Stream of Consciousness 004

Work, life and blogging have blown up recently, bring my random thoughts down to a minimum. I can’t be staring off into space when there’s work to be done and comments to attend to! Nonetheless, here I am to provide you my random thoughts of the week.

  • I could care less about shoes. If it were socially acceptable to never wear shoes and if stepping on rocks didn’t hurt like hell, I’d give up shoes.
  • Look below to see how bad it has to get before I bother buying new shoes.
    2014-04-11 16.30.39Yeah, I definitely wore them in this condition for a couple months before finally breaking down and buying new boots this week.
  • I’d give up all clothing in general if that was socially acceptable. It all takes too much time and cost too much money.
  • Cosmos is awesome! I’ve never looked to the night sky with such wonder. I don’t understand why people hate on it so much. It’s not like it’s trying to disprove the existence of a higher power or anything.
  • GIMP is my hero and I used it to create a special logo for Sundays. You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see.
  • Am I missing the ‘let’s get drunk and party’ gene? Because I’d rather have a quiet night hanging with friends at one of our apartments. I’d rather not get smashed….. especially not on my birthday.
  • Why do people insist on getting smashed on their birthdays?

26 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 004”

  1. • Bad shoes.
    • Naked + cold = nope … otherwise = yup
    • Go Cosmos!
    • Gimp is on my computer.
    • You are lucky your ‘drunk’ gene hasn’t fully expressed.
    • Never been smashed on my birthday. 🙂

    1. Yes… they were very bad. I wasn’t thinking about temperature. I’ll have to move south before I instigate this plan. Yeah… I don’t miss the drunk gene. Maybe that will prove beneficial to my existence and I’ll start the evolution of humans without that gene. Or would that just be very sad?

  2. TK, i feel like I am going to come to your blog one morning and find you blogging from a nudist colony! Lol and dude, those boots….. just imagine me shaking my head.
    As far as getting smashed on your birthday…. yea, I’m with you. I think its an American thing; instead of just getting a nice little buzz we’ve got to overdo everything

    1. Hey, I was all prepared to do a repair job with black duck tape, but no. That’s not socially acceptable… just like nudity.

      When it comes to getting drunk, we’re not the only country that goes overboard. I don’t get it. More importantly, I don’t need it to act a little loopy. I do that fine when I’m sober.

  3. I hear you about clothing being too expensive. However, I don’t think I’d go naked.
    And about getting smashed and partying – been there, done that. I’m with you on that. I much prefer getting together with just another couple of friends, sharing a bottle of red and good conversation and laughs. I think it may have something to do with maturing and getting older. 🙂

    1. I get the feeling people think 24 is not old enough to prefer anything other than getting smashed. I have never, even in college, enjoyed going to a place with too many people, loud bad music and getting drunk. Never ever has that appealed to me. I feel like that makes me awfully odd.

      1. I don’t think it makes you odd. Maybe there are a ton more people like you – that feel the same – but they’re too influenced by peers or what they think they ‘should’ be like. Some people aren’t really in touch with themselves maybe? Sounds like yoy are 🙂

  4. I agree, new shoes are uncomfortable and clothing is okay if you have enough of it and don’t have to worry anymore for a few years. And getting drunk just makes me thirsty.

    1. New shoes are like pants too me. I hate going shopping for them because you have to try on a million different pairs before you find ones that fit just right. That’s so much effort. It just not for me. Duck tape is so much easier.

  5. I’m with you. My shoes pretty much fall apart before I replace them. And I have never gotten smashed for my birthday. Never gotten smashed actually. I can’t stand the idea of the loss of control being drunk would require.

    1. I’m happy not to be the only one. I don’t like the vulnerable feeling that comes with being drunk. People are free to do that all they want, but I do enough embarrassing things sober. I have no desire to male those events more frequent.

      1. Exactly! Everyone can get tipsy as long as they don’t plan to operate machinery, but it’s really not something I enjoy. Wonder if that makes me a control freak lol?

  6. I felt the same as you about shoes, until I saw Super Hero Converse, Now I’ve got like 9 pairs – the most amount of shoes I’ve ever owned at once and I’m still looking for more.

  7. Woah woah woah all this new stuff on your site, I like it. But I am old and have a difficult time dealing with change *sigh* The large images with the quote text = brilliant.

    When I love an article of clothing, I will wear it into the ground because I don’t want to face the inevitability of replacing it (nothing will ever live up, why bother). Because of this, I’ve had many a pair of shoes that resembled your boots and I once wore a pair of broken flip flops for an entire season and just flexed my toes to keep it rooted to the bottom of my foot.

    1. Yeah, where have you been? I changed this all a while ago ^_^ I’m happy you like it though. It’s been working well for me.

      I really wish I could have just used ducktape. It would have been so much easier than the bother of looking for more shoes…. and I’m lying about how long they’ve been like this…. they have been like this all winter. I took care not to wear them when it was too wet outside because that hole at the bottom of the one shoe let in everything. I do like the new boots I got, but they are basically an exact replica of these…except they’re not falling apart.

        1. I feel you… I mean, I’m not in college anymore, but I remember. Still, I have so many things I try to do in life that everything is in disarray. The blog doesn’t help. It has taken over my life, which is both a blessing and a curse.

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