Stream of Consciousness 006

Is life getting busier, or is it just me? Maybe it’s the nice whether or something. Either way, work has picked up, this blog has grown and my lovely friends, as always, insist on blessing me with their presence. It makes participation in my solo hobbies harder, but it’s all worth it. I thrive on this. My life is full with more fun and activity then I can handle and I couldn’t be happier.

  • I cleaned my apartment last weekend! By that, I mean I cleaned my living room and threw everything I didn’t have time for into my bedroom. Still, I am very proud and plan to keep my living room as clean as possible. Maybe I’ll even have to time address the diabolical that is my bedroom.
  •  Nothing makes me happier than the comments I get on my Wednesday posts. Those poems are so bad, guys! I must be blind, though. So many of you seem to enjoy them. Every time I read those comments, my insecure inner teenager leaps for joy. I was so nervous to start publishing those poems and I’m just thrilled to know you find them worthy of any kind of praise.
  • I’m hoping Thursday’s terror was just a stupid kid. I’ll even take a blog stalker over any of the malicious intentions that person could have had for…. I’ll tell you Monday. I’m still a little terrified.
  • I’ve been good at keeping my living room pretty clean so far. Now, on to the bedroom. It looks like a bomb full of dirty clothes exploded in there. To my credit, they aren’t all dirty ^_^
This photo, “I R stalking u” is copyright (c) 2014 hunterseakerhk and made available under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license

Seriously, though, please don’t stalk me IRL. I have plenty of social media to satisfy you and I need my sleep.


10 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 006”

  1. That’s messed up TK. I’m sorry to hear that somebody got creepy with you. Its happened to me several times, and tends to set me on my heels as a public writer. Glad to hear it didn’t happen here. Trolls suck!!

  2. In response to how your poetry is being received, I say: A. Keep posting it, and B. I feel just how you do. Posting lyrics and poetry that I have written makes me feel very self-conscious, but every time someone likes or comments about it, it gives me more courage to keep it up, despite my doubts.

    1. Thanks. Sometimes, I can barely press published. A lot of those poems seem to ring ‘immature teenager’ to me. As each year passes, I don’t feel that different, but posting those poems reminds me of how much I have really grown.

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