The First Convention and First Cosplay

Whose dying to hear me gush about Anime Midwest? No one! I’ve already gushed about it all week and I’m sure everyone is tired of me by now. That doesn’t change the fact that today is Nerdy Sunday. How could I talk about anything other than my first anime convention?

nerdy sideFriday morning, I tried on my Tifa Lockhart cosplay for the first time. Originally, I was only going to wear it Saturday, but I looked so fantastic! I ended up arriving to Anime Midwest already in full cosplay. As we drove towards the hotel and convention center, we could already see people dressed up. I was immediately pleased with my decision while D immediately wished he would have cosplayed so he could join in the fun.

Every other person seemed to know who I was. Walking around, I heard many people say “Look, it’s Tifa.” A bunch of people asked for my picture, a request a happily agreed to. There weren’t a lot of Final Fantasy characters there, but I did see Lightning, Squall, Yuna and Kingdom Hearts Cloud.

There were lunch of Bleach captains there too, probably due to the fact Johnny Yong Bosch was in town. Seeing all them, I’ve officially decided to cosplay Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki. I’ve got to learn how to sew so I can make my own outfit. There’s no way I can afford to buy something like that.

Friday was enough to convince me these conventions are something I want to do every year. I’m not sure if one a year will do, but one a year at least should be manageable. It surprised me how sure I was of that, considering no one appeared at any of the panels I went to on Friday. The panelist for all four events I went to Friday were no shows. What gives? Luckily the audience for Anime and Equality was more than happy to carry the conversation.

Saturday was equally fun, especially because every panelist showed up to their events. I gushed about Studia Ghibli in one panel and Sailor Moon in another. The new Sailor Moon looks great! It sounds like half the English cast of Bleach will be in the reboot too, with Johnny Yong Bosh (Ichigo Kurosaki) and Michelle Ruff (Rukia Kuchiki) playing Artemis and Luna. Watching the new Sailor Moon, I’m not going to be able to think of anything other than shipping Ichigo and Rukia.

Johnny was honestly the most entertaining of all the events I went to. It was clear to me Ichigo was not his most famous role, either. I’ve got to get my hands of Code Geass now to see what all the fuss is about. At the end of his first event, he welcomed everyone over for an autograph and selfie. His band was there too, so I got a CD of theirs signed by all of them. Last, but not least, I got a hug. ^_^ Yay hugs!

Sunday was left eventful, but the last few events we went to were fantastic. We spent a lot of time at the vendors before finally heading home.

There are no regrets and I cannot wait for my next convention. The three I kept hearing about were Acen, Con-Alt-Delete and Anime Iowa. Maybe  I’ll make an appearance at one of those next year ^_^






25 thoughts on “The First Convention and First Cosplay”

  1. Glad you had fun at your first con. I bit the cosplay bullet last year at New York Comic Con 2013, I went as Rule 63 America Chavez from Young Avengers (Here’s the post for it ). Oddly enough I’m in a post similar to the one in your first pic.

    1. To be honest, I’m not that enchanted with VII. I mean, it’s a great game, but I’m over all the hype. I’d love to see them do something more with VI, VIII or IX. I’m not sure what more they could do, but I’d take some more merchandise if nothing else.

    1. I love that movie. I think I watched is 5 times in a row the day it came out. I like Final Fantasy Spirits Within better, but it was just so cool to see old characters from 1997 redesigned in modern graphics.

      1. Spirits Within is great too, and actually that story is relevant with what is happening nowadays.

        I agree, seeing Cloud and the others in awesome rendition is a dream come true for me :))) Bahamut looked totally cool there too 😀

    1. Thanks so much. I was missing a few things, so I was surprised to see how many people knew me. Just about everyone I passed knew who I was (I could hear them say ‘hey that’s Tifa’ as I passed)

      1. Heh heh, Tifa is pretty iconic, even with missing things, a true fan would nearly always recognize her, but I think your cosplay was great as is!

  2. Haha I so enjoyed the pictures. Been waiting to see these.
    You look great Tifa. SO next time sailor moon 😛
    Certainly goes a lot of work in these outfits but so much fun to do.
    Keep on smiling

    1. Yeah TK… Next time Sailor Moon! haha ;p or maybe uranus or neptune. or Saturn (which I’ve always pictured you as for some reason)! lol ok nerding out for this comment is complete.

    2. I would love to rock Sailor Uranus because she’s my favorite Senshi, but I’m far more like Sailor Jupiter. I’d have to do little more than wear the clothes. My hair is a lot like hers (I straightened my hair to play Tifa).

      But, I really want to do Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki for my next cosplay. I just have to figure out how to make her uniform.

      1. Well making it easy is one way to look at things. Would be fun running around with two big rubies in your hair like mickey mouse ears 😀

        And Lt Kuchiki from bleach right? Isn’t that pretty much a kendo outfit with an additional white sleeve

        And you had to straighten your hair, wait you curly? keep on smiling.

        1. I never really connected with Sailor Moon as much as some of the other sailor scouts, so that one probably won’t happy. Sorry.

          And yes, you’d be right. Rukia would be rather simple, but easier to walk around in. I really want to figure out how to make a kendo outfit. I have a feeling making my own will be far cheaper then buying something.

          Lastly, I’d call my hair wavy if I don’t do anything to it.

          1. I never had a connection with sailor, just popped in my mind now with the crystaled version of the earlier show. I still cannot connect with the whole anime.

            Well I am pretty sure there be cutting and sewing patterns online. Though some cheap cosplay costumes can be like 50 bucks.
            making it yourself is always more rewarding if you get lots of thumbs up.

  3. OMG I’m so glad you had a great 1st Con & the pics look great! I remember my 1st Con, I went as Card Captor Sakura 🙂 Also, YAY NEW SAILOR MOON!!! It was on Hulu for the 4th of July weekend only and it was awesome!

    1. Oh man, Card Captor Sakura is another oldie. I haven’t seen the first episode of the new Sailor Moon yet. I’m debating waiting until the English dub.

  4. My son and my nephew have been to three conventions, here in Boston. I tell my son, (all the time) that he is the coolest nerd I’ve ever met! Individuality is what makes us who we are. Embrace it!

    1. Truth! Nerds are the greatest. I think they’re used to being outside the norm, so they’re not afraid to engage in their individuality.

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