Stream of Consciousness 007

This week started off slowly, but turned out to be rather busy. I manged to fit in writing, gaming and some fitness. If I do some reading today, I’ll have touched on all my hobbies for the week! Fitness really shined this week, though, I didn’t think I’d be able to fit it in on top of everything else, but I manged to find a schedule that worked.

  • I haven’t stuck to any sort of fitness routine at all. How can I pull off Tifa that way? On Sunday, I committed myself to waking up, not being a lazy ass, and working out.
  • On Monday morning, I failed miserably. Tuesday was better, since I finally made my way to Blast Fitness. I joined and I’m excited. I’m going to keep an image of Tifa in my head while I work out. That’s what I’m aiming for.
  • You know those songs that you only ever listen to when you work out? My one guilty pleasure song, which is only on my MP3 player for workouts, is Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. I feel sexy when I listen to it, which is the only excuse I have. I like to imagine I’m working out to look like them, which is insane, but you have to get motivation where you can right?
  • My coworker introduced me to an app called Covet. It’s a glorified dollmaker… and I may or may not be a little addicted to it.
  • I bought my tickets to the Distant Worlds concert!!! I just can’t wait. Anyone who loved Final Fantasy has to see these guys live at least once. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra will be playing the music and Nobuo Uematsu will be there.

My year is filling up! I have Anime Midwest in July and Distant Worlds in August. There are some other things on the horizon that have me equally excited.


16 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 007”

  1. We do got to love to be a little bit nerdy. We see more of the world that way. ha ha You go go go and keep on smiling

    ha ha don’t ya wish you was just like me. OOh they jealous girl. LOL

    1. Yeah, I don’t even know what it is. I just listen to that song and it motivates me. I imagine I will be crazy hot after the workout. We all love looking in the mirror and liking what we see. While I already like what I see, it’s fun to imagine I might look even better if I keep the workouts up.

    1. You NEED to go someday, though. Really, it’s an amazing experience. I went to the Celebration concert for the 25th anniversary of the whole series and it was phenomenal. I even bought the performance of Blu-Ray.

  2. Enjoy Distant Worlds! Saw it in Pittsburgh a couple years ago and it was great; I’d love to go again. Will you cosplay for that, too?

    1. Maybe. Since it’s for the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI, I’d want to go specifically as a character from that game. I’m thinking I might do something really simple and not worry too much about getting the character exact. Like, I could find a green wig and a red strapless dress and say I’m Terra. Maybe I’d even buy some red gloves.

      I guess what I’m saying is, we’ll see. I’m definitely thinking about it.

  3. I was training hard core year ago, before i meat my last gf and got sick..
    I was buffed like hell, but now i reached a point in my life where i no longer need to be buffed and have great abs to feel good about myself, and the fact that my health is on a thin line i can no longer workout.

    There is a really great routine/training/tutorial videos for man / women’s / kids or anybody that want to start working on a routine, it consist of a setup that you can workout any part of you body example abs : 10 workouts, that you start with the amount you want and/or are able to do and go from there, augment little by little.

    I really suggest it.. P90X
    Here’s the video i was using year ago, i uploaded on youtube for you if you are interested download it and learn it and you’ll see it really works like crazy..

    I guaranty you in 2-3 month you’ll have abs like tifa if you just do this a few days a weak /or 5 weak one 20min workout.

    Do this people in the gym will think you’re a pro… ;P

    1. Yeah, I’ve done Insanity before and it worked out really well. I might look that up later. Looking like Tifa isn’t my only motivation. I’m already a tiny person, so it won’t take much for me to tone up. I used to belong to another gym where a personal trainer set me up with a plan, so I’m basically following that for now.

  4. Just don’t get too down on yourself if you don’t end up looking like the Tifa you want to look like. I think its sad when cosplayers do too much and force themselves to look a certain way because the character was “that thin” or had “this kind of XYZ” or etc.
    Like, it is nice to lose weight and all of that and work out in a healthy way, but don’t push yourself to meet your goal. You can be Tifa just the way you are!
    I’m really illiterate at 4am… so I hope that came across okay and not offensive at all.

    1. You’re not offensive in the least. I’m already plenty small. I’d be happy if I looked exactly like I do today when I cosplay. I’m mostly going to the gym to maintain health. I’d rather develop the habit now then wait until I’m unhealthy.

      1. Okay good lol! And well, I’m glad you’re developing those good habits! I just have a lot of friends that cosplay (I have friends that do everything) and it is insane how much they change and how hard they push themselves in order to fit into a certain character’s body type… Like… wow.

  5. Admittedly its a cute song 🙂 I was trying to think of a song or artist that is my guilty pleasure…… that’s a tough one, perhaps Sugar Ray? But being a child of the 90’s I guess its not really much of a guilty pleasure since that was just music of the era…… would Christina Aguilera qualify as guilty pleasure for a heterosexual dude? I love her dirty album 😉

    1. I think a song becomes a guilty pleasure if you feel embarrassed to admit you like it. Are you embarrassed to admit you like Christina Aguilera/

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