Do White People Need a Civil Rights Organization?

“Why can we have organizations like the NAACP but no organizations for white people?”

This question was the head of a short, frustrating conversation I had last week. My vexation with this issue comes from the same place as my thoughts on cultural appropriation. As I explained yesterday, I accept that cultural appropriation exist and that it can take offensive forms. However, I don’t usually understand why something is or isn’t offensive to a culture. How can I hold an opinion if I don’t understand all the sides? I don’t like to have blind beliefs.

Chapter TK - It seems like everyone but white people have a civil rights organization. Do we need a white civil rights group?

Likewise, I accept that having an NAACP-type organization for white people wouldn’t make anything right or equal. I didn’t know I had this assumption until last week, when someone tried to make the argument that we do need organizations for white people. Without any understanding as to why, I have simply accepted that there is no need for an organization for white people.

Thinking further on this issue, I have come to believe the creation of organizations and non-profits aimed at eliminating discrimination legally and systemically exist out of need. The NAACP was created for the purpose of eradicating racism, a sentiment still ingrained in their vision statement today.

The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.

Their objective don’t say they aim to foster the equality of Black people, or Asian people, or Hispanic people or any other specific group. That’s as it should be. Ridding the world of race-based discrimination doesn’t need to have an assigned ethnicity.

Be that as it may, I’m not going to win an argument with the type of person who wants an organization for white people by claiming the NAACP supports their rights as well.

My gut says there is no need for an organization dedicated to white people. What would such an organization even do? Where are white people being denied jobs, housing or access to higher education on the basis of their race? I know people complain that things like affirmative action are taking away opportunities from white people, but I certainly don’t see it.

I took a number of classes in college on historic and present day racism. It was in one of those classes that I learned affirmative action actually had very little effect on the number of minority students. The only real difference was in the balance of males and females in college. Those numbers are nearly balanced.

Racism isn’t so black and white today. It doesn’t exist in black and white sections of restaurants. Instead, it exist in opportunities or lack there of. It exist in the systemic privileges I have gotten because of the color of my skin that those who happen to have a different skin pigment don’t have.

This all snowballs into one giant misunderstanding. Unless a person chooses to educate themselves on these systemic privileges, they will be hard for them to notice. By definition, those privileges are often taken for granted. As such, it’s easy to say they don’t exist at all. Microagressions are similar. If you aren’t a frequent victim of microagressions, how can you understand they exist?

I wonder if my educational focus is the reason why I know there is no need for NAAWP (which is, unfortunately, a real website). Having chosen a major that focused on human rights in college, I understand how many civil rights organizations came to be. The arose out of a need in the culture to remove racism from our country. To be more specific, many of these organizations came to be because society was systemically set up in favor of certain races and against others.

It seems to me the only reason we would need an organization aimed at advancing white people is if society was rigged against people with pale skin pigments. What I do see is the playing field being leveled. The only thing I see an organization for the advancement of white people promoting is racism. Even if the slant isn’t as out in the open anymore, our society is still rigged towards the befit of white people. As such, there is no need.

There is always the chance I am wrong. Perhaps I am blind to racism against whites in America. I certainly haven’t felt like I had any fewer rights because of the color of my skin, but I am not every person. This question is still open simply because I’m not satisfied with my reasoning. Having a gut feeling that an organization for the advancement of white people is a terrible and unnecessary idea is not the same as having knowledge proving the lack of necessity.

Do you think there should be an NAACP equivalent organization for white people? Why or why not? If an organization for white people were created, what sort of things would it advocate? Why do you think some people demand an organization for white people? 

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  1. I don’t think white people need any such organization. Why would we? As you said, I’ve not seen white people denied anything for you their color. For those who want it, I assume they feel that way out of a desire for fairness. But again, is there a need? No, I don’t think so.

    1. I agree. I find it hard to imagine an organization for white people that wouldn’t be racist. I mean… I tried hard to find a photo that had something to do with white civil rights that wasn’t offensive and came up short.

      1. That’s what I don’t get. Why is it that everything the white man does is racist, but any other race can do the exact same thing and it’s fine? I find that to be completely ridiculous and in all fairness, people regardless of their race, can do anything they want to do.The president of the United Stated is black. Has no one noticed that yet? Color makes no difference, as long as the person has determination. That’s my opinion.

        1. There are so many things wrong with this post. Without having to look at your first post, I can tell you are Caucasian. If you were to do the same things…like what? That’s the point. White people are able to do just about anything, and if I am going to be candid about it, if you aren’t able to do that one thing, consider what you did wrong, something that doesn’t have to do race, but when a minority is not able to do something, they also have to consider not only a lack of skill maybe, but also their race. This leads to your point about it just requiring more determination. And sure, determination and hard work are certainly important, but in order to level the field, minorities typically have to work a bit harder if there weren’t organizations helping. And even with the organization, there is still a lot of improvement needed. To touch on your last point, you can’t just say a blanket phrase like “our president is black” andhave that excuse every racist inclination our country has. That is just wrong on so many levels. You just took one fact and said “we have clearly solved racism. There is just no sign of it.” How can you even think it?? That is ignoring everything. Every issue and feeling minorities have to this day

      2. I find it hard to beleive that an organization for black people wouldn’t be racist. Black people are against racism but only against them..

      3. TK,

        I’ve got a photo for you. It’s a photo of the Mayor of my city at a School Board fund raiser. All of the waiters have their faces painted white. The attendees are the same people that represent our children. Why is it that these people think they can promote racism and why is it that they are getting away with it? They get away with it b/c white people do not have a civil rights organization. If you want the picture and the details I’ll send it to you. The picture is only a few months old.

      4. What makes you think dear that other races are not racist and that their organizations are pure? Everyone is racist, or you live in denial. If you have a kid your body will tell you the truth of your identity. If you marry a different race your kid will be 50/50 somehow but your contribution would not be part of the difference for your body would push for your genetic material, not his/hers.

        And then again, how about the whites of South Africa and other African countries who rumors say that they want to run away from Africa but Europe won’t accept them, you know, the anti-white suicidal racist system.

    2. personally I think we need an organization for the people in general not for 1 specific race but for all the people.i am 50 yrs old and up til this past year I was of the mind set that police and people of authority were basically fair and decent until I witnessed police abuse 1st hand and without a fortune to spend on lawyers there is absolutely nothing you can do but take it. even sent photos to the local news of a police dog eating a young man alive while n total submission and handcuffed their response was not news worthy just curious if he had been black if it would have been news worthy then

      1. I agree, but I don’t think we have a society prepared for that, yet. Someone who supports gender equality may not support religious equality. Someone who supports racial equality may not support LGBT rights. So the movements have to be separate to be effective. At least, that’s where we are today. I certainly hope for a future where we can have an ‘Equalist’ organization that looks out for everyone.

      2. There are cultural differences, genetic differences with echo into general behave and there is the ultimate result in terms of civilization. The Africans did not develop advances civilizations although anthropologists say that they are the oldest race on Earth. Why? Because natural conditions? I won’t deny that. But the fact remain that they don’t prove capable to this day in my opinion to develop “advanced” civilizations. Maybe it doesn’t fit them well because this is the kind of society formed by whites not by them and evolution is a tricky demon speaking in terms of power yet if you don’t listen and follow the power you got you perish.
        Until blacks and Arabs do not prove capable to find their way into a partial advanced civilizational system like East Asians did which fits and blends together quite well with the “white” model, until this is not happening being racist is a natural duty in order to survive. Else everything is following apart.
        Diversity excludes perfection.

