I’m Jealous of the French Song “Libérée, Délivrée”

Sorry for the late post today, guys. I developed this odd condition called life last night which prohibited me from getting this out on time. On the bright side, if you follow me on Twitter, you got to see some of my crazy Cards Against Humanity combinations.

Now, let the nerdy begin!

nerdy side

I’m a bit late in noting the Frozen explosion that still seems to be in effect. The movie is pretty fantastic, given that I saw it more than once in theaters and currently own the Blu-ray. Some of my friends claim they are getting tired of ‘Let It Go,’ but I haven’t. While it’s not #1, the song is definitely on my top 10 list.

That’s what I would have said, until I heard the French version of let it go. The French version, specifically if you look at the English translation, is far superior to ‘Let It Go.’

Libérée, Délivrée” might go on my list of tattoo ideas (check me out on Pinterest to see other ideas). I mean, “Freed! Released!” has way more impact than measly “let it go.”  

Libérée, Délivrée

Winter is settling gently in the night
Snow is queen itself
A kingdom of loneliness
My place is there, forever
The wind is screaming inside me, “Don’t think about tomorrow anymore”
It’s really too strong
I’ve struggled in vain
Hide your powers, don’t talk about them
Be careful, the secret will survive
No emotions, no torments
(Or) feelings
Freed, Released
I won’t lie ever again
Freed, Released
It’s decided, I’m going away
I left my childhood in summer
Lost in the winter
Cold for me is the price of freedom
When we raise
Everything looks insignificant
Sadness, anxiety and fear
Left me long ago
I want to see what I can do
With this magic full of mystery
Good, evil, I say let it be
Let it be!
Freed, Released
Stars are reaching out to me
Freed, Released
no, I don’t cry
Here I am, yes, I’m here
Lost in the winter
My power comes from the sky and invades the space
My soul expresses itself drawing and carving ice
And my thoughts are frozen crystal flowers
I won’t come back
The past is in the past!
Freed, Released
Nothing can stop me anymore
Freed, Released
No more the perfect princess
I am here, as I dreamt of
Lost in the winter
Cold for me is the price of freedom

That song is just fantastic, right? Why couldn’t we have had that kind of beautiful language in English? One of my friends studied English and told her we actually have a beautiful language. People make a big deal about French or Italian, but part of the reason for that is they still use a lot of bigger, fancier words. English has those same words, we just don’t use them as often in every day language.

My love for “Libérée, Délivrée” makes me think of other underappreciated Disney songs. I bet if I made a list of my top 10 favorites, I’d raise some eyebrows. To finish nerding out about Disney, I invite you all to listen to these fantastic, underappreciated Disney songs.

#1 “God Help The Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Norte Dame

This whole movie is underappreciated. This song could have been my anthem as a child, right up there with Reflection from Mulan (which is not on this list because who doesn’t love that song?)

#2 “Belle (Reprise) from Beauty and the Beast

Reprises rarely get love, but this one has all of mine. It’s one of the Disney songs I listen to the most. Growing up in a small town dreaming of cities and world travel, you can bet I connected with this song.

#3 “The Gospel Truth” from Hercules

Hercules is another move that just doesn’t get enough love. Is there a bad song in this movie? These muses are pretty epic, though. They got it rocking right down to the sexual innuendos. “You mean Hunk-ules. Honey, I’d like to make some sweet music with him…” Bahahaha! Love you Disney. I love you so very much.


36 thoughts on “I’m Jealous of the French Song “Libérée, Délivrée””

  1. Something to think about with “Libérée, Délivrée” is that the songwriter was challenged to write a song that could be sung to the same melody as Let It Go, rhyme, and contain the same thematic elements. You’ll see that the other language adaptations of Let It Go are also different interpretations of the same theme. I think a lot of the creativity in the lyrics comes from the restrictions imposed on the writer.

    Of course, I can only defend the US version so far — on average, Americans barely meet high school literacy levels [1]. Disney wouldn’t want to risk forcing someone to open a dictionary.

    [1] http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/10/08/us-adults-rank-below-average-global-survey-basic-education-skills

    1. The translation is supposed to be worse though, simply because of the restrains on the translator. You could having taken “Freed. Released” and added it to the English version and it would have been instantly better. I just feel like the words of the translation carry the emotion better. Both versions are great songs, but I’m sure Disney choose the words for the English version for a reason. Literacy levels in the US may very well be the reason.

      1. D’accord. Tu as raison ! Mais en général je ne suis pas friand de clichés de biscuit-coupeur saccharine de Disney. Je préfère l’art et le glamour du Moulin Rouge et à l’art et le mystère de Notre Dame et La Sacre Coeur du Royaume de plastique. Il y a un film sur le Moulin Rouge, vous pourriez apprécier sur HULU.

        1. Forgive me, I don’t speak French so I’m reading your comment via Google Translate. I know there are far better shows out there than Disney movies, but I still have a soft spot for them. They’re a bit of a nerdy obsession to me. I have seen Moulin Rouge, unless your talking about one without Nicole Kidman. Is there another movie out there?

          1. You can start studying French for free @ bsuu.com but be wary of ‘players’ (sexually aggressive males who troll the sight). Create an avatar & a character & never reveal your true idenity!!! I have two avatars there. If you join I will tell you who they are. Last night I watched a beautiful french animated film, Le tableau (The Painting). I give it 5****. I think it is on both Netflix & Hulu. Enjoy! Salut !

      2. I don’t know if the translation is “supposed to be worse.” 😀 They really did write a completely new song lyrically, it just had to play along MUSICALLY with the requirements of the original.

