Stream of Consciousness 021

BLOGERVERYou may have noticed a slight difference this week in my blog. Yes, I am moving to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Weekend post will still happen because I’m compelled to tell you about my boring life on Saturdays and my nerdy side needs it’s Sunday outlet. Coming tomorrow, a book review of Harry Potter Book 2 (here’s a hint, it didn’t suck).

I should probably stop mentioning how behind I am on comments and all the other stuff. All you need to know is that I’m getting close to a life balance.

In other news, someone needs to create a store for blogging merchandise. I could really use a shirt that says “BLOG: The New 4-Letter Word”


Two weekends from now, I’ll be going to the Final Fantasy VI 20th Anniversary Distant Worlds concert and I fully expect to witness The Opera again. This piece is one of the greatest in Final Fantasy history, if you ask me. Who am I kidding, FFVI is a masterpiece. I like watching the performance of the concert because the Distant Worlds CD doesn’t include the narration.ADULTHOOD

Being an adult sucks because I’m busy as hell. Also, I need to start looking for a new car….

Also, I’ve been thinking about buying a house. How much does a person have to put down on something like that? I doubt I’ll be able to buy a house soon, but I should probably consider how much I’ll need to save for a down payment. Paying 1000+ dollars for rent seems crazy. That’s not what I pay now, but if the boyfriend and I move in together, any place we find is likely to cost that much. I don’t even know where to start


I just keep this section here to remind myself that I really should be working out. As soon as I get my writing schedule nailed down, fitness is next #priorities.

social mediaI like to mess with social media when I work on my book. Monday, I admitted on Twitter that I’ll have to change the tense of what I am currently writing. As it is, it’s in first person and in past tense. What was I thinking when I first started?

Events should be happening as the reader reads. I’m holding out hope it won’t be that huge of a change, especially since I’m not at a typing stage, yet (for those who don’t know, I’m writing this out by hand first because I’m more inspired that way. Yes, I know I’m crazy)
Richelle Mead inspired me last week. I’ve always felt like we have similar writing styles. I’ve heard her say before she always wanted to write books but never had the discipline until her late 20s. She said Thursday she also found she had to plan out her books before writing them so as not to get stuck. it’s hard, but it’s what I’m doing. I had good success Monday, writing summaries for chapters seven through