Stream of Consciousness 020


I honestly talk about my blog with every stranger I meet. Part of the reason might be that I work with blogs and social media for work. A lot of what I incorporate into that career comes from what I’ve learned through my own experience. I can’t help it. I love it here. What’s not to love about blogging? I went to an InDesign class this week and 10% of the time, I was thinking about how awesome InDesign could be for my blog. _
…if I had that kind of time to dedicate to my blog.

In other news, replies to your comments (all of which I’ve been happily reading) are going to be slow coming again. I’ve been busy this week and I’m visiting family this weekend. I’ll do my best to get to everyone early next week. Please forgive my delay. I love you all so much and it pains me to make you wait.

I feel like my blog has suffered substantially this week. It doesn’t have anything to do with views, comments or any other metric bloggers use to measure success. I just feel like my writing here has suffered. If you felt that, I’m very sorry. I was just a little more busy this week and that was apparent enough for all to suffer. Please accept my deepest apologies. I promise to do better.

One thing I’ve thought of doing to reduce some of the chaos of my life is to accept a guest blog each week. Would anyone here be interested in that? I’d have veto power, of course, and would want to read what you have to say before giving to okay. You’d have to choose a quote for your piece and preferably send me a link to a photo from the Flicker Creative Commons you want to go with it. Any takers? Whose interested?


I think about this open more than I should. I rented Chrono Cross around the time I first got my Playstation (so think 2000). I got stuck right away and then had to bring the game back. To this day, I have longed to play both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Crusade. I mean, just listen to that music! I wonder if it’s even worth bothering with new video games. I’m just going to stick to my old games and be happy. You can keep your fancy graphics. All I want is music, stories and gameplay.

…as soon as I find time to play games.


All the dishes were washed this week and then I celebrated with ice cream. Other than that, balance has not been my friend. There are just so many things to fit into life.

This adult thing is hard, guys. I really wish I didn’t need sleep. Think of how much more I could get done!

SHEHULKI fail at fitness. This has been one thing I just can’t get back to. I was doing so well at the beginning of the year, too. I can hardly fit my creative writing in and answer blog comments, let along get some fitness in every day. I haven’t given up, I just need to make sure everything in life is stable first. There’s no point in joining a gym or making some other commitment if I can’t even achieve the commitments I already have.

social media

I got a comment on a Facebook post! Now, it wasn’t a positive comment. In fact, it was so negative I almost removed it for being offensive. Well, whatever. No one ever comments on my post on Facebook. If anything, they just comment here.

In other news, I also wish I had more time for social media. Why can’t I just sit on Twitter all day while writing books and blogs?


DREAMSSpeaking of writing…. well, I did do some. After quickly realizing that writing on Friday nights would almost never work, I changed my plan to Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. While I made it to the cafe to write and read Harry Potter on Sunday, I can’t say the same for Monday or Wednesday. I’ve been trying to get things together, working on weekend blog posts during the week and getting weekend chores done before the weekend (like the damn dishes). This is all because I’m visiting family in Iowa this weekend.

I’m going to take my notebooks with me to Iowa, though. Maybe I can get some writing in at some point.

I may have something interesting to report on when I get back from Iowa. It depends how eventful the weekend is. My uncle is moving to a new parish and they’re having some kind of ceremony or celebration to hand the parish to him. The Bishop of his Diocese will be there and everything. Let me know if you guys have any questions about that. Maybe I’ll write something up.


Have a great weekend friends!


22 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 020”

  1. Ah! I wrote a long reply and it’s disappeared for some reason. I will précis what I wrote before as I wanted to add another suggestion.

    First of all, don’t apologise for taking your time to reply. I am sure all your readers understand you have a life to live. Blogging should be enjoyable so if it’s stressing you out with time management then definitely explore ways of reducing the burden. A guest blogger may save you time writing but you would be investing time in producing and editing as well as sourcing bloggers to host on your blog. You could re blog articles you’ve found of interest but again there is an investment in time reading through lots of blogs. One thing I’ve seen a few blogs do that might work for you is interviewing another blogger each week. Establish a set of questions, which can range from the profound to the humorous, have a blogger answer them and then the interview can be published on both your blog and that bloggers which might increase new footfall for both you and they also. But don’t apologise for having a life!

    I hope this reply sticks this time.

    1. Hahaha, well thanks for all the encouragement. I through the guest post thing out there just to see if I got any comments of people who were interested. idk if I’ll move forward with that.

      I’m definitely messing with time management. At this point, I think I found the right balance. I’ll have more next Saturday.

      I really appreciate that you don’t mind these late responses. I really do read all the comments. This blog is honestly one of the most important things I do, but there are other things that are equally important. I’ll get the perfect balance.

  2. Being an adult is hard even after many, many years of being one. So often I wish I could be back in college in my undergrad. I wouldn’t choose high school or any other lower grade. Take care of you and return well rested when you can 🙂

    1. I would love to go to college forever. I was never much of a partier, but I loved all my classes. I’d love nothing more than to learn everything I could for the rest of my life.

    1. Thanks, and yay! I was worried there. I have to figure out how to make guest posts easy on me before I officially roll it out. I’ll keep you posted. I’m probably going to insist people pick a quote they want to use and send me a flicker photo with the appropriate creative commons license along with their post. All that stuff takes up just as much time as writing.

  3. hope the weekends going well, gee-do you have anything to do? ha. If you’re interested, I’d do a guest blog. name a topic about personal positive outlooks, or pick from any of my past blogs. Just don’t ask me to do the dishes…

    1. Really, no dishes? Damn, I’m still looking for someone to take that adult responsibility from me. I’ll keep you posted on guest post opportunities. The point it to have it free up time for me, so I’ll have to do some planning.

  4. I’m with you on the sleep thing. Much as I love sleep, if I needed less of it I could get so much more accomplished (or I could just spend more time watching YouTube videos, who knows).

  5. I just wanted to agree with you on how incredible the Chrono cross soundtrack is. I own the game and have actually never played it, but the soundtrack still moves me. Here’s one of my favorites:

    1. You’re not the only one who has told me they own the soundtrack even though they’ve never played the game. I’m going to have to find that, along with the game…. and time to play it.

  6. I highly recommend Chrono Trigger and Cross! They’re two of my favorite games, and Cross has my very favorite game soundtrack. That intro song never fails to make me want to play the game again but, alas, time is scarce.

    1. There are so many games I want to replay. As it is, I haven’t play half the games I have for my PS3 yet. Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are definitely on my list, though. I will get to them!

  7. hmmmm…. after hearing about your blogging, maybe I’d like to try out as a guest blogger. 🙂 give it a shot

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