Sailor Moon Brings Out the Shipper in Me

The nerd is strong in this one. It seems like every week this month I have mentioned life getting busier. That holds true for nerd world as well. I got Richelle Mead’s latest  book The Immortal Crown in the mail this week and I am beside myself with anticipation. I honestly expect to lose sleep this week in order to read that book. Final Fantasy XIII has moved along smoothly and, I admit, I actually am liking the game. Reading Bleach has also moved along smoothly. I finally got to the part of the graphic novel where Ichigo loses his powers (and I may have shed a tear when Rukia disappeared).

My life is nerd heaven, yet I still yearn for more time to indulge myself further. With so much nerdiness swimming through my life right now, I had a pretty hard time choosing a topic for this Sunday. The answer came to me via Jezebel of all places. It’s time to talk about shipping.

nerdy side

Shipping is most often used as a verb, for example, you’re dear TK here ships Sailor Moon characters Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune). Often, fandoms will abbreviate the names of those they ship. In this case, I would say I ship HaruMichi. I follow the HaruMichi tag on Tumblr because I just can’t get enough of these two together.

The reason this particular topic resonates with me this week  because of the aforementioned Jezebel article. They are re-releasing the original series of Sailor Moon uncut! As the title of the article proclaims, Haruka and Michiru will get to keep the romantic/sexual subtext that surrounds their relationship. In the original English anime, they changed to story to make the two of them cousins and cut out any scenes that showed them getting a little too close for comfort. No one was buying that. They were either incestuous or not cousins.

They’re adorable!

My love of Uranus and Neptune didn’t come to me until I started reading the re-release of the graphic novel, which thankfully maintains the original story the Japanese creator intended. As soon as I met Uranus, I fell in love with her. That girl is spunky as shit and she kicks major ass! Her and Neptune are just perfect together. I’ll stop there before I lose you all in my mushiness.

HaruMichi isn’t the only couple on my radar, though. Ever since I’ve started reading the Bleach graphic novels, I’ve been shipping Ichigo and Rukia hardcore. I’m not really sure what I mean by hardcore… The fact that I cruise the IchiRuki tag on Tumblr more often than I’m willing to admit here tells enough. I love seeing these two together.

Ichigo and Rukia aren’t actually in a relationship (ships rarely are), I just like pretending they’re together. This is an odd ship for me, though, because I’m not sure if I want the writer to make the relationship happen. The great thing about these two is that they are more than friends, but less than lovers. The respect they have for each other is simply amazing and I think it’s rare to find that between a man and a woman in any fiction. They have both saved each other’s lives. They’re both strong, respected warriors. The author really put them on equal grounds with each other.

These guys are equally adorable.

I should not go on about this lest I risk losing you, dear readers, once again.

This photo, “Tumblr Icon” is copyright (c) 2014 Chad Swaney and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

You really have to blame Tumblr for this. Once upon a time, I could only indulge my fandom through various Google searches and fan sites. These days, my nerdy side is all over Tumblr. I’m actually not sure if there is anything but fandoms on Tumblr. There are rumors Tumblr has a hipster side, but I have yet to see it.


What do you think Tumblr is? Are you active on Tumblr and, if so, what do you use it for? Did you love Sailor Moon in the 90s? How many of you are crazy excited for the release of the uncut version and the remake coming out this year?


19 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Brings Out the Shipper in Me”

  1. The nerd is strong in this one too. Lol. I was sad when Ichigo lost his powers as well. I too am in love with the Final Fantasy games. 🙂

    1. Haha, I do love my nerdiness. I always feel like I’m an odd nerd, though. I don’t have many who want to discuss Bleach or Final Fantasy with me.

      1. I know! That’s why I always feel it necessary to make a comment when you write about it. You even inspired me to write a poem and use Ichigo and Rukia’s picture.

  2. I adore Sailor Moon; it was my very first anime and I remember the original American dub released in the 90s – bleck.

    I’m a hardcore Haruka x Michiru shipper, but honestly, my guilty pleasure (“shipping on the side”, as it were) is casually shipping Haruka with just about any of the girls – she’s just such a tremendous flirt, isn’t she? (HaruMich for life, though.)

    I haven’t gotten into Bleach, but your recommendation is tempting me…

    1. Haruka is my favorite character. I can totally see shaipping her with them all. She flirts with Usagi like crazy anyway.

      Bleach is more action than anything else, kind of like DragonBall Z, but I love it. It’s going in to it’s final arc. I bet you’ll love Rukia. She’s full of spunk similar to Haruka.

      1. I know, right!? I’m watching the original series over with my partner, who has never seen the anime before (we’re part way through SuperS, now, and we’ve had to rely on dubious streaming sites so I’m pretty happy to hear about the Viz re-release).

        And daaang, I had forgotten how much flirting Haruka does with Usagi. It may or may not be inspiring me to write some fanfiction.

        Definitely going to check out Bleach soon. 🙂

  3. I love Bleach, but hate the IchiRuki ship, mostly because to me, their relationship is anything but romantic. And I love the way it is now, just good friends kicking some ass, and I want it to stay that way.

    Bleach isn’t a very ship-able manga/anime to me but I do ship Rangiku Matsumoto and Gin. A lot. They are just crazy enough to complement each other well.

    1. I know what you mean. I love the idea of them together, but I’m not sure I’d actually be happy if they ended up together. I’d like that idea to be left up to fanfiction speculation. I love the way they adore and respect each other without the need for romance.

  4. Uh, I saw sailor moon when I was teen, so actually I saw it a bit with male hormones (go Sailor Mercury!lol) what a pity that the Spanish version was from the US mutilated version; fortunately we’ve a lot of people who speaks Japanese that made versions with subtitles. I said fortunately because I think the censorship did to Sailor Moon, (and I think a bit in others animes) was because the misconception that an anime for be similar to a cartoon has to be necessarily for children (o_O!?)

    1. Cartoons in America were stereotyped as for children, but that certainly wasn’t the way the Japanese saw it. Even so, did we at least have the Simpsons back then? That’s an ‘adult’ cartoon.

      It was just stupid, but whatever. Now we’ll finally have it uncut. I’m excited.

  5. Awww man, when Rukia disappeared, I nearly cried. I didn’t realize you were reading Bleach; is it worth it? And while I ship IchiRuki like nobody’s business, I also ship Orihime and Uryu, which is kinda weird, but when you read the Soul Society arc, the amount of respect and trust they grow to have for one another is great for me.

    And actually, in case someone else didn’t say this, you can actually watch Sailor Moon uncut on Hulu right now; they have about six episodes up so far, with 2 more going up every Monday. That being said, I’m excited for the uncut release just as a matter of history; also, the new Sailor Moon anime will probably be really good.

    1. I think reading Bleach is worth it. The manga is SO much better than the anime. And I actually ship Orihime and Uryu too! I don’t get how people can ship her with Uquliora. That would be such an abusive relationship.

      I know you can watch Sailor Moon uncut now, but only in Japanese. I’d like to see the English version.

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