    3. you may not see it but I have several times as for jobs I was working for a company that did work for the Houston ISD, I helped a company install a new tracking system in the Admin building after the install was complete they put out a job request for a system administrator so I applied the fact that I knew the system as well as the ones that installed it ( I helped in all aspects of the install) told me I should be at the top of the list but the Job went to a black man because of Affirmative action and then I was ordered to train him and found out I even had more education than him the only reason he got the job was because he was black sorry you reason is blown

      1. People are so worried about offending others and being call racist, that sadly they offer jobs to people who don’t always deserve them or that they’re not qualified for. I’m afraid that it’s only going to get worse as people continue to yell ‘hate crime’ and ‘racism’. It’s becoming ridiculous. Employers need to give jobs to people based on their qualifications, not fear of a lawsuit.

  2. This is obviously a very deep issue to tackle, but I will chime in briefly. My impression of those whom I have talked to, who endorse organizations espousing the rights of “whites,” view the NAACP and issues like Affirmative Action as favoring blacks over any other ethnicity. As you quoted, the mission statement of the NAACP is to eliminate racism and create equal opportunity for all, but they do have a perception among many of being only for the advancement of blacks.
    I don’t share that perception necessarily, but I do understand it. In concept, organizations such as the NAACP are wonderful ideas, but I feel that the execution of their implementations have done as much harm as good.
    I personally think that racism is disgusting, but the ugly fact is that it does exist. It needs to be called out for what it is, regardless of where it is coming from or whom it is directed toward.

    1. It’s a tricky discussion. Certainly no one, minority or otherwise, deserves to get into college based on the color of their skin. They should get in based on merit. But then we have to ask, do minorities in America have equal opportunity to achieve those merits? How do we go about ensuring students aren’t accepted or rejected based on their race or religion?

      The fact is, racism is not dead, and may never be dead. While the NAACP and organizations like it aren’t perfect, they serve a vital purpose.

      1. That’s bull. They are an organization that is for the rights of only one race and that is racist. Black people can help themselves without the NAACP.

    2. There will always be racism but we can go a long way to eliminate it if everyone is on a level playing field. Study hard ,work hard, and be a good person and any black or white that wants to succeed can. and will. Programs like affirmative action promote racism by giving preference to one race over another, that is racism. You can’t stop racism with more racism it won’t work. Has it worked? No

  3. I agree…there’s quite a lovely book by Melissa Steyn called “whiteness just isn’t what it used to be” which I found helps explains some of the narratives which are shared around privilege. I found the best thing is to look at each situation case by case, looking at who gets to have a say, who is given rights, and who gets to contribute. Who benefits, and who is left out?
    I think the questions you ask are as important as the answers (if there ever is any one answer), and the effort you are taking to explore is an act of compassion in itself.

    1. Thank you. I think it all comes down to recognition. Like, I don’t know what it’s like to be suspect just because of my skin color. I don’t know that fear. There is literally nothing I can do to understand that. I can only accept that, because of my skin color, I have been privileged to not be suspected in that way.

      1. Go to south Chicago if you want to see some real racism just because your white. I’ve seen it and received it. Get real.

        1. This area is a haven for criminals they are treated as such, not because of the color of their skin but because they are low life law breakers. That goes for all inner city areas it’s mostly gangbangers, there cry is always racsim and always will be .

          1. There are plenty of white people in those areas, too. They commit crimes, they get caught and they often get treated less violently and receive more merciful sentences than non-white Our rights are only as good as the rights of the least of us. Does someone who steals deserve punishment? Yes. But they deserve punishment equal to the crime. Did you ever happen upon the Twitter hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite?

            1. It wasn’t just cause he stole. He tried to grab the police officers gun. What happened wasn’t cause he stole, it was because he became aggressive and dangerous to the officer and everyone else in the area. Get it right.

      2. Ok you may not know it but other white people do. I know what it is like to be followed in a store suspected of being a shop lifter. because of the way I am dressed. Leather jacket and combat boots. To he pulled over in a black neighborhood for being white. And or being harassed by police for the way I dress. I’m sick to death of white privilege bs. I know what it’s like to be bullied harassed and beaten up by blacks for being white. I also know what it feels like to be treated because I am white I MUST have money and all of these amazing opportunities no one else has. And because I am white I must be responsible for how every black person is treated or not treated. And of course because I am white I must have ties to slavery and owe someone something.. So no I disagree white people need an organization ASAP because all of us as of very recently are apparently the worst people to have walked this earth.

  4. I’ve started to feel like the opportunities or lack thereof in recent years aren’t due to skin color – but the ripple effects of having disadvantaged progenitors. Or perhaps certain cultural ideas about education and careers that differ from what is generally accepted/perpetrated. I also feel like it might be an individual issue of self-worth. Perhaps the idea that “there’s no way I can get into/pay for/succeed in college.”
    Then, of course, familial connections within certain institutions don’t hurt, either.
    But at this point, I don’t feel like a general HR manager looks at someone and thinks, “No, too dark/yellow/purple” and passes to someone with lesser qualifications of a paler skin complexion. Though I can’t say I’ve really reviewed the numbers – and the numbers do tell us that white males make more money than any other group.

    1. I don’t think most people consciously think about color and judge. It’s more of a subconscious thing. Culture probably plays a role too. This is just an example… I don’t know if its true, but, for example, let’s say there’s a section of a city where Hispanics make up the majority. Most of the adults in this section are poor and haven’t gone to college. They work hard every day to put food on the table for their families. They also teach their children that getting money today is more important than saving money for tomorrow. What I mean is, they have a culture that works against the idea of going in debt to get a higher education. No matter what organizations do to promote those children to go to college, if their parents are against it, what will they decide?

      That’s super simplistic, but I do think culture plays a part. Specifically, where you were born plays a part. Creating equal opportunity for college then becomes less about high school students and more about those student’s problems. And, of course, those parents may be in the situation they are in because of racism that is subconscious and systemic. it can call get complicated real fast.

      1. That’s a problem within the black or Hispanic community. They will have to somehow be more motivated that’s up to them. The NAACP is not going to be able to help them if their not williong to help themselves. I wsn’t given help or wonderful advice by my parents but I new I needed to get a good paying job whether i hated it or not which I did everyday but i had a family to support. I didn’t set around and blame other people for my situation that’s never going to solve anything.

  5. The color of your skin doesn’t determine who you are. All of the factors of your like come together to make you. In Ukraine today, where you live, what language you and your family speak, and how vocal you are may determine if you live or die. The same holds true in many areas of the world. This NAACP vs. NAAWP question is more of a North American and Western European discussion.

    1. I suppose it is. Although, now I wonder, is there anywhere in the world where whites have their rights taken because of the color of their skin? Is there a need for a white civil rights organization anywhere?

      1. Affirmative action Is one example. How is that fair to anyone? So just because a company has more white people than black people working for them should that mean they can’t hire anymore whites? So an unqualified black person can be hired over a qualified white. Fair for who?
        Not to mention that blacks do harass white people for being white in black neighborhoods all the time. Whites are being treated like the devil. Black people have the same exact opportunities as anyone else and then some There are so many success blacks. Dr’s lawyers , actors, athletes, comedies, nurses, business owners, home owners, police officers, politicians… PRESIDENT…so how come they all can be successful but the rest can’t ? The same reason not all white people are succeful, personal responsibility and choices, bad luck and being poor. Hell just because I am white doesn’t mean I have unlimited access to money. Black people have more than just the naacp. There is a riduclous amount of organizations for only black people. Whites are under attack and are being called racist for everything and anything now. It is time to end this crap. So yes we are in need of an organization in some form to wake people up.

    2. Never a truer comment on this issue since Americans limit their discussion to the states in their realm of thought and reach. They do not understand the world on a grand scale. What they don’t realize is how diverse “White” already is in America when in Europe there are many cultures and European peoples also having different faiths, colors (hair to skin tone), and histories.

