What Do the Black Power Ranger, Ichigo Kurosaki and Firion Have in Common?

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For those who don’t already know, I’ll be attending my very first anime convention next weekend, Anime Midwest. I’m still a little nervous, but expect to have three-day, ramen-filled blast.

Way back in march, I wrote a post voicing some fears I had about the convention given my gender. I didn’t expect it to become the most popular post on my blog, but there it is. At the month’s end, I tally up the six most popular posts and list them on the left side of the blog. Feminism and Fear of Being Called a ‘Fake Nerd’ was largely based on online comments from social media and the tales some women had to tell about their own nerdom being questioned. I even read a story about a female comic book writer who had a booth set up at a convention. Some of her encounters were astounding, including one man who looked at her sitting behind a booth full of HER COMICS who remarked, “you probably don’t even read comics.”

I’ve avoided these horror stories since March and accepted that they are nothing more than that. The people who will question my nerdom based solely on my gender will be in the great minority, if it happens at all. I’m just going to enjoy myself, dressed in all my Tifa glory ^_^

The anti-dandruff shampoo seems to be doing it’s job, so I will have no problem dressing up. I just made some last-minute purchases to show off my love of Distant Worlds in one outfit and Bleach in another. So, I’ll be Final Fantasy themed on Friday, Tifa Lockhart on Saturday, and Bleach themed on Sunday.

This photo, “Tifa Lockhart ~ 1” is copyright (c) 2014 JULIAN MASON and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license
This photo, “Tifa Lockhart ~ 1” is copyright (c) 2014 JULIAN MASON and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Being Bleach themed on Sunday is important because I’m going to the panel with Johnny Yong Bosch. Do you guys realize how awesome it is that the Black Power Ranger is the voice actor for Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character in Bleach? I think I’m more excited for that event than anything else.

To top it off, he’s also the voice actor for Firion (the hero of Final Fantasy II) in the Final Fantasy Dissidia games. I never played those games due to the absence of a PSP in my home, but I can still freak out about this. I’d like to think I would have noticed if I did, though. Can you tell that both Firion and Ichigo have the same voice actor using these clips?

Oh man, am I excited! I just hope I can get my blog posts all pre-written for the weekend. There’s no way I’ll be online. I’ve gone through the list of events, and here are the ones I’m most looking forward to.

July 4th

  • Critiquing Criticism
  • The Opening Ceremony
  • How Video Games Saved Us
  • Equality in Anime
  • Cosplay 101
  • The Way of the Sword
  • Gangs of Japan: The Yakuza Panel
  • Whose Rebellion is it Anyway?
  • Samurai Swordsmanship Class
  • We Are Not Gamer Girls

July 5th

  • Anime Captions Against Humanity
  • The Ghibli Panel
  • Whose Line is it Anime
  • Basic Japanese Conversation
  • Moon Prism Power, Make up! 20 Years of Sailor Moon
  • America: Objection! The Great Anime Debate
  • FMA: Through the Eyes of Maes Hughes
  • Japanese Culture: Myths and Reality
  • Cards Against Humanity with Samurai Dan and Jillian

July 6th

  • Mighty Morphin Bleach Ranger…with Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Video Games and Psychology
  • Ultimate Anime Midwest Guest Q&A
  • Closing Ceremonies

That’s just what I’m aiming to do. There is easily three times as many events actually going on at Anime Midwest. There’s so much, I’m going to have to plan and prioritize. I’ve bolded the events that I most want to go to, but I’m not even sure I’ll make it to all of them. Many are very close to each other and certain events (from what I hear) may have a line waiting for them.

I’ll have to carry a note book with me, or maybe a recorder, and take notes. This event is sure to birth many more Nerdy Sunday posts. Some of the other topics, such as equality and the Yakuza may spawn non-nerdy posts for weeks to come.

Have you ever been to a convention? What was it like? Have you ever cosplayed and, if so, who do you most like to dress up as? What do you think of the events I’m going to? Are those the kinds of things you expected to see at an anime convention?



27 thoughts on “What Do the Black Power Ranger, Ichigo Kurosaki and Firion Have in Common?”

    1. Naruto is one of those crazy popular ones that I feel like I should see just because of it’s popularity. It’s on my list.

      And cosplaying was fantastic! I highly recommend it.

  1. Yay! The first steps on a new journey are always difficult for it is not always easy to see the path. Enjoy the new scenery take in the view enjoy the journey. For when you do this there is so much joy You find you have neither time nor room for any negative

    1. It all depends on perspective. There are always things I could complain about, but I feel so lucky right now that I’d feel guilty uttering any complaint.

