Stream of Consciousness 017


I have developed a sever problem. This blog has become 95% of what I talk about. Along with flexing my writing muscle, the point of this blog was to get rid of all those pesky thoughts no one wants to hear. Those who knew me before the blog probably miss the days where I was always  debating religion, sex and politics. Someone should add blogging to the list of things you shouldn’t talk about (not that it would stop me). MUSIC

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Eyeshine this past week. It helps that the lead signer is a former Power Ranger.

ADULTHOODI’m pretty sure I spent most of the week geeking out about Anime Midwest and obsessively looking for patterns to make my own shihakusho. That hardly sounds adult-like to me.

What does it mean to be an adult anyway. I think I’m just a big kid. What can I say? All I want from life is to hug a life-size teddy bear and drink some hot chocolate before bed.

SHEHULKI’ve got to get  back on this. For the short term, the plan is to try and get one long bike ride in each weekend and one night of rock climbing in during the week.

As for other health issues I’ve mentioned before, it seems to have cleared up. I hate to say tanning did the trick but…. it did the trick. I hope I never have to enter a tanning bed again.

social media

I’m now on Instagram! Come follow me. I’ve been thinking about creating an account for a while, thinking it would be a good exercise to find something picture-worthy every day. So far, I’ve done little else but add photos from Anime Midwest. That’s fun, though. People seem to like my cosplay ^_^DREAMS
Well, I’ll get to this eventually.

Have a great weekend, friends!


12 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 017”

  1. Great! But I see world traveller written all over your scribbles. Here’s hoping that you find that complimentary forever soul mate that’s as travelly as I see you becoming.

  2. “…get rid of all those pesky thoughts no one wants to hear.” Except WE want to hear them 🙂 us in the blogiverse. That’s something I love about blogs, I feel like it’s a place to talk about the things that you simply want to talk about and don’t have to worry about if your friend is interested or not, because in the blogiverse, someone will find you and someone will always be interested. I have zero friends who are interested in reading and writing, but I have virtual friends who share that interest with me. Great post !

    1. True words. it’s why I was so excited to meet culture monk during his cafe tour. Bloggers are some of the best people to talk with.

  3. I often think about the definition of being an adult. Besides all that I’ve accomplished in my adult life (that being going to school, getting a degree, getting a career, and having a steady boyfriend) I don’t feel all that different than I did as a kid. I actually had this omg moment this weekend when a little booger eater came up to me and asked if I could put on a song for him through this phone that was being used as a pseudo dj at this wedding I attended. I realized in that moment that he asked me because I was the adult and I was allowed to touch that music device and he was asking my permission to listen to the song he wanted (mind you it wasn’t my phone, I was just standing near it). And in that moment, I couldn’t help but picture myself as him not too long ago, and how I did the same thing, I asked an adult for something I thought I wasn’t allowed to do or have or touch. And I was shocked, I’m the adult, when did that happen? When did I turn from kids seeing me as an older kid or teenager to an adult? (Mind you again, you may be thinking, oh well you’re older and taller and look older but I kid you not, I’m short and stopped growing in 7th grade and people still mistake me sometimes for a teenager!) And it boggles my mind that I’m getting closer to the big 30 and friends my age are getting married and popping out their own booger eaters and that I’ll soon join them. Its crazy to think that I am an adult now or perceived as such, but what defines that line between child and adulthood?

    1. I don’t feel like I’ve changed that much personality-wise since I was 16. I’ve just learned a bit more about the world and have this fancy degree that qualifies me to make my own money. I’m just a kid with adult responsibilities. Maybe that’s the true definition of being an adult.

  4. Very interested to hear about the novel writing. I love the punchy style in this post. Get in, tell us about what’s going on in your life, and get out. Ive been trying to get more swimming and climbing in. Only thing is my climbing partner has gone on holiday for a month. Doh!

    1. Yeah, I take things easy on the weekends. Random thoughts of the week on Saturday and nerdy on Sunday. I’ll try and keep everyone updated on the novel. Since I plan to start working on it regularly again, I should have something to day every week.

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