  6. This kind of reminded me of the MRM (Men’s Rights Movements)
    Women have always been the lesser sex. Okay not always, (Matriarchy societies), but predominantly there are more patriarchal societies. The WRM has been kind of the big thing post antebellum America. Because of women’s history of being taken advantage of, there’s has been an extra pressure on men for chivalry. Women can win almost every argument by saying, “Is it because I’m a woman.” No…shut up, but we can just say things like that. ANYWAYS. Woman are given the advantage in rape cases or sexual harassment. I’ve personally known cases where a female just said it to get rid of a co worker. He was proven to be innocent, but was still fired…I guess what I’m trying to say is, just because in history whites aren’t viewed as the most warming people to different races doesn’t mean there is unfair treatment towards whites now. So yeah…I guess it’s not so bad for white people to have a NAACP organization.

    Great article though. I love your blog :3

    1. I get what your saying, but I don’t think any of if requires a MRM or an organization for whites. Theoretically, the system worked for that man. He was found innocent of a crime he didn’t commit. He SHOULD be able to return to his normal life, but we know he can’t. The same could be said for many crimes, though. If a person is tried for murder and is found innocent, all around him/her will wonder if he’s/she’s really innocent or if he/she got away with it. I’m not sure how to go about changing that part of society. We should be innocent until proven guilty, but that’s just not the way of it. I don’t think that’s an example of women having an advantage, though. It’s an example of a broken judicial system where people are guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, winning a legal trial doesn’t always prove innocence to everyone.

      When it comes to thinks like chivalry, I don’t think that strictly a male to female thing. All people should be chivalrous to each other. Anyone who thinks that only women deserve chivalry doesn’t believe in gender equality.

      All the same, no – white people do not deserve to be discriminated against because of the color of their skin any more than any other race. The question is, are white people being discriminated against because of their skin color? if not, where is the need for a civil rights organization?

      Thank you for the interesting comment. I’m happy you enjoy my blog.

      1. You need to start checking your facts. Stop living in the 60’s things have changed. That’s all I have to say this could go on forever and probably will but without me.

  7. What an interesting post, made me smile a bit this morning. I’m going to play a little bit of devil’s advocate here since I find this topic fascinating. Sorry if it’s a little long winded.
    I think there should absolutely be an organization that represents white people. Not because I think that we need to “advance” the race, but because the scales need to be evened out. With major, national groups that support specific races, those races basically have a big brother to back them up in race specific situations. Good examples might be the Trayvon Martin case or with the Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling. Whenever one of these cases pop up, these national “watch-dog” organizations swoop in to make sure that their race is properly represented and any injustices are brought to light.
    Why not have an organization like that for Caucasians to make they have the same level of support? If a white man and a black man get into a legal dispute, the NAACP might get involved on one side and the white guy has what? Some would argue that the whole system is biased against other races, but I think that having a national organization (and the media that they drum up) would also have a big impact of the legal and social outcomes.
    Secondly, there is a kind of reverse racism in affect in the US. If you turn on a TV and watch an ethnic comedy series, they can say absolutely whatever they want about those wacky white people, but Kramer from Seinfeld get’s frustrated on stage and says the N-word and it’s national news. Or, you want to have a white history month? You must be racist. You want a White Entertainment Network? That’s racist. You want a NAAWP? You might be a redneck… er, racist.
    Just a couple things to consider.

    1. I would say that all history in this country is defaulted to “white history” and we need those targeted months to remind us of the contributions from folks other than rich white guys. Same with entertainment. The “default” cast of most movies and TV is that of white people unless the person needs to be black (or something else) for the purpose of the skit or to supply “racial diversity”. A movie almost never has a predominantly black cast unless it is *about* race. And if it does but isn’t about race, white people assume the movie is “for” black people and they don’t watch it. Black people, on the other hand, would have little to watch if they assumed movies with mostly white casts were “for” white people. So… like it or not, I’d say that the defaults in society tend to be “white” and that’s why we don’t need something carved out for us.

      For the most part, I think that folks that feel the need for those types of organizations are scared. Their world is changing – leveling out, as someone up there put it – and they don’t recognize it. They misinterpret other races taking their place at the table as them taking over the table. And that is in part because the fearful people don’t recognize the privileges they’ve had.

      Great post, btw, TK.

      1. Again, I’m playing devil’s advocate here. I don’t have a dog in this fight, I just think the topic is fascinating.
        As to your response, I think it’s too easy to claim that we are a “default” nation of whites. That response is too black and white (if you’ll pardon the pun). Things are never that simple.
        As a society, we paint anyone who is pro-white with a racist tag. If I’m pro-NAAWP than I must be anti-everyone else. But those are two totally different positions. A pro-African American organization isn’t typically considered racist, but a pro-white one is?
        Given the history of our country it’s easy to look back and say that anything that’s pro-white is bad for all the other ethnicities. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about putting anyone down, we’re talking about an organization that’s supporting a group. Why is it that it’s ok for everyone except Caucasians to be proud of their heritage? To support their ethnicity? A white support group is painted “racist” but a black or hispanic group is totally fine.

      2. Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t the people consciously think they have a problem with all races being ‘at the table.’ All they notice is that they suddenly have less space at the table. There is a feeling of a loss of power. Again, it’s not that a person consciously thinks this… but when people who weren’t equal are suddenly given equal ground, the people on top may feel a sense of loss because they don’t have the leverage they had before.

    2. Just in reference to your last paragraph… We don’t need a white history month because pretty much all of the history we are taught in public school IS white history. What would a white history month accomplish? Hopefully we will get to the point that we don’t need a black history month or a women’s history month or any other “special” type of history month because it will all be integrated and represented by the mainstream curriculum. Until then, it serves as a very small way to bring attention to the side of history that we don’t usually focus on.

      Again, we don’t need “White Entertainment Network” because the majority of mainstream television is written by, produced by, directed by, and starring white people. Television channels for specific races are yet again just a very small way to give people of those races a some representation in the media. A place they can go and say, “Hey, these people actually look like me!” I think that as a white person, I genuinely take it for granted that I can turn on the TV and see people that look like me represented. As a woman, it is incredibly refreshing to watch movies and TV shows that represent women in diverse and dynamic ways because there are so few otherwise.

      And even though I know your last comment was meant to be kind of tongue-in-cheek, and I’m sure that not all people who argue for white organizations/ history months/ entertainment networks are racist, pretty much all of the people I have ever met who argued for those things WERE racist, or at least incredibly ignorant to the reality of the situation. People who argue for those things usually think that blacks and other minorities are somehow “getting an advantage” when really those institutions are attempting to balance the scale that is already so greatly tipped in favor of white people.


      1. Ok, couple more thoughts since we’re rolling on this now. Again, I have to use the disclaimer that I’m taking this position for the sake of discussion, not because of any other reason.
        Many of the things taught in school are very white-centric, I won’t disagree with that because it’s very true. But at any point do the teachers stop and say “Let’s celebrate all the wonderful things that white people have done”? No, because that would be considered racist. They might talk about the people but they never talk about the race, unless it’s the many times throughout history that the white guys with also the bad guys, then race is brought up. Then there’s months dedicated to all the wonderful things that other races have contributed, celebrating their race and their impact.
        The “White Entertainment Network”? Yes, the majority of people on mainstraim TV and media are white. But it’s the same situation as above, no one ever talks about their race. Everyone is so nervous about being labeled racist that you can’t mention race unless it’s to put down the Caucasians. “This program is an excellent representation of the white race!” was not said by anyone in the past few decades. No, the only time race is brought up on main stream TV is to talk about how badly represented all the other races are.
        White culture has to tap dance around mentioning their race because they are so paranoid about being labeled racist. It’s the same reason that I put a disclaimer before these comments, because even if they are only written as a tongue-in-cheek debate I worry about someone reading too much into them. A white person cannot be vocally proud of their heritage, supportive of their race, without being accused of racism.

