“Girl in the Red Coat, You are Getting Laid”

These are the kinds of things that get shouted at you by a drunk man hanging out a bus window during Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. There are better pick up lines out there, but, since his bus continued to speed down the street, I decided to take his words as a compliment.

Little could have brought down my mood at that point anyway. I was on my way home after meeting the one and only Culture Monk during his ‘Drinking in the Culture Tour.’

This photo, “Chicago” is copyright (c) 2014 Mary Fairchild and made available under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license

If you had come along with me, I have a feeling I would have been a comical sight. A red coat surrounded by a mass of green, I was trying to find the Blue Line. Unfortunately, I forgot that particular line ran under downtown Chicago. Once I was finally where I needed to be, I made my way to The Galleria Café , where about four people sat at individual tables.

Feeling incredibly awkward because I didn’t recognize anyone, I almost ordered tea before realizing I had to spend five dollars in order to use a credit card. This didn’t work very well considering I almost never carry cash on me. With no sign of Mr. Monk, I sat at my own table, made my way to Twitter and kept a look out to see if any of those four people looked at their phone. After a few minutes, with no response from the Twitterverse, I decided to look for evidence in the Tweets of @CultureMonk. He wasn’t at the Galleria at all!


Lucky for me, the Filter Café was only a six-minute walk away. I was not in the mood to try navigating the Chicago CTA again.

I walked in with a game plan. Not only did I have no idea if a friendship formed online would easily transfer offline, I also didn’t trust myself to accurately recognize Mr. Monk from his blog photo. The plan was to sit on a sofa and look around to see if anyone looked at me like they knew me. Turns out I didn’t need that plan. As soon as I was in view of the café interior, I saw a smiling face and a waving hand.

He was in the middle of a conversation with the owner of the café. I won’t spoil any of that since I’m sure he’ll being discussing the conversation on his own blog at some point. I’ll summarize by saying that I don’t think his life is cut out for me. There’s a kind of romance to owning your own business, especially a place like a café, but that kind of dream comes with a unique kind of stress.

It was around 9:30AM when I arrived and pushing 2:30PM once we finally parted ways. You see, I have this condition. When someone keeps talking to me, I can’t stop talking. In fact, I probably won’t stop talking until you ignore me or tell me to stop. If you engage me in topics I’m particularly passionate about, I will talk that much more.

Typically, this is a detriment to my social life. It’s half the reason why I started this blog. I don’t meet very many people who want to engage in that kind of conversation. I know a lot of people who think no good can come out of discussing social and spiritual issues we talked about outside of changing someone’s opinion. However, I like to think that there is even greater good to be had from people who can respectful discuss their ideas and come to an understanding of each other without necessarily reaching an agreement.

I understand how that is uncomfortable with issues that are dear to people. Take the belief in a higher power.  In order for a believer and an atheist to understand and respect the other’s opinion, they have to understand the logic of the other. In a way, they have to try to see the world from the other side, a similar thought to doubting their belief. I imagine that’s something a lot of people wouldn’t dare.

Having made Mr. Monk late for his appearance at The Galleria Café , we said our goodbyes. I traversed through the CTA system and walked among the green clothed drunks downtown. By that time, the festivities were over and the masses were making their way towards Union Station. My red coat stood out, which is probably why the drunk guy in the bus noticed me.

This is the part where I tell you my boyfriend was with me for most of this journey. He wasn’t interested in the heavy discussion he knew I was looking forward to, so he walked the city streets and read a book on the other side of the café while I talked Mr. Monk’s ear off. He had a big smile on his face when they drunk kid called to me. My gut instinct would be to assume he was talking about someone else, but there wasn’t another person wearing red around us. Later, D would tell me he heard him yell, “girl in the red coat, you’re gorgeous.” I know what I heard, though. It’s possible the man yelled both. I may have missed his statement while I looked around. I’m always staring at the sky while in the city. The large skyscrapers are memorizing.

Eventually, I made my way back to the burbs. My weekend was finished off with a night of Cards Against Humanity and a day of taxes. I can’t wait for that tax refund to come in. My official conclusion from this weekend is that meeting bloggers in person is awesome and should happen more often. How many people would come to TK-Con?


14 thoughts on ““Girl in the Red Coat, You are Getting Laid””

  1. Ha ha I would come to TK-Con! Here is what I would imagine TK-con would look like;

    Everyone would gather in the auditorium and TK would come out on stage with a lecture about the important things in life, her views, and how ultimately she believes whether we agree or disagree on subjects we should all be fair and respectful

    After her lecture, TK would have a short question and answer session followed by a slide show that includes video clips from TK’s favorite anime films,

    During the slideshow/video clips TK would periodically press pause to explain the philosophical elements being discussed in the particular movie…..

