Stream of Consciousness 005

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend. On Thursday, I found out I had Friday off, which was fantastic. I read a bunch of manga, finished the first Harry Potter book and completed chapter five of my novel (still in draft form being physically written into a note-book). I even cleaned a little. All in all, I count this week as a resounding success.

  • I miss my FitBit Force. I mean, it did start to cause a rash on my wrist, but I loved that thing.
  • Every once in a while, life seems to boring and I wonder what it would be like to be within an inch of my life. Also, I wonder what it would be like to be super hero strong. These are the motivations behind my recent endeavor to complete both the 30-Day Ab Challenge and Insanity.
  • I’m a glutton for punishment
  • I actually did a little bit of everything this week. I read. I wrote. I gamed. I even got some workouts in and made a cheesy rice and zucchini meal. I’d call that a successful week.
  • All I want out of life is to sleep

Proof of success is in how tired I am at the end of the week. The more exhausted I am, the more I probably got done. I am so thankful for the three-day weekend. I need to rest up if I’m going to do it all over again next week.


17 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 005”

  1. I adore brilliance tucked within the mundane. You have a gift for self reflection and expression. Thanks for sharing that gift openly so I can read along.
    Never tried FitBit, but oh so tempted. What did you love about it?

    1. Well, I have a fitbit scale, which I adore. I know it odd to love a scale, but this is the first one I’ve used that also measures body fat. It automatically links to the Internet when you step in and loads the data to your fitbit account and displays it in pretty graphs. It’s nice because, if you happen to gain weight, you can see if you gained fat or muscle. I’m sure it’s not perfectly accurate, but I feel better if I see I gained a few pounds and lost body fat.

      The Fitbit force was the band I returned. I thought the way it tracked sleep was awesome. Also, you can use it as a silent alarm. It does the normal things too, like tracking calories and steps taken, but that sleep thing was the best. It also had a time display so it worked as a watch too. That’s why I’m going to wait and see what comes next. I want that time display.

  2. The FitBit Flex doesn’t cause any rashes, if you want to make the switch.
    With regards to these short-term fitness programs like Insanity and the 30-Day Ab Challenge, you’ll probably see better results if you take on a more dedicated training program, e.g. Starting Strength if you’re interested in getting stronger, or regular cardio if you’re interested in marathons. You have to train for whatever your goals happen to be.
    As an aside, 30 days of dedicated ab work might strengthen your core, but visible abs are a result of a low bodyfat percentage, not just a strong core. Zydrunas Savickas is one of the strongest men in the world, but you won’t be seeing any abs on him. The guys with visible abs are on lean diets, and it can be assumed to take much longer than 30 days to achieve and maintain those results.

    1. Yeah, but the fitbit flex also doesn’t have a time display. I’m just going to wait and see what they come out with next.

      I don’t really have a fitness goal. Mostly I just want to do something to maintain health. I’m happy with my size, weight and body fat just as it is.

      I don’t expect to get awesome abs either. I took pilaties for a semester I’m college and she told us some people just can’t get a six. Pack. There’s a natural layer of fat between the muscles and the skin. For some people, no matter what they do, they won’t get a six pack (unless they use some surgical method to try). I’m okay without a six pack, though. I’m happy trying to strengthen my core. I guess that’s my goal more than anything else. I’m doing all this stuff to see if I can stick to it this time. Maybe then I’ll join a gym.

    1. Haha. I do love my share of anime as well. It seems these days I simply have more time for manga than anime. That, and I really want to get the original story of Bleach. I don’t like where the anime cuts off. I’ve never heard of Code Name Verity. What’s it about?

      1. That’s understandable. Reading manga is a faster process. Bleach is on my to watch list! Is it good? And, it’s a historical fiction novel about a girl soldier who is caught by the Germans in World War Two and forced to spill secrets, so she does so by telling the story of her and her best friend. I’m not usually into historical anything, but the voice in it is great. It’s a very unique book.

        1. I LOVE Bleach!! I would say the anime is good, if you skip the filler. The filler is just disastrous. I wanted one season that was 100% filler and almost stopped watching the anime all together. Instead, I found a website that listed which episodes were filler and which weren’t. I then only watched the non-filler episodes. In that way, the anime was great. There’s a part in the story where they spend a lot of time in one area. If you watch with filler, they go back and forth. By that I mean they don’t even try to connect the stories. They have a season based on the manga and then a season that doesn’t even try to fit in the story, then go back. That’s why I picked up the manga. Not only does the anime cut off before the manga ends, but I wanted to read the whole thing in order.

          All that is to say, yes, Bleach is good, especially the first two seasons.

            1. I forget which season it is… but there is one filler episode that is half filler and half not. You’ll need to watch it to understand the next, non-filler season. Just that one episode, though.

              I just went to check real quick. Be sure to watch episode 342, when you get there.

                1. Don’t say that yet. You might hate Bleach and in turn hate me for ruining your anime experience. But, I love Bleach, so I hope you like it ^^

  3. Great job on the progress! Ugh, sorry about your Force. I’m one of the lucky people that didn’t get a rash from it. I get missing it, though. I hate even taking mine off to take a shower. I’m starting to wonder if the band is made with some kind of addictive chemical. 😉

    1. I heard the rash takes a while. I didn’t bother when I first heard about the recall. Then I read up on it and thought it would be worth while because they will be rushing out the upgraded model. I might as well get my money back and spend it on that one. Then, I started to get some reddish bumps around the area I wore it. I decided it wasn’t worth the chance anymore and sent it in. I’m looking forward to see what fitbit has in store next.

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