        1. I just wanted to note that mybrightspots did respond to this, but there was an issue with nested comments, which I think I’ve fixed. I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to respond.

          Also, I don’t know that people purposely avoiding saying white in any of those situations. It’s just that people are assumed to be white unless otherwise stated.

      2. Gosh, I wish there was more nesting of comments allowed here. 😉

        I’m responding here to johnnyid and hoping that my comment will appear below his and thus make sense…

        Yeah, I get that you are playing the devil’s advocate and that’s fine by me. I don’t have a problem in the world with people trying to explore all angles. And I’m trying to see your perspective as best I can – whether it’s really yours or just an angle you are exploring, either way.

        I will agree that as a society we are all kind of pussy-footing around the topic of race. Many white people are afraid of appearing racist and *we* (the media, organizations, internet commentors, whatever) are quick to pounce on certain events and claim racism when it doesn’t exist in that particular case. But the reason we do that is because it does still exist and it’s something that white people simply don’t face. Ok, so there might be some individual blacks who will give an evil eye to a white person or maybe certain neighborhoods that a white person wouldn’t feel safe entering (although my black friends aren’t too interested in those neighborhoods either). But there isn’t a systemic problem against whites.

        So, about being “proud” of your race, even if it’s white. I think I can see your point that if the white race is referred to, it’s almost always in the negative. My daughter is called a “white girl” because she likes Starbucks and One Direction. She’s very aware that it’s a put down. But that’s about as far as I can go with you on it. I’m proud of my heritage as an American, but I’m not quite sure what it even would mean to be proud of my “white” heritage. In my mind, black people can be proud of their black heritage because they can look back at everything they have overcome. Native Americans can be proud of their heritage because it is dying and needs to be preserved. What about my white heritage would I be proud of? That we came over from Europe and toughed it out and survived? Ok, but so did plenty of other people who weren’t white. So I think that’d be more proud of being an American.

        I agree that we can’t really stand up and say we are “proud of our white heritage” – that likely would be considered by most people racist. But since we didn’t come from a place of disadvantage, I don’t see the need. Then again… looking at a different issue with many of the same overtones… I’ve heard people say that they are (or would be) proud if their kid was gay. And this makes no sense to me. I can see being proud of your kid regardless of whether they are gay. But not simply because they are gay. That said, I suspect what they mean (or should mean) is that they are proud of all their gay kid has overcome to be able to stand up and own it. Black people can express pride in their race because of what they’ve overcome. Gay people can express pride because of what they’ve overcome. Straight people have always been accepted so what do they have to stand up and be proud about with regard to being straight? White people have always been in the majority and in control, so what do we have to stand up and be proud about being white?

        Oh, and if you happen to have a moral opposition to homosexuality, I was not attempting to start an argument on that or derail the conversation. It’s just a comparison that I thought was perhaps appropriate.

        One more thought… we might not be “proud” to be white simply because the pride of whites gets broken into smaller groups. People are proud of their German, Irish, Scottish, French, English, whatever ancestry. Thanks to the slave trade, blacks can’t really break their pride into more exact ancestries.

        And since you’ve started each of your comments with a disclaimer, I’ll end mine with one. I feel no heat or outrage toward anything you’ve said. This is an academic discussion of both sides of an issue as far as I’m concerned. And I find it interesting and thought-provoking.

        1. I’m sorry about the nested comments. I didn’t realize where that setting was at. This comment registered as a reply to lesfemmesvoice but, I think I’ve fixed the nested comments problem.

          1. No need to apologize! I was actually laughing because I ran into the same problem on my blog and had to hunt it down myself. The default is ridiculously short.

      3. This is why I can’t imagine what a non-racist white advocacy group would look like. It’s not that I assume all white people are racist; it’s because there is nothing about white people that needs to be advanced. White European history is taught in the schools. Almost everyone in the media is white. Our society is white by default. As such, I can’t think of a single issue related to having white skin that needs to be addressed. I wonder if that’s why, when such groups do pop up, they have offensive objectives. There needs to be an issue effecting white people before an organization can be created to address said issue.

    3. I understand your arguments, but I worry about how those ideas would be carried out. When I looked for photos specifically about white civil rights groups, I found a lot of racial slurs toward minority cultures. They weren’t trying to uphold the rights of anyone. They were trying to degrade the rights of other minorities. The literal definition of racism is the belief that one race is superior to the other. Those images clearly showed white people who thought they were superior because of their race. So, how could a white civil rights organization exist and not be racist? I don’t mean to imply that everything white people do is racist. I just mean that I haven’t seen anyone attempt to create such an organization in a way that wasn’t offensive towards another race.

      When it comes to people like Sterling and Zimmerman, I have my doubts a (good) white civil rights organization would get involved unless there was some serious concern that the white person is question was being discriminated against based on skin color. Black people go to jail all the time for killing white people and the NAACP doesn’t say anything about it. I rarely see them side with an alleged assailant unless there is substantial evidence they are being falsely accused. In what situations would a white person then need a civil rights organization for when they have been the victim of a racially motivated crime? Again, not saying it never happens. I just can’t think of an example.

      Lastly, I see plenty of comedians make fun of all races without using racial slurs. They all get poked at by comedians. The use of racial slurs are never okay. There really isn’t a racial slur for white. I suppose one could argue that cracker counts, but it doesn’t come with a history of racism, oppression and discrimination that the other slurs come with. It’s hardly comparable.

      You did make some interesting points. I’m still very curious about a good, equal white civil rights group. What would that look like. What sort of issues would they support?

      1. That’s exactly my point though, that the supremacist groups give anything pro-white a bad name. I can guarantee you that those prejudicial beliefs are in the minority and yet those voices shape how the race is seen. Any legitimate support groups for white people would automatically be painted with the same brush, which is probably why none exist. Two minutes in the media about a new “Pro-white group” would have half the country up in arms, whatever their agenda actually was.
        “How could any white civil rights organization exist and not be racist?”
        That’s the exact point of view I’m arguing against. Is the NAACP a racist group? I don’t think so. There’s no reason that a similar white group couldn’t exist and be a positive influence for good. The problem is with the perceptions that come from anything that might be remotely seen as pro-white, interpreting it as anti-everyone else.
        If black, or hispanic, or anyone else can have a support network that promotes positive change in the world, why is it such a stretch that something similar could be formed for whites?

        1. I’m not saying a pro-white group has to be racist, I just don’t see how it could happen because of the issues. There’s not a problem with white people being discriminated against. In order for NAAWP to exist, they have to have issues. So, what issues exist that they would address? It’s not that it HAS to be racist. I think it just becomes that way because white people aren’t oppressed. They aren’t being discriminated against. As such, the only people who try and create such groups are people who are upset at the rights other groups are gaining.

          And, if the NAACP is trying to end racism across the board, why even need another group. They are fighting for an end to racism, not racism against just some races.

          1. I would say that based on the racist views against white groups there is racism against white people. And how do we know how much use an organization like NAAWP would get until one is formed? All issues of race can be viewed from two different sides, but usually only one of those sides has a national group supporting them. Wouldn’t it be more fair and equal to have a supporting group for every side?
            For example, if it was a situation of an average white guy charged in a race related crime against a black man, which side is going to be supported by the NAACP? There’s going to be national media attention, rallies, whether or not there are any merits to the case. An example could be used with the Trayvon Martin case. I’m not sure how George Zimmerman identifies his race, hispanic I would guess. But in that case, Zimmerman was not convicted and yet had to move and change his name due to the media attention. I’m not going to argue the merits of that case, that’s not my place, just examining the resulting attention received from a man who was acquitted. In a situation like that, how different might the attention be if there was support and media for the defendant equal to the support for the victim?
            As for the NAACP supporting all race issues, that’s exactly what they say on their website, but it’s called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. I’m not going to say that they would laugh at a white man who called them, but I would argue that supporting white citizens isn’t real high on their priority list.