    She would follow the Anime session with another Q & A period, which would then lead into TK’s next slide show/discussion topic; the role of women in Cartoons;

    TK would analyze twenty of the most famous Disney cartoons and discuss the impact these films have had, both positive and negative in the role of women in the world. After the follow up Q & A, TK would no doubt now turn her attention to Final Fantasy and announce to the crowd that game stations have been set up in the lobby where people can take a lunch break while at the same time spend time playing every Final Fantasy game on all video system platforms that have ever hosted it……

    Am I close?

    It was great meeting you, and just give me the date of the future TK-con and I’ll make sure to come 😉

    1. That sounds like an awesome convention and I would totally go. But, I doubt I would sell enough tickets to afford all that TK-Con would probably look more like a group of people crowded in a restaurant talking about important issues of the day and paying for their own meals because I’m poor-ish. Oh! But is should be a sushi restaurant. Sushi is my guilty pleasure. I love that stuff.

      1. You can sign me up for TK-Con as well I’ll be there hovering in the back of the crowd as per usual MO. Please make sure that the restaurant serves things other than sushi, raw fish isn’t my deal. On the other hand I’ll pay for everyone’s lunch.

    1. It’s sad, isn’t it. I have a friend who sort of reads manga. She reads one: Sailor Moon. She’s afraid if she touches anything else, that it will trump her love of that series, so she won’t read more.

      My favorite is Rurouni Kenshin. It’s what originally got me into manga and the story is amazing. In comparison, the anime was a bit of a disappointment.

      1. I never read the entire series of Rurouni Kenshin but I did watch the Anime and yeah, it wasn’t the same. Really though, non of my friends read manga it’s really sad, they do watch Korean drama though. Sailor Moon is good, maybe have her try Card Captor Sakura or Meru Puri she’ll love them!

        1. Yes, but that’s the problem. She doesn’t want to love anything else. There is hope, though. She’s coming with me to Anime Midwest this summer!!!

          If you ever get the chance, finish the Rurouni Kenshin manga. My favorite part of the series is the last part where his deceased wife’s brother comes into the picture. Things get intense.

          1. I definitely will! Is the Sailor Moon Manga series still going on or is she reading the old books? It’s been a very long time since I’ve read it but if they’re still making them that’s pretty cool. I haven’t been to a Con in awhile, is Anime Midwest going to be in Chicago?

            1. There’s only 12 Sailor Moon graphic novels, but they censored them pretty harshly. They recently did a reboot of the graphic novel series, which I’m in the middle of and which has no censorship.

              Yeah, Anime Midwest is in Chicago. I’ve never been to a con before but I’ve always wanted to. I’m super excited.

              1. If you’ve never been to a Con then I feel I must warn you. Some of them are Stoplight Cons. You’ll know if you get your badge and it’s green. A Stoplight Con is kinda like a forced dating convention where if you’re the only one there who doesn’t know what’s going on like me, you won’t really understand why there are weird guys just coming up to you and talking to you. Green Name Tags mean Go… as in Go Ahead and Ask Me Out, Yellow means you’re a parent, and Red means you’re under 18. And before you ask no, they won’t just give you a yellow or red one. If you’re over 18 you get green :/ Other than that they’re great and if you don’t dress up as your favorite character you are doing yourself a great disservice.

                1. I have never heard of a spotlight con. Do they advertise themselves as such? Either way, I’ll be there with a friend and my boyfriend, so I’ll have some body guards.

                  The con is over three days. I already have my outfits picked out, one of which is cosplay. I’m going as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. I wanted to choose an outfit that would be pretty easy to put together for my first attempt… and I also love anything and everything to do with Final Fantasy.

                  1. Final Fantasy cosplays are ALWAYS the best. I’ve never seen a bad one, they’re just too awesome! No, the one I went to was not advertised as a Stoplight Con. Not that I would have known what that even meant even if anyone told me. I was pretty upset with my group though. Apparently they all knew already and didn’t bother to tell me at all. I was stalked for like 3 hrs by this one guy and before I was told why I assumed it was because I was the only Card Captor Sakura there and he was just a really big CLAMP fan XD I wish my boyfriend would go to an Anime Convention with me! He’s a pretty hard core gamer so he’s all about Pax and BlizzCon.

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