Stream of Consciousness 012

I thought life would slow down on unemployment, but I again must report that it’s only getting faster and faster.  I think my head is still spinning.


  • I know I’m not acting like I’m stressed, but my body and mind knows. I mean, I forgot about my Nerdy Sundays logo until Monday this week! What’s happening to me?
  • The internet isn’t the same without daily Justice. At least Tuesdays are fun and none of my other favorite blogs have abandoned the internet.


  • I want to destroy every job application that requires me to upload a resume AND create and account AND re-input all my resume information. I especially hate when I have to re-input that information a third time. ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING AT MY RESUME? I mean, I know the answer to that question is obvious but couldn’t you at least try to pretend you’re going to read it?
  • I work best when I’m doing many things at once; is that odd? For example, assume working on my  book is my main objective. I’ll be writing while browsing social media on my laptop, while also texting friends, while also drinking coffee. All this helps me creatively move forward in my story, but I feel like a normal person would do one thing at a time.
  • Dude…… I had FIVE interviews this week. Dear Lord, I am exhausted. I have more next week. In the mean time, I’ll just keep applying.
  • Sorry about yesterday’s post. I’ve just been so busy. I might have to buy a new wardrobe if I get hired at a place that demands business attire 24/7

Here’s hoping for another successful week. With all the results I got from my current job search, I’m going to start being more picky about what I apply for. Stay tuned. Who knows what I’ll be doing a few weeks from now. Have a great weekend!


47 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 012”

  1. Good luck! And couldn’t agree more about the triplicate data entry for job applications. At least some sites let you save some data, but you still have to tweak keywords for individual jobs.

    1. It’s just crazy. I usually default to jobs that let me apply fast. The only way I’m spending 20+ minutes applying for a job is if it’s a job I really want.

  2. Agreed multiple jobs at once is better for me if I’m doing any creative task other wise I get brain block, I’ll usually break it up with putting washing or having a show on in the background, let my mind wander a bit.

    1. Sometimes I think they just want to weed people out. After all, employers want people who are excited about the job and are looking for more than just another pay check (even if that is what you’re looking for)

  3. I know the application process is annoying and tiring, but speaking as someone who’s been in charge of hiring – you just can’t imagine how many applicants there are. If you had five interviews this week, you’re very definitely doing something right!

    1. Thanks. I have a great method that I used after college. It earned me a job in two weeks and I figure I’ll see the same result this time. (fingers crossed)

  4. Good luck!

    I work best when multitasking too, but for me writing is the exception to that rule. It was the same when I used to draw more — I need to access a mental space where I’m completely involved with what I’m doing. It’s really hard because with everything else, I need to multitask! But don’t worry about what a “normal” person would do, just do whatever gets the work done.

    1. Writing is definitely different. When I’m in the zone, I want no distractions. I always have something on hand, though. If the words just aren’t flowing or I’m stuck, a few minutes on the internet can get me back into the swing of things.

  5. GAH all I have to say about this job situation is that I completely understand. I literally feel like some places just personally don’t like my name or something and throw me out. It is SO HARD for me to get an interview let alone a job! So I’m applying all the time for entry level positions that are like “Just at least have tried to go to high school” and nope. Nothing. And every time I think exactly what your picture says, “DID YOU EVEN LOOK AT MY RESUME?!?!” grrrrrr. I suck a lot a being a real adult.

    1. I have a method that has got me a job after two weeks after I graduated college. The ways things are looking, I’ll accomplish that this time as well. My simple suggestion are to have an updated and LinkedIn account. I have more ideas that can help. Shoot me an email if you want my secrets. ^_^

  6. I’m unemployed, too. Living at home with the parents, getting rejection letters, and worse (not even a call back after an interview) have been…humbling.

    I’m absolutely positive you’ll do better than me, though. You’re very smart and articulate! Best of luck on your interviews!

    1. Thanks. I do have a method that has worked well for me. I suggested kellml289 email me for any tips and I make the same suggestion to you. I’m so close to getting a job right now that I’m pretty sure my methods can work for just about anyone.

      1. I feel ya on the frustration about job hunting. I actually see the same jobs posted at the same place, and of course I get turned down. But yet THEY ARE STILL TRYING TO FIND SOMEONE TO HIRE!!! oh well, I will keep trying as well!!!

  7. If you’re looking for a good side job to make money and you have transportation, check out Instacart. Think Uber but with groceries. It’s what I’m doing to bide my time while I search for some sort of career path. Good luck wit

  8. stay positive, getting interviews is good. Don’t forget to follow up. I once hired a woman because of the multiple candidates I interviewed she was the only one to followup.

  9. I know exactly how you feel. It’s exhausting filling out your name and address a million times, and wonder if it’s even ever worth it. I’ve sent out so many applications, I don’t know why I haven’t been hacked yet, since my entire information for existence is all over the internet.

    I’m right there with you. And it really sucks, but it’s just something you have to do if you want a job. Best of luck to you!

    1. Thanks. I know I’m not the only one with this frustration. There must be some serious security on job search sites because otherwise there would be a lot of personal information out there.

  10. The struggle is all too real with applying for jobs online. Every format is different, and it’s exhausting. I filled out one application which required a 30 minute personality test (I REALLY wanted the job). I checked back the next day and they had reviewed my materials for 5 minutes and didn’t consider me.

    With sending people your resume, no matter what the format, you just become a file on someone’s computer. It’s so easy for them to ignore you when you don’t add any sense of actual humanness.

    Keep at it though! Best of luck.

    1. I think a lot of it is key words. I once did that for a business. They had me filter the resumes based on five key words. I was told, if the resumes didn’t have those words, the hiring manager didn’t want to see them. So, I have to assume part of the online process is automated, with a computer that can do that kind of filtering. That’s just my assumption, though. I mean, why else make people go through that.

  11. I was laid off a few years ago (on my birthday, actually, so obviously April 2011 is filed under “best birthday ever”) and remember being SO frustrated by online applications. Why even have a resume if you’re just going to have to rebuild one from scratch on some website? The whole unemployment process was often more exhausting than my job had been. Anyway, all that to say that I’ve been there, I know it sucks, and best of luck in your job search.

    1. That sucks. Didn’t they know it was your birthday? I mean, that just seems like a low blow. Things are working out I guess. What really gets to me though is when you upload a resume and they auto-fill the online form. It NEVER fills correctly, and almost ends up making more work.

      1. My secretary definitely knew, because she put a happy birthday sign on my office door. I don’t think my boss knew until after she’d told me and was leaving my office. She saw the sign on the door and had the gall to tell me happy birthday. Haha I mean at this point it’s laughable, but I was definitely pretty upset at the time. I’m actually in the process of relocating to Houston, so I’ve been putting in some applications. I ran into this exact problem yesterday afternoon. I uploaded the resume that I’d spent hours perfecting, the website screwed up all the info it auto-entered, and I had to redo all of it. All in all I spent an hour and a half on one application.

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