            1. Give me an example of racism against white people. I haven’t seen one yet. There are some sides that should not be supported. The opposite of the NAACP is an organization working in favor of racism. An organization of any sort that would be created to eradicate racism would have to work along side the NAACP by definition. Zimmerman’s fate due to media attention isn’t based on the color of his skin. It’s based on his crime. There have been plenty like him. That woman who was charged with the murder of her daughter got huge media attention, too. She won her case and also had to go into hiding because of all the media attention. Neither of those cases are issues of race. The only reason the NAACP got involved is because of the way the law was worded in Florida. That law had been used many times to convict black shooters, but in cases where a black person was the victim, the law never worked in their favor. THAT was the racial element of that case. I see no reason for another civil rights organization to get involved.

              The originators of the NAACP where white people. Last I checked, white still counts as a color. I’ve know people who I would look at and call white who have considered themselves persons of color. I agree, though, that supporting white citizens isn’t high on their priority list because white people don’t need support. The system is already rigged to work in their favor.

              1. Let’s see, racism against white people. We’ve already talked about racism against white people. If I talk about my race in a positive way I get lumped in with white supremacists. That’s racism right there, judging me by the color of my skin.

                We’re “the man”, we’re the “bad guys”, we’re domineering, controlling, and holding everyone else back. Does that happen? Yeah, absolutely. But the average white guy, like me, has never done anything negative to anyone of color and yet we’re lumped in with those guys because of the color of our skin. That’s racism too.

                In different work places there are set guidelines as to how many people advance based on ethnicity. I’ve seen white guys who are more qualified get passed over and a minority advanced because the ratios were wrong. Is it on the same level as the racism against minorities, definitely not, but there is racism against whites too.

                If you look at any situation closely enough, you see that most things aren’t black and white (forgive the pun) but rather a really wide continuum between. There are very few absolutes in this world.

                I didn’t bring up George Zimmerman because of his race, or the specifics of his case, but just as an example of how National groups can bring such publicity. In a court room there is a lawyer for each side for fairness, but outside the courtroom there are no such guidelines. Why would it be so wrong to have a white organization to sit on one side when the other sides have National groups? Shouldn’t everyone have a support group?

                While the NAACP says it supports all races, I spent quite a while on google trying to find a time it has supported a white person. I’m positive it’s happened, but my google-fu is not strong this morning.

                1. There is a difference between racism and prejudice. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another and therefore has a right to ‘rule’ over the other. What you mention are prejudices against white people, but some of those exist for a reason. I’d love to live in a world where everyone gets what they get based on merit and nothing else, but that’s not the world we live in. So, there are some policies aimed at leveling the playing field that unfortunately have a built in prejudiced against whites. I don’t think that was intentional, and it’s certainly a problem, but it’s not racism.

                  I also don’t think anyone gets branded a racist for saying something good about white people. People say nice things about me, but no one calls them racist. The thing is, we don’t need to specify white people because we’re the default. People make a big deal about the first woman this or the first black that because of the history of oppression that prevented those groups from partaking in that activity. But no one says, George Washington, a white man, was the first president of the United States because white is the default. Of course he was white, unless otherwise stated.

                  Everyone who NEEDS a support group deserves a support group. If there is no need, then there’s no reason for the group to exist. Ideally, we’ll reach a day where even the NAACP is a thing of the past, not because it was defeated somehow, but because the issue of racism has ceased to exist.

                  1. How about we agree to disagree, because the comments back and forth are starting to sound entrenched? Not that I’m not enjoying the discussion, I just think we’ve stated our positions and they don’t seem to be changing much.
                    Obviously, we both want a society that is color-blind, equitable, and fair for every human being regardless of gender, race, religion, etc. Honestly, I think for a large portion of the population we’re already pretty close to that ideal, it’s just the larger institutions that are slowly catching up to the times and a few radical holdouts.

                    1. I can agree to disagree ^_^. I too have enjoyed this conversation. I know we don’t see eye to eye, but we both want the same thing.

                      I have this idea that the world would be a better place, not if everyone agreed, but if everyone could disagree in a civil manner. If we can discuss a topic and grow in our understanding of the different opinions, then there’s less hate. Even if we don’t agree, we can still respect each other.

                      Which is where we are probably at. Thanks you for coming by and engaging in the conversation.

                    2. Absolutely, if people could hold an intelligent conversation instead of just arguing, the world would be far better off.

                      And I am always open to a good conversation, thanks for introducing the topic and indulging me. 🙂

    4. I agree with You. I’ve been saying that for over 30 years. If we tried to have a National White Parade, the minorites or should I say all the other races besides white people would come out and protest against it. Actually the White American Male is the new minority. Or try to have a white TV station like the BET and there would be a rally against it. And there has been incidents of white men shot by black officers but white people don’t come out in droves and have violent protest and burn down businesses. And yes, I have seen first hand discrimination against white men because of Affirmative Action. Like you said, ‘It’s nice to have people behind you, backing you if a situation comes up’. The reason there are groups like the NAACP. They stir up the media and always think they are being discriminated against even when the situation is a simple fact of life–things happen to everyone. But the whites don’t go out and riot, we accept what happens. It’s called living in America. Now that it’s mentioned and I think about it, maybe we do need a group like a NAAWP. A group of people to watch the white people’s back. To stir up the media and try to force law enforcement and the courts to see things our way, even if it’s wrong. Just kidding. But that’s exactly what the NAACP tries to accomplish. The Ferguson incident was just a regretful incident that should not have ever happened. But because it got blown out of proportion due to radical demonstrations, the NAACP yelling racial profiling and the media not handling and reporting it in a proper way–it turned into a circus. And why does Al Sharpton, a rabble rouser, always shows up at these events. He’s nothing but an ex-con who stirs up trouble. God Bless America.

  8. Both men’s rights and white rights activists don’t get that they are already privileged compared to everyone else. It’s hard to see privilege though. It’s much easier to see underprivilege, because you keep bumping up against things. So the world can seem natural, normal and basically fair to the privilege group. But as you diminish inequality, you have to diminish privilege. As your privilege decreases it can feel like you are losing out to the underprivileged, if you had thought that the world was actually normal and fair before.

    1. I agree. You said it better than I could. There isn’t really a loss of anything. It’s just that the privileged used to have a really big plate compared to others. When they realize there plate is about the same size of everyone else’s, they might mistake that for a loss. Those people received more room what the privileged stayed the same. That’s what equality is, though. Everyone having the same chance and the same seat at the table.

  9. Well…if white people are being whipped, chained down, rapped, beaten and treated like a possession with no rights but to which “its” not they but considered an IT…then if the owner wants to give them some civilized treatment like some cloths, shelter food or water,…or if that is to much of a burden for the owner just killed and discarded as trash, not given fair wages or equal access to public places…
    If white people are seen as substandard of our species and treated with no civil liberties or equal rights than, yes I would say they could use an organization like that..but show me evidence where our breed or creed is being mistreated so badly that we need that kind of wasted resource and money spent on it.
    I have been a victim of racism, but its not anything to the point of which I have had my civil rights infringed was just racial judgments based on pigment happens all the time..its not like I was physicially put into slavery for it. White people that can’t handle being judged on skin color, need to grow up, wake up and get real. Its upsetting to me that anyone would think thay need a NAAWP….If someone wants to fund it with their own money than go for it. If my tax dollars are going to be used for it…I would be more than livid, and highly ashamed of my species for believing they need it.
    I think Its a selfish and ultimately a childish thing to even consider that white people need any kind of racial ADVANCEMENT agency…like the The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Equality of our rights…does not mean you need whatever the next person has… especially when white people get privileges in most societies for being white…other creeds are raised or subconsciously given incentives to be MORE ENGLISH in appearance and in mannerisms ( other creeds …they have had their cultures destroyed by white people…more specifically by Christianity or by rich and powerful governing organizations) made to conform or to convert…or be shunned and judged ether way of a skin color that does not line up with the” MADE IN HIS IMAGE” belief system… looking and acting like they are white or in snobby terminology…more proper, they then can be considered more civilized if they APPEAR that way, (which is a load of b.s.)

