Dragon: Unboxing April Lootcrate

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I was pretty excited for this month’s Lootcrate theme. Dragons are my favorite animal. No one ever told me my favorite animal had to be real. ^_^

All month, I imagined the things that might appear in this crate. In particular, I was looking forward to a dragon-themed T-shirt, but I would have settled for a cute little dragon figurine. Unfortunately, neither of those things would be in this crate. Let’s take a look at what I did get.


  • An Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure
    I’m not a fan of the Elder Scrolls, but I thought this Viking-figure was adorable anyway. He came with a little battle ax, sword and helmet. I love this guy; he’s my favorite item from this crate.
  • Game of Thrones Mystery Mini
    Game of Thrones is on my to-watch list, but I haven’t gotten to it, yet. As such, I have no idea who that little guy is. I guess he’s cute though. I’m sure I’ll love him more once I get into Game of Throne.
  • Dragon Jerky
    I haven’t tried this, yet, but it looks interesting. Given the ingredients, I doubt it’s more than beef jerky with a green tint.
  • Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner
    This thing is pretty cool. Just like it sounds, it’s meant to clean screens – specifically smartphone screens. It’s even washable and reusable! My only question now is if I can use it on my computer screen.
  • 20 Sided Stress Dice
    Dungeons  and Dragons is something else I’ve always wanted to get into. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a group. Nonetheless, I do love a stress ball.
  • 20 Sided Polyhedral Dice
    Well, now I have to get into Dungeons and Dragons, right? I seriously need to get on that.
  • Dragon Slayer Tag
    This one actually makes me a little sad. I mean, I love it, but, at the same time, the idea of killing dragons saddens me. They’re just poor, misunderstood creatures.

Overall, this Dragon crate was a bit of a disappointment. I was so sad to find there was no t-shirt! There wasn’t even a cute dragon plushie or figurine. I love the stuff I got, but I feel like, for such and awesome theme, they did a poor job.

Last month’s Titan crate was much better. I got a manga in that one!

Dear Lootcrate,




In other news, my Tifa Lockhart cosplay is almost complete. That means on of these Nerdy Sundays will feature pictures of me pretending to be a kick as fighter. I may not have rock hard abs or anything, but the boyfriend says I look pretty good ^_^

If you don’t know who Tifa is (shame on you!) you can see what she looks like in the below video.


37 thoughts on “Dragon: Unboxing April Lootcrate”

  1. Such a grand theme. Dragons. And I agree with you they did a poor job with it.
    And by gosh dragons are cool. bet you are watching Dragonar this season.
    He he okay wait you dressed as Tifa. I got to see. ha ha

    I have me some figurines from ‘myth and magic.Tudor mint’ they gorgeous. Well i think.

    1. yeah, poor dragons. I kind of feel like this crate insults them. It’s okay, though. I have a stress ball to work out my disappointment on.
      I have not been watching Dragonar, but I haven’t had a lot of time for T.V. recently. Most of what I watch these days is just background noise while I do one of the millions of things that has to get done.
      Yes, there will someday be pictures of me dressed as Tifa. I’m very excited.

        1. I love Final Fantasy and wanted to pay homage to the series via cosplay but, since this is my first time ever cosplaying, I also wanted to do a character that had a simple outfit. So, Tifa it was. I hope I can find the skill to cosplay Terra and Celes from VI and Garnet from IX someday.

      1. Yeah it is a great world. I recently had a conversation about how cool the librarians Harry Potter lanyard was. Full on nerd here. Glad to see another.

  2. I’ve always thought about getting a Lootcrate but can never really bite the bullet. Thanks for sharing! By the by, FF7 is simply tops!

    1. @einschewtoy Yeah me too..

      30$ a month or 162$/Yr it’s a little too much.. when i would probably like 1 in 3 Box’s..

      Question? : The stuff in the boxes are random ? I mean you might not get the same stuff as someone that as subscription too? Exp : There is like 30 objects 15 that are randomly put in yours ?

      1. I don’t believe they have a year plan. The most they have is a six month plan which divides out to be about $12 per box.

        The stuff in the boxes is random. For example, the Game of Thrones figure was random. I could have gotten one of my different kinds of figures. Sometimes, they have figures or items that are rare. What really ruined this crate was the lack of a t-shirt. As far as I know, there has been a t-shirt in every crate so far. That shirt always makes the crate worth it to me.

    2. This is my third one and I just signed up for six more months of crates. The first two were great enough that I was more than happy to do that. Hopefully a disappointing box like this is rare. I do really like my viking figure, though.

    1. I LOVE FINAL FANTASY,TOO!!!!! FFVII isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s a great game and I loved Tifa’s character. IX and VI reign as my favorites, though.

      1. YES!! IX is my favorite for sure! Their creativity and cartoon-ish ability, coupled with the steam-punk and great story line… and the mini-games and secret bosses… made me looooove it! I’ve been playing it since I was little!

        1. Don’t even get me started. IX was the first one I ever played and it blew me away. VI was the only one that was even comparable. I could go on about the characters, story and music, but I have a feeling I’d just be preaching to the choir.

          1. It was my first as well… and you’d be preaching to the seminary professor! I’ve yet to beat it in 12 hours though. Have you?

  3. If you happen to be in Northern CA, you can come play in my D&D game. 🙂 In any case, if you can get a hold of the D&D Next (5th edition playtest) materials, I strongly recommend that version. Pathfinder (and 3.5 edition) is good, but really complicated and slow. 2nd edition is fun, if a little strange. Whatever you do, stay away from 4th edition; they tried to make it play like an MMO…and it sucked.

    1. You seem to know a whole lot about D&D. Unfortunately, I am no where near California. I’ve been considering joining a D&D MeetUp group around here though.

  4. Dragons have always been a favorite creature of mine, the symbol of ancient wisdom and majestic and terrible power! Which is why Dragonheart is one of my favorite movies! BTW I can’t wait for your Tifa cosplay pics!

    1. I agree. I particularly like European dragons. I imagine them as strong, intelligent beings who prefer small groups and are highly territorial. I think the ways in which dragons lash out at humanity is just their reaction to humans encroaching on their territory.

      I take dragons way too seriously ^_^

  5. That Game of Thrones mini looks like a Tyrion Lannister, who is a fan favorite character.
    I predict that you’ll become tremendously more fond of it once you see the show.

  6. Where did you get the idea that Dragons are not real? And just like humans – some Dragons are good natured and pure, some are evil at heart.

  7. I had wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons in middle school, but could never find anyone who wanted to play with me. I think I was too nerdy for the D&D group there.

    1. Too nerdy for a D&D group? And here I was thinking you had to be pretty deep into the nerd lifestyle to play D&D in the first place.

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