Delayed Inspiration Will Become Monday’s Fascination

As always, I had a phenomenal idea for today’s post. It’s one of those ideas that gets typed up in a hurry, but fills me with anxiety, wondering if anyone will understand. I’m afraid you guys will have to wait for Monday, though, as I spent all of last night working on my professional website/online portfolio and all of this morning preparing for another interview (I’ve had five interviews this week!).

I’ll give you guys a little taste of what’s too come. Norse mythology is the instigator of the idea that will be come Monday’s post. With that inspiration in mind, I wandered to YouTube and stumbled upon the following videos. They gave my inspiration substance. I look forward to sharing with you all on Monday!

The last piece came in the memory of a game I love dearly. I’ll never forget the main character’s last words before the credits ran.

“The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded… never forget them”

Any ideas of what Monday will bring?


18 thoughts on “Delayed Inspiration Will Become Monday’s Fascination”

  1. looking forward to Monday’s post!;) Oh! and I so forgot to do this earlier when i saw it first: so sorry to hear about your loss of income, and very excited to hear your optimism for the new job search! keep rocking TK!
    – jason;)

    1. At this point, I’m starting to see it all as a blessing in disguise. I’m very excited for some of the opportunities I’ve come across.

      1. yeah, no kidding right? haha….highschool. i was so awkward, and it’s like you can’t even really choose who to be with most of the time…everyone is just sort of “there”. I like adulthood much better;). cool – i hope the opportunities pan out for you!

        1. I agree. As far as I’m concerned, college is the first time where you really have a choice in who you befriend. A lot of the high school friends I have, while they were all great, were partially friends of circumstance. We may not have picked each other out as ideal friends had we had thousands of people to chose from.

          1. I know, right? I remember when I got the wisdom of, “oh, that’s why we were ‘best friends’ – we lived two blocks from each other!’ [jason discovering that his childhood/teenage best friend really wasn’t his best friend] 😉

  2. I really like Norse mythology, particularly the web of relationships represented by the three worlds connected by the tree, the dragon eating at the root of that tree, and the little squirrel who insults the owl on command. Not to mention the collection of beings who all live together in this worldview. A lot of interesting symbolism through it all.

    It’s been an inspiration for the hobbit/lord of the rings and game of thrones.

    1. I know it’s Tuesday, so you’ve already seen what my idea was (sorry for being so behind on the reply), but that is sort of similar. I mean, the beautiful thing about letting someone go is that they might end up coming back to your of their own free will… although it’s not always in the form you want them to be in.

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