    Even thinking white people need an organization like this..tells me that the ones wanting it..need to have a reality check…and learn some world history..and actually just take a look at the real world around them…It has been systematically altered over thousands of years to benefit a white race of people,( or the supreme race as thought of by the psychotic race warmongering freaks.ideologies) or ones that will bow down to them or conform to their looks, beliefs or standards.
    THe white people that cry about unfairness or injustice for their kind…Really need to understand what real suffering and racial discrimination is about. If they want an organization like that..maybey they should volunteer or be taken without their consent form their homes, communities, from their families, or have their children taken from them and then turned into any kind of tool that an oppressor wants them for…lobor, sex, or whatever kind of slave ..(then they can in my eye’s) have a reason for that kind of organization to be formed. Its an absurd thought…

    The better thing to want in the to NOT have to have ANY organizations that need to protect each others rights…and WE AS A PEOPLE…as one species SHOULD protect each other as equals, like we would want to be treated and protected.

    1. I agree. I think even predjudices based on white skin color are a bit different from racism. Racism is the idea that your race is superior to another race. Treating people, say blonde people (just to mix it up), differently because 90% of the blonde people you have met have been rude and treated you poorly is a prejudice against blonde people.

      ;To me, it’s clear white people don’t need such an agency because white people don’t need to be advanced.

      1. I agree and its nice to see a clear thinker. People judge other people off looks or even just one experience…or just off what they have been told about someone, without even knowing a person. It is the downfall to our society. The positive thing about our society, is people like yourself. The ones that think critically and openly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care and have a good one. 🙂

        1. I agree, and I think that’s what causes some confusion. There’s a difference between judging someone because you think your race and your skin color is superior and judging someone because you been taught or you’ve experienced a group of people behaving in a specific way. Neither are good for society.

          1. 🙂 I really wish more people would understand this about general. 😉 But people generalize about a specific thing and group things together even though everyone and every experience is different…not one experience or creature or person is exactly the same, so to generalize or even put things in to a statistic or an average discredits people and experiences. But as life in general goes I really wish people could see that nothing ever is the same as something else…even if it appears to remind us of an experience or story we have heard of…or something we have seen, or a person, that reminds us of a stereo type we associate the look with. I won’t go on, because I tend to talk to much… ( about things I think are important 🙂 ) I really like the way you communicate and I appreciate your topics and points of view. Take care…until next time. Peace, Love, and Harmony to you and yours.

    2. You talk about slavery like it only happened to black people. White people where taken from there communities and families and enslaved for hundreds even thousands of years before the first slave ships left Africa for America.It’s ridiculous and uneducated to think only blacks were slaves….

      1. No I don’t there is slavery done to many people and creatures..I was commenting on how things are in our society today and have been for the last 300 or so years…in North America. I was and am referring to the POOR whoa is my white people that think they need protection more protection and privileges than they already have in our society. They do not get treated like second class citizens or a minority. Don’t make such ignorant comments..or I will just consider you ignorant. I never once said that blacks were or are the only slaves that have ever been on this earth…THAT is just your assumption and is where your ignorance LIES!

        1. You’re generalizing when you say white people, though. Personally, I’ve experienced discrimination against me, a white male, by two different organizations I’ve worked for. The first time, by a female manager. I filed a case with the EEOC, and I was treated with sarcasm and dismissed. An attorney wouldn’t take the case. I later returned to the EEOC to complain, and I was told that a statute of limitations had expired. The termination ultimately led me to a foreclosure, homelessness, bankruptcy, and severe depression. I finally got back on my feet and now I’m being discriminated against by an Hispanic manager on my new job.

  10. I think racism is an excuse to hate the poor. If most of white people were poor then would be movements against them. Said that I’ve seen discrimination against white people mostly motivated for social anger, and also to me is true that there is discrimination everytime I see or read a comment about a black person that prefer to be called Afro-American (discriminating thus to Egyptian or South-african that are African but not always black) but always are talking about “whites” I am native, we have a word to white people with certain Spanish characteristics, it’s the word to white skin but with the time it’s about a sad person that has no joy in our parties or is angry and it’s absolutely catholic and don’t share our beliefs, but for that reason a white person that drink or eat with us and smile it’s not a q’ara but a person with a name. In the end this think about races is something childish, there is no big deal in has a different skin, it’s just the adaptation to the environment.

    1. I’ve never heard of racism being and excuse to hate the poor, but I can see it now. I also agree that it’s all childish. Why should skin pigment matter? Normally, it wouldn’t. That’s why racism has to be taught. It’s not automatic. As such, we can also teach acceptance if we want.

  11. If you really want to know the answer to your questions, you’re going to have to get it from the white devil’s mouth: Jared Taylor [1].

    I have some questions of my own. To me, it’s not really a matter of if white people need an advocacy organization, or need additional attention directed toward their ethnic heritage. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Others can make that case. My questions are these:

    > Are whites ALLOWED to have racially-based groups at colleges, companies, or in the public sphere? (e.g. a white equivalent for black fraternities, black leadership groups, or black advocacy groups)
    > How would the public react to the existence of such groups? (you can view your own comment wall for some examples)
    > Would there be adverse consequences for individuals who make their membership or support of such organizations public? (no one would ever criticize someone for donating to the NAACP, for instance)
    > Are the negative reactions logically justifiable, or are they merely based on emotional and paranoid delusions?

    The answers to these questions indicate a lot of uneasiness that non-whites feel toward whites, and some would argue that this uneasiness is vanishingly hard to justify factually in the 21st century. Slavery ended in 1865 in the US. It continues to this day in Africa. Can someone remind me who the bad guys are, again?


    1. I think the answers to all those questions is in one other question: Why?
      > Why is there a need for a white group on college campuses?
      > What issues would such a group support? This would effect public support and consequences of supporting such a group.

      I don’t think the idea of a group for white people is necessarily bad. It all depends on the issues. What would a white advocacy group advocate for? The groups that have existed (Believe me, there is a website already for the NAAWP) have promoted very racist ideas. I would welcome an organization if it benefited society, however, if white people are being discriminated against because of the color of their skin, where is the need?

      1. I’m arguing that such organizations should be viewed as acceptable WITHOUT QUESTION until proven guilty, rather than the other way around. Unless they are literally a hate group, no one should be upset about white students operating under the same exclusivity that every other race is afforded. And yet I doubt that white students are able to get away with it. The argument people seem to have against it is basically “when whites get together, they do racist things.”

        Maybe some of them do. But for the same reason that society has worked very hard to get us to stop assuming things without evidence with regards to non-whites, it is probably a good idea to stop assuming things without evidence with regards to whites.

        1. I understand, but I don’t think most people have a problem with a pro-white organization existing. They have a problem with the things they tend to advocate for. I accept that such a group could exist without causing offense, but I wonder what sort of issues such a group would advocate. I haven’t seen an example of that, yet.

  12. I’m trying to reply to MyBrightSpots, yes the lack of nesting comments is a little frustrating at times.

    On a personal note, before I go into a response, I want to put out there that I’m one of the easiest going, live and let live, kind of guys out there. I have absolutely no problem with any race, group, sex, creed, whatever. You can check out my blog, I’m very liberal on social issues, and the only groups I give a hard time are organized religions.

