Stream of Consciousness 016


I keep trying to figure out when life will slow down. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive on being busy, but I’m pretty sure I’m going a little insane here. You can probably judge how busy I am by how long it takes me to get to comments. I don’t think I’ve had the chance to respond to anything since Monday. That means a whole week has gone by and I’m a terrible person. I’m going to do everything I can on Monday to get to all your comments. I really have read them. You all deserve more thoughtful answers than “gee, thanks for replying,” which is while I can read them but not have the time to respond to them.

Monday, my friends. Monday will be the day.


I am at Anime Midwest this week, so it’s only appropriate to share not only one of my favorite J-Pop (or J-Rock?) songs, but one of my favorite openings.


Okay. so I might have sucked a little bit this week, but the dishes got done, so that says something. Oh! And a little bit of laundry got done. There’s been progress.

Do I lose adulthood points for going to an Anime convention?  I seem to always be the youngest no matter where I go anymore. My little obsession with video games, graphic novels and such probably isn’t doing a great job of making me look any more mature.


This section was originally going to be about adventures in health and fitness. Well, you probably know by now that my body hates me. I already knew that, so I don’t know why anything it does should surprise me. With the convention this weekend and a business trip next week, my healthy options will probably be limited. When I’m done with it all, I’m thinking of going on a 10 day juice cleanse. I mean, that guy from the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary solved a lot of health issues doing his thing.

Now, maybe you want to tell me that going on a juice cleanse is too extreme and that I should just eat better. Well, I’m desperate people. I feel like I eat pretty healthy on a daily basis. If I haven’t seen a significant improvement, it’s happening. It’s the summer, and I’d like to rock a swimsuit at some point!


Yeah, this has been on the back burner too. I’m actually pushing this to post-business trip as well. The hope is to go back to my old method of stopping at a coffee shop for an hour after work each day. Maybe I’ll have some free time next week, too, but I’m not betting on it.


15 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 016”

  1. You anticipated that people would tell you not to do a 10 day juice fast because I’m assuming you realize it is an absolutely terrible idea. Leaning out is a slow process, and there is no healthy way to speed it up. Lift weights at the gym three times a week, go for short runs after, eat 500 calories below your basal metabolic rate, and you’ll lose weight while maintaining your figure (which is clearly what you’re interested in if you’re talking about swimsuits).

    Shock treatment like a juice fast is going to cut your weight alright, but without exercise there won’t be anything to show for it, and you’ll probably blitz back up in weight when it’s over. Any body positive activist will tell you that “dieting” as such doesn’t really work.

    With body positivity in mind, why don’t you just go to the beach anyway? It’s not like you’re going to be ruining anyone’s day by wearing a swimsuit without being absolutely shredded.

    1. Your assumption is wrong. The fast is aimed at my skin condition, which is why I am currently not happy in a swim suit. I’m very happy with my weight and shape. I’ve seen enough people have success with it for treating conditions unrelated to weight that it’s worth a try. I’d definitely make a point to make sure I wouldn’t be cutting calories to the extreme as, like I said, weight loss is not the goal.

      1. Perhaps I don’t fully understand what a juice fast is, but how are you going to maintain your calorie intake when your primary source of food for a week is juice?

        1. I haven’t looked that far into it, yet. All I did was watch the documentary and read some testimonials. I’m sure some people do it to lose weight, but that’s not my goal.

  2. Ah J-rock in the morning–a great way to start the day! Thanks for introducing me to this band. Bleach is still on my “to-watch” list 🙂

  3. There are times I wish time would slow down a bit so I can get some writing done. How big is Anime Midwest? I would imagine its big enough for a lot of walking.

    1. There was a ton of walking. According to the website, 8,010 people attended the convention. Does that count as big? They seemed to think it small.

  4. I’m with nightshadow0, embrace the inner geek. “Adulthood” is far to over rate, and far to fawned over to give up the fun you have by enjoying the things you truly enjoy. People call me out on it all the time in my job, I just smile and tell them I’m quite proud of being a nerd.

    1. Yeah. The people who point it out don’t really seem to care. We’d all be happier keeping that little kid inside ourselves close to our hearts.

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