  2. I always find it sad that in a culture that espouses ideals of heroism and diversity that some fans police it in unpleasant ways. Spider Man doesn’t slut shame anyone so why should his fans.

    1. I found very few people at the con who were mean in anyway. In fact, every one was super respectful and rarely gave out spoilers even for older shows that are really well known. There was one kid (kid because he was 14) who complained profusely about specific fandoms, but that was the worst. I have so much to say about nerdom now. There’s going to be some convention inspired blog posts ^_^

  3. I went to the first ever comic con in South Africa, and that is about the only convention I have had time for (very busy person). Other than that, I love my anime, mostly Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titans and Sword Art Online. Other than that, enjoy the convention.

    1. It was so much fun. I will absolutely have to make it to another convention. I know some people who go to a different anime convention every month. I’m way too busy to handle that, but I think I can manage at least one, maybe two a year.

  4. Oh how much fun! I wish I’d had a chance to go to an anime convention…my experience is only from quite a few years ago when I was in my early twenties.

    I wish I’d done more than follow my then boyfriend around like a sad lost puppy to scared to participate much.

    I even dressed up as Asuka one time. Sadly this was also during The years when I refused an meds for my mental illness and being constantly asked for pictures when in costume then later when I wore a reveling shirt to show off my awesome new back tattoo again. People walking up to touch me. Pictures. It was a lot.

    In the end I don’t regret it one bit. I had a blast thanks to the gift shop guys who made me their unofficial booth babe and let me hang with them and pushed me to go out and have fun.

    I hope you have a blast and I’m looking forward to your blogs to come about it.

    1. It was a ton of fun. Not all my blogs next week will be about the con, but at least one will have to be. I just experienced so much. I did get asked for my picture a ton, but that made me super happy. Every time some said “Hey! It’s Tifa!” I was just tickled that I was recognizable. Today, the last day of the con, was the only day I didn’t wear the cosplay (because I was tired of the skirt and wanted to sit like a man. I wasn’t made for skirts) and there was at least one person who walked past me and said “that was Tifa.”

      I don’t know what your current age is, but I would argue you’re never too old to go to a convention. I saw the full range of ages while I was there.

      1. That’s awesome that you had such a great time. Hearing about conventions just makes me want to go again. Although I’ve gotta get my anxiety under control enough to do something so big. And I hear ya on the skirts. I need to be free to sit how I want lol.

        I’m in my early 30s now not that I’d let that stop me. It’s all my other issues that keep me from it.

  5. I can assure you I never have the slightest idea what you’re taling about in your blogs, but they are way fun! Enjoy whatever it is you’re going to – I hope it’s your own version of a White Christmas. (as in dreaming of…)


  6. Have lots of fun, conventions are crazy fun and you meet so many people. I don’t know what it’s like there but in recent years in the UK, the amount of people that go has like tripled and it’s full every year! Last year I went as Joel from Last of Us, I could even get a coffee without have my picture taken, I was so proud that day 🙂
    Don’t worry everyone that generally goes to con, is pretty open minded, and don’t, I mean who are they to judge, they are at the same con! 😀

    1. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest. I got there a little more than an hour before anything started and it was already packed. Then, while I was standing in line waiting to check in to my room, one of the staff said this was a small con and that they had one twice as big just a few months ago. I can’t even imagine, but I now want to go to them all. ^_^

      1. Hah, I do sometimes like the small ones, but I sometimes find them clique so I have to go with a group to enjoy it, but our big cons over here are probably small compared to yours.

  7. I wish I still had the pictures of me cosplaying, but I think they?’really lost to the Facebook I left behind. I’ve cosplayed Ikki from Air Gear (manga), pajama sheep Vincent from Catherine (game), and Squall from FF8.

    It’s cool you’re dressing up as Tifa. She’s my favorite FF woman in general. Always good to see some Tifa love.

    And JYB! I’ve met him twice, and taken pictures with him making a heart with out hands together. He’s a really cool guy and his band are really funny. I attended an improv “get me to sing about whatever” show at Otakon a few years back. It was wonderful. Did you know he was also the voice of Renton in Eureka seveN? JYB is the man.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. The events with JYB were my favorite. I got a hug, selfie and autograph from him and I also got him and everyone in his band to sign one of his CDs.

      You could always go back to facebook and download the pictures you left behind ^_^

  8. Some of my favorite memories from college was helping put on the local anime/sci-fi/gaming convention, AggieCon. It is an annual tradition that goes back several decades and was actually the first convention I ever attended. For all the negative bullshit that happens, which is still inexcusable, at conventions, thankfully it tends to just be a dying minority. Hopefully, the horror stories won’t even be that in a few years.

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