        I actually think “let it go, let it go” is a better line in the context of the english version. This could be entering complete bullshit territory, but just before the first chorus, she is repeating what her parents always told her: “don’t let them in”; “don’t let them see”; “don’t let them know”. She’s repeating this concept of “letting” others dictate how she wants to live her life. For her to have a revelation and say “let it go” brings a sense of continuity (same with “let the storm rage on”).

        There is a difference in connotation between being freed/released and letting something go. The former implies that something acted upon her to empower her, the latter implies that she has decided to empower herself. This is a very nuanced way of looking at a children’s song, but I think it is worth considering before declaring the French one superior because it has more syllables per line.

        1. I just usually always like originals, so it surprises me to like a translation. Even with things like anime, I often prefer the Japanese dialog over English. So it surprises me to find I like the French translation better.

          I’m not really complaining about the syllables, I just feel like this version fits the movie better. Yes, you can say she was letting go of her fear, but she was also free of her fear. She had liberated herself from all that suppressed her. I just think this version is far more poetic. Maybe I’m being too hard on a show meant for children… but it was meant for children in France too….

  2. I watched today many cartoons, among others was Frozen and Lord of the Rings, some older version, Ice Age… Btw, I wanted to sugest you to hear French singer Zaz, she is great.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I don’t understand sung French very well, but the translated lyrics you provided are really cool, you’re right about that! Somehow the French wording sounds more grown-up, less childish than the original version … for example, the last line of the English version is funny, but also a bit like a child sticking out their tongue (“the cold never bothered me anyway”), while the meaning of the last line in French is much deeper and implies she’s been reflecting on the situation and made a serious choice on her way up the mountains.
    I didn’t like Hercules, I think it confused me, and one of the characters (Hades? The one with blue, flamelike hair …) was a tad too crazy ^^”
    A lot of the old Disney movies are still on my have-to-watch-someday list because I never really cared for them until recently, maybe because now I’m proficient enough in English to understand almost everything finally while being interested in social stuff.

    1. I adore Disney and I probably like Hercules because I enjoy mythology. The movie is far different from the actual story of Hercules, but I don’t care. I didn’t even share the best song from that movie. “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” is one of my favorite Disney songs, but it’s hardly underappreciated.

      1. You know that’s right! Have you seen the even more irreverent unofficial expansion? I can’t remember what it’s called but at a glance it looks like “cards against humanity” only the first word is “crabs” and I don’t remember the rest. I recommend checking it out if you’re not easily offended. 🙂

        1. The Bigger Blacker Box? That’s the one my friend has that we play with. I think he has all the expansions but I’m not 100% sure.

          Thank God I’m not easily offended ^_^

          1. I hadn’t heard of that one – I just googled the one I mentioned, probably should have in the first place – it’s called “crabs adjust humidity”. I found the website http://www.crabsadjusthumidity.com/ like I said, it’s unofficial, but the look is very close and so if you had them in the deck and didn’t look at them quite closely, you wouldn’t even know they were different. 🙂

  4. I actually feel like English has plenty of beautiful sounds. As a strong German descendant (as if the Detrick/Deitreich didn’t give that away) I know the bottom of the barrel as far as beautiful languages go.

    Then again, I also feel like French is a little overrated. They have some great words, but to me their spoken words sound a bit back of throat/raspy.

    1. That’s what I am saying. English is a wonderful, beautiful language but we don’t use those kinds of words in every day conversation. It probably has something to do with literacy levels in the US.

  5. I love the French version of “Let it Go”! (Just too lazy to add the accents 🙂 ) It sounds so much more pretty and heartfelt. Nothing that could be turned into a meaningless joke by anyone! Do you know who the singer is? Great job finding the song!

      1. Definitely 🙂 It’s just too bad we’ll never find songs as good as “Libérée, Délivrée” even in the best Disney movies. But we can always rely on French for translation!

  6. English has those same words, we just don’t use them as often in every day language.

    Much of the problem lies in the history of England and English becoming an amalgamous language as such– peasants speaking Old English (the Saxons, generally, and so it was Germanic), the nobility being French, and the Roman Catholic Church controlling much of learning in the monasteries, and using Latin. Granted, they used vulgate Latin, the language of the Roman legionnaires, not classical Latin. The dialects of vulgate Latin were what formed Italian, French, Spanish, and Portugese.

    To this very day, “everyday” “layman’s” words tend to be Old English-based, the “cultured” “refined” words tend to be French, and the scholarly language is primarily Latin, unless there is a Greek basis.

    1. That’s very interesting…. I had no idea about that history. and still doesn’t change the fact I like this version better ^_^

      1. I didn’t intend to influence your decision– I meant to say if we had stayed more Germanic like many of the Scandinavian languages, or if we had a more vulgate Latin basis like the so-called Romance languages, English might be more consistently poetic.

        My father served a mission to Belgium and France, and he always preferred the Joyeux Noel lyrics of French than the English “O Holy Night”, although they are the same song. He thought the French better conveyed the importance of Christ.

  7. I agree, in fact I think the whole movie, Frozen, is much better in French! The English version is cute but treads a fine line going over to tacky while the French avoids the tacky. Also, the music goes better with French, it’s very much like French pop. What gets me though, is how different the French subtitles can be at times, from the actual words they speak. I wonder how that happened…

    1. I have a theory there’s too much censorship to American children. Are you into Anime at all? They cut out the craziest stuff. It’s like they don’t think American children are smart enough, or something.

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