    That said, 🙂

    Racism is absolutely still a factor in modern society, as much as we all wish it wasn’t, and it should be called out every time we see it. Just like we should call out, prosecute, and legislate against any behaviors that are detrimental to any group of people. That’s why I don’t have a problem with any of the many civil groups out there, whether we’re talking race, sex, gender, etc.

    I think the bottom line I’m trying to say here is that we’re reversing the roles a bit. For how long have other races been saying to judge them by their character and their actions, not their skin color?

    I’m flipping that argument around. A white group should be judged by their character, their actions, and the (hopefully) positive impact that they could have, and not by the color of their members.

    A group of white people that support other white people shouldn’t be considered racist any more than a group of any race supporting their race. It’s the actions and the words that should be judged.

  13. I hear you there TK. White people really haven’t suffered racism. And those who say they have, I would have to really wonder how. I think it’s great though that you are seeking out the whys of it all. I like how you said, “I don’t like to have blind beliefs.” 🙂

    1. I think people mistake evening the playing field as white discrimination sometimes. This is just another example. Why have this organization and not one for white people? Because what people are already on top. What racial issues plague white people to such an extent they need their own advocacy group?

  14. Ok! Wow! I’m loving this 😉 Here are my two cents:
    1. The majority group (whatever it is) doesn’t need a special-interest organization because the established system already works for them. For example, just recently the US Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s voter-approved law that bans using race in college admissions. For the most part, the system works and it tends to work best for the majority. Why wouldn’t it? After all they were the ones who probably created and implemented it.
    2. The issue is not only racial. In the US, people of color are the minority. Even if they are not the population minority they still are the minority when you look at who’s in power making decisions that directly impact them. Women are minority. Did you realize that it was a committee composed of eight white males who were discussing and making decisions on women’s reproductive rights? Isn’t that insane?
    Extra penny: the only minority that gets to call the shots is the super-rich. I’ll let that simmer.
    Ideally we, the people, would be more evolved but we’re not which is why people get organized to correct wrongs. We are human after all and prone to human error. On a final note, look up Jon Stewart’s recent video on racism. Just google: “Jon Stewart Explains How Racism Is Alive And Well.” Laugh and take in the insight.

    1. I get it all. I hear people complain about men too. Now, there are issues that affect men, but they’re never the ones people argue with. For example, male rape is far greater of a problem then false accusations of rape against males, but which do you think people point out when they try to argue that women have been given too much power?

      The thing is, I can think of ways society works against men (and those things ironically have been put in place by other men). Is there even something like that for white people? The fact that the people on top complain when attempts are made to level the playing field for minority groups is proof enough that racism is alive and well.

  15. Whites do not need one.

    But from another point of view, it proofs how the whites need this to control themselves not to be a racist.
    That we need an organization like this in the first place.
    How us white dictate the rules and make laws to cover up our flaws.

    What if we stop being racist or anything. Would organizations like this start to get self containing to keep a money flow going. Or would they seize to exist.

    The fact we need these organizations bothers me. We the white have always found ourselves superior and thus create solutions to a problem that should never have been there in the first place.

    1. I used to work for a start up non-profit organization in Chicago aimed at ending poverty. The owner explained to me that most non-profits have a fatal flaw. The organization is their job. They do just enough to make an impact, but not enough to get rid of the problem entirely. If they solved their problem, they suddenly wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Her goal was to work hard so that, some day, her non-profit wouldn’t be needed.

  16. I think an oppressed, impoverished, and exploited white minority experiencing discrimination should have a representative group. But struggling to think in which country it can be found. Can someone help?

  17. The best argument I have ever heard concerning civil rights organizations and specifically the creation of a “white” group is that civil rights organizations were created to obtain rights being denied to them and gain equal footing with their white counterparts while the rhetoric and actions of white civil organizations revolves around keeping rights and privileges they feel they are losing to minorities by getting on equal footing.

  18. OK so the NAACP isn’t racist, but the organization of a NAAWP would be? What happens when the white race does become a minority. It will happen. Then we will be looked down upon. Will it be fair to create a NAAWP when we do become minorities? By 2050 the predominant race in America will be Hispanic. History repeats itself and if one group is allowed to gain an edge other groups will fall by the waist side. We are in a new era. Fairness and equality must be honored at every corner. I should not be denied something you are allowed to have. If you are allowed to have your race specific organization, then I should as well. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. I am in no way racist. I just believe in equality for everyone. No one should be given special privileges or treatment because of their race. Organizations like the NAACP do just that. They focus on the advancement of a specific archetype. Don’t get me wrong I understand why things like the NAACP needed to exist. But things are different now. Our world is shifting ever towards increased equality. Eventually organizations like the NAACP will no longer be mechanisms of equality. They will become mechanisms of promotion. Your question, “If an organization for white people were created, what sort of things would it advocate?” The answer, the same thing the NAACP advocates. If you get yours, don’t deny me mine. That makes you intolerant.

    1. It’d be great to have a world where the NAACP didn’t need to exist but, as I said, the NAACP does not say in it’s mission statement that it is only for the advancement of specific people. It’s focused on African Americans due the history of discrimination with that group. But it’s a group for the equality of all. Having a NAAWP would be redundent because it would do the same thing the NAACP already does. I also disagree with the idea that, if another race were to become the majority, all other races would automatically be discriminated against. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I hardly think it’s guaranteed to happen. If it does and the NAACP stands by it’s mission statement, it will then be advocating for white people who need it. I know a number of Caucasian people who identify as people of color. White is a color after all.

      I suppose it all comes down to whether or not you trust that mission statement. They don’t claim to advocate for African Americans exclusively. They work to “ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.”

  19. OK, I’m trying to put it all in my head from all the comments I’ve read and it seems to look like a lot of people covered what I would have said. The joke here is there is absolutely no need for a white civil rights organization. The system as it is exists right now gives it to white Americans from day one. Recall that the US Congress is still predominantly white and male. It took 40-plus presidents to have one of a different race. From a cultural standpoint white people still have it – consider movie casting and it’ll come to you.

    So, what is the point of a something like the NAAWP? Let’s not kid ourselves here. It’s simple racism – the very phrase comes from a white supremacist. And the silly part is, it’s a very foolish idea to have one so conspicuous, when there are so many organizations a white person can fall under if they really want to go under the banner of bigotry without having to flat-out announce it.

    But who knows. Maybe that certain set want to be loud, like these kids at Towson University do that in fact created a white student union:

    And if that is the fact, well, then you see the reality of what a white group looks like in the modern world. And it is very ugly.

  20. There needs to be an “organization for the people”. We used to have one called Congress. Currently we have taxation without representation, unless you have LOTS of money in which case you pay less taxes and get more representation.

    1. I can throw my hat in with that, although I don’t think our society can handle that yet. Somewhere, there is a person who supports racial equality, but not religious equality. There are also people who support religious equality, but not gender equality. Inevitably, each movement must separate into it’s own group because it would get no support otherwise.

      I am no saying that’s right. I long for a true “peoples organization,” but we’re so far away.

  21. Well look at history. The Philastinians, Romans, Irish, Indians, Chinese, well everyone in society over the years has been discriminated against. There is a play in New York titled, “Everyone is a little bit racist”! Its true! everyone is! Look at slavery in the United States. Really look at it. In the pre-revolutionary war. There were 12 million slaves traded from North Africa to the Americas. Just over 10.7 million made the trip alive. Of that 388,000 came to the US. So out of all the slavery that occurred, under 4 percent came to the USA. Originally they were not slaves, but indigent servants. After being captured at war.

