Stream of Consciousness 018


Blogging is a constant struggle. Do I write, reply, read or comment? Then there’s all the updates I’ve wanted to do to this blog, which no one will probably notice (I’m just a perfectionist). I know I said I had a list of priorities going, but that’s not really working for me. If I don’t feel like writing a blog post, I’ll reply or comment. If I don’t feel like doing that, I’ll read something. If, for some insane reason, I feel compelled to do everything, I’ll skim over blogs, like some things I intend to read later, write half a blog post and then lament that it’s 12:30 am on a weekday night.

I’m getting there, though. Slowly, I am learning which aspects of blogging truly mean the most to me and which can be left behind. I don’t think I’ll ever kick this need to do everything at once, but maybe I’ll gradually get better at the things that matter. I want to run a good blog after all.

In other random blog news, I saw a guy who had a donate button on his blog called ‘support my coffee habit.’ At least one person has suggested that I should put a donate button up here in case anyone feels like paying me for my words. So much about blogging already makes me feel like a self-centered, terrible person that I’m not sure I could do that. I’m not saying that blogger is a terrible person. In fact, I’m sure he’s not. I’m just saying I’d feel terrible for doing that.

I mean, would you really donate money to ChapterTK? Don’t be afraid to say no.


I’m still obsessed over Eyeshine this week. This was one of my favorite songs to hear to and from work. Unfortunately, I can’t hear it now because my computer hates me and has stopped playing all forms of video, be they a DVD in the drive or a YouTube video. I found this on my phone, though, so I can assure you this is the song I was listening to all week.ADULTHOOD

 I continue to get better at cleaning and doing the dishes without taking time away from all the other things I enjoy. I might just get this adult thing down yet!

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately about my dream apartment. A dream home will probably have to wait. D and I will probably live together in an apartment for at least a year before a home comes into play. I selfishly want a room all to my own in said dream apartment. It would be a space only I could control, with a large table in the center and coffee scented candles in the corners. This blessed place would be my study, where I would write, blog and do all other things creative.


The walls will be decorated with my nerdy posters and life will be complete. Of course, if I’m going to make this happen, it’s only fair that D have his own space, too. That means a three bedroom apartment. I bet something like that cost a ton. It’s practically a house.

Which is why I won’t be surprised if a house comes after a single year of living in an apartment together.


Skin issues are all over (yay!). Now, I will tell you what the doctor claims I had. It’s a horrid condition called Pityriasis Rosea. This shit is like super horrible adult chicken pox. It starts with a small, quarter sized patch (I thought it was just dry skin). A few days to a week later, many smaller patches will start to appear, escalating in their appearance for about 10 days (although the doctor said it could be less or longer… great). These things are dry, itchy and extremely annoying. With your torso well covered and some patches on your limbs, the stupid thing then sticks around for FOUR TO EIGHT WEEKS!

My first thought upon hearing that was, “fuck that!” So, as you know, I went of the offensive, buying vitamins, washing with anti-dandruff shampoo and tanning. Here’s my cure for Pityriasis Rosea if you ever have this misfortune of finding it on your body: tanning. All the other things helped a bit. I recommend the anti-dandruff shampoo and lukewarm showers. Tanning is what did it in, though. I went three times in one week and it disappeared almost instantly. That said…. I was nearly my eighth week…. so… maybe it really just went away on its own. Trying everything I could felt better than just sitting around, though. I just had to try.

Just like chicken pox, Pityriasis Rosea usually only happens once. Thank God that’s over. I’ve gained back a little bit of my confidence with it gone and have returned to both biking and rock climbing (sweating made the skin condition worse, so I wasn’t too motivated to work out before). Life is good again.

social media

I was all over social media this week, chatting with people, blogging about stuff… at work… about work things… because that’s my job. It’s an awesome job, but it always makes me think about ChapterTK. There sits her Pinterest, her Twitter, her Facebook. Whose taking care of them while I’m at work?

My blog has taken over everything. less than 5% of my social media time is spent on personal things. Everything is for this blog. Even when I created my Instagram (which you should all follow) I created it in the name of ChapterTK.

I am loving Instagram like a new toy, though. I love it. You guys don’t really have to follow me, but please tell me if you have an Instagram account. I’d like to follow all my dear readers.

Monday is the day. A part of me wants to try the early morning thing again, but I’m 99% sure that will burn me out real fast. No, I’ll start with the afternoons. I had success with that before and I’ll have success with that again. For at least an hour, three days a week, I will sit down with my novel in progress and make it happen. I will finish this draft by the end of the year. I’m not making any guarantees about it being nicely typed up by the end of the year, but it will be finished. Who knows, by this time next year, I may be offering a PDF of this thing here on my blog.


26 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 018”

    1. That was one small thing. Other things are starting from my first post onward. I’m probably the only one who notices. Well, Google might take notice too…

    1. Oh man, I’m not sure I could handle that. For starters, many of my first posts were quite terrible. I’d be very picky about which post went in to something like that.

  1. You got yourself real busy right there. And, yes, a huge aspect of what we put in blogs revolves around us, it reveals us. 🙂

    At the end, it’s your desire to share and offer incredible content that wins! And that’s something to be real proud of.

  2. I mostly do my wordpress reading off of my phone, so all your layout efforts are for naught!

    As for a donate button, I’m far to poor and cheap to donate to other bloggers, but I think it wouldn’t hurt. I knew if I had a steady revenue from Blogging I would be more inclined to blog more. And I believe with WordPress we don’t get any advertising revenue outside of sponsorships.

    1. Oh well. So long as Google takes note, I’ll be good. It probably won’t do much, but it makes me feel better. Like dusting off a shelf on which no one but I can see the dust.

      haha, that’s what I figured. I probably wouldn’t press the button, so I wouldn’t expect someone else to.

  3. I’m following your instagram – I’m xeljx
    I often think I need to work harder at connecting via social media, commenting on blogs, etc, etc, but I find it so draining at the moment. Still, I’m doing a little here and there and that’s better than nothing, right… Right?!

    1. Awesome! I just started following you as well. Social media is a full time job. Believe me – that’s basically what I do for a living right now. I don’t do that for my blog, unfortunately. What I wouldn’t give to be able to make a living salary blogging. I’d never fall behind in comments and reading blogs ever again.

    1. Crap! I don’t know if I’m smart enough to figure that out. Do I get a hint? You’re not the BIble are you? Never thought the Bible would follow me on instagram….

      1. lol no. Also, wow being followed by the Bible. That just goes to show how popular of a writer Chapter TK is! Even the Bible is following you! There are 4 i’s in my username, I think that’s a pretty great hint =^_^=

  4. You could do a donation thingy and then whatever money you get each month could go towards your favorite charity and then write a blog post about that.

    1. Yeah, but I’m a terrible person and probably wouldn’t do that. I’d just use it to pay off my student loans. Maybe that’s what my donate button could say: “Help Me Pay My Student Loans”

  5. I wouldn’t donate money because I don’t have any money, but it doesn’t bother me to see it on websites or anything. Especially if it’s marked “Buy me a cup of coffee” or something like that, because it’s not like I can actually take you to a coffee shop and buy you a coffee even though I totally would if we lived close together and could hang out. So, if I had spare dollars, I probably would use those donate buttons every so often. (I especially think it makes sense when someone’s offering art, stories, etc., because if I get something really great for free then I’m likely to drop a couple dollars in the metaphorical tip jar.)

    1. I see that on blogs “Buy me a cup of coffee.” but I feel like I shouldn’t even provide the option because I wouldn’t donate. I just don’t have enough money to throw around like that.

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