/X2 remastered at the end of the month.

    1. Since I just recently got a PS3, I can’t comment on exclusives and bugs. I do appreciate how well Sony supports their older systems after new ones are released. That’s always been the Playstation’s selling point for me, but it would mean nothing if the games didn’t work on it. Hopefully I don’t run into that. I don’t have another system to use.

      These days, the success of a system is all in how they perform. There are so few exclusive games these days that they hardly help sell a system.

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