    The first was Antonio Johnson, who came to the US in 1621 to Virginia. he was a servant for 7 years. Upon completion he was given 50 acres to start his own farm. He himself had 5 slaves. Only was was black! Guess what the other 4 were? You know the answer. The black slaves name was John Castor. John tried to leave Mr. Johnson. Well Mr. Johnson filed a lawsuit in Virginia claiming he owned the rights to John Castor for life. Mr. Johnson won and therefore became the first person in the Americas to be a legal owner of a slave for life. Thats right a black man was the first in the USA to own a slave.

    The most ironic thing is who traded, or was the main proponent of slavery. It was the Arabic Muslims who dominated the slave trade. The Muslim faith. I have always wondered why black go to the Muslim faith, when it was Muslims who created the mass slave trade in North Africa. Yet they still follow a group that broke up their families.

    Should we give money to off set the pain and suffering of the effects of slavery. I say no! Simply because their situation is much better today that it is in Angola, or the country were blacks came from. Or maybe we should go back in time and force the Romans to pay back Prussia for all it’s pain and suffering.

    The point Is life is not fair. Tough shit! Get over it! If you do not like it, you can always leave. But rather it’s is simpler to complain about what is owed to you. Lets get one thing straight. Nothing is owed to anyone. You are responsible for your own outcome in live. The United States of America, the next door neighbor, or your family actually owe you nothing. Being a white man, I owe no one anything. In the South when there was slavery. Almost 28 percent of black who were not slaves, owned slaves. the whites in the south owned less than 5 percent. If the black community did their homework, they would realize how lucky they are to be in the United States. The only alternative is to go back to North Africa. I’m personally sick and tired of hearing poor me on slavery when those complaining do not know anything about slavery.

    Information is power. Since I know the truth, I’m good with it. You on the other hand can deny everything and be caught up in your plight for your justice. While your doing that. I will stay focused on moving forward, making the world a better place for all races. There is no race better than the other. Those that think that are destined to failure and yes that includes blacks and whites races as they both contain racist.

    Also in respect to gun control. There are those that say we do not need them as the police have guns. Well with that logic, I guess we do not need fire extinguishers, because we have firemen. So let’s Ban fire extinguishers.

    I hope this motivated some of you, both black and white to expand your knowledge of history. I can assure you it will only increase your belief in mankind!

  22. This is an interesting topic. I’ve recently had some rather enlightening conversations with black civil rights activists who are willing to discuss things frankly, and have a productive, of sometimes uncomfortable (on both sides) dialogue. I’ve learned that takes on this issue among the African American community differ substantially. I commonly hear arguments related to deep and old systemic discrimination, which I tend not to notice, since I’m white. Some of their experiences with racism are shocking to me because as some who doesn’t (knowingly) do racist things or hang out with people who do, I just don’t see them…but these conversations have convinced me that they’re real, and that systemic white priviledge exists.

    Nevertheless, there are often arguments presented saying, essentially, that white people aren’t discriminated against, and even that the idea of this is absurd.

    I grew up in Southern California, mostly, and in late grade school and middle school (up until I moved to N. CA), there were months where I was targed by racial slurs, spit on, hit, pushed, and otherwise treated poorly almost every day, because I was white, and the majority of students were Mexican, with a sizable minority of black and Asian students mixed in. The end effect was that white kids were in the minority, and therefore “uncool”. I have family in Georgia (near Atlanta), who find that they can no longer get jobs, despite being qualified, because Affirmative Action has been taken to the extreme, there. There simply aren’t any more white judges, city officers, etc., anymore; they’ll ONLY hire non-white people, out of the assumption that historical underpriviledge justifies current mistreatment of the ancestors of the oppressors.

    So, while I agree that a national orginization for the advancement of white people is uncalled-for, I can’t help but think that in such places where whites are in the minority, this sort of thing is becoming (or has already become) necessary. Only, it’s considered politically incorrect, so what we actually end up with are abhorrant organizationse like the KKK and other white supremacy groups, who are willing to stand up for their race (in an extremely misguided fashion), despite society telling them that they’re not allowed to do so.

    This kind of thing is what really upsets me about race politics: it’s almost never about ending racism; it’s too commonly about “scoring points” for one’s own race, at the expense of others. I wish people would let go of the past, and be willing to speak frankly about the present, without guile–then acknowledge each other’s wounds and act to soothe them, without expectations of either “side” taking advantage. Sadly, I don’t think we’re psychologically/sociologically ready for that, yet; our society seems to feel the need for a competative solution, “justice” for wrongs committed by people who are already dead, and so on. But maybe if we all decide we’re “done” with race-poltiics-as-usual, we can begin to find a better way of going about it.

    1. I totally agree with you. When I went out to write this, I tried to be objective. The thing that made me decide it wouldn’t work is that every white civil rights movement I found was racist – trying to earn back alleged lost points.

      BUT I have also seen injustices that shouldn’t be ignored. My boyfriend (happens to be a white male) worked in a place with crazy affirmative action that made it near impossible to progress further in the company. He ended up getting a job elsewhere. And yet, my other friend, a man in his 40s with a masters degree, has been without a job for months, despite repeated interviews with the same reason for not getting the job. He wouldn’t fit in, they said. He’s been trying for a long time and finally has started to suspect that people weren’t hiring him because they didn’t think their white, blue collar workers could handle having a black man as a manager.

      It’s terrible on both ends and I am all in support for something that helps foster equality. Show me a way to do that with white civil rights that doesn’t also tear down other racial groups, and they’ll have my support.

  23. We must have an organization for white people because white people cannot be discriminated against. I say that because as a white male New York State Court Officer while on the desk officer post my sergeant hit and disabled me. The NY Courts protected and covered up for the sergeant. There was no mutual combatant situation and we worked well together. The sergeant was on a break and when he walked behind me he hit me hard twice in succession disabling me by exasperating prior injuries. I have all the medical and worker injury agencies in my favor.
    There are many more facts to this case but it’s clear that had anyone but a white male can be discriminated. White people are afraid to complain but how do you think minorities get heard by speaking up. I di and no one listened.
    The NYS Courts failed to appear in a case I filed against them, their above the law and unaccountable to anyone.
    I complained to all civil rights agencies EEOC, US DOJ, U S Attorney who said there is no probable cause that I was discriminate d against. If I were a female or minority just the statement would be enough probable cause and that person would win the right to be heard.

  24. We definitely need a white civil rights group! African Americans have NAACP, Hispanics have La Razza. The only issue White Americans cannot have a civil rights group without being called racist. We dont need the KKK or white supremist groups, we need a White American civil rights group, thats not racist or that holds hate. White Americans will be the minority in this country one day soon and it could cause biased decisions to go against us, we might not have an immediate need for the civil rights group but I promise in the future we will. Im by no means a racist or hold hate towards any group, I have good friends that are black, but I still feel we need to have a White American civil rights group.

  25. Every single black person under the sun has used their race card at some point or another. And any who say they haven’t, are bold face liars. Black people hate white people as much as any white person has ever hated a black person. The reason black people are always “suspect” is because the way y’all act in certain situations. When ever there is a police shooting or a beating, y’all always take it to the extreme. Like all that mess up in Missouri, a black guy got shot for legitimate reasons, and y’all scream racism! Racism! Then start stealing shit. If it ain’t nailed down, y’all haul it back to the project. I know it’s been a horrible stereotype for years, about black people loving free stuff, and stealing. But whenever some horrible catastrophe happens, black people live up to the stereotype every single time. Stop living up to all the negative beliefs people have about the black community, and perhaps you can walk into a store in predominately white area, and not be eyeballed as a potential thief. White people do need groups that are proud of their heritage, we have become the minority in this country, and are being discriminated against on a daily basis. I don’t care what all these fearful, guilty feeling white people are saying on this thread, I was raised to speak the truth, and to stand up for those with weaker constitutions regardless of their skin color. But the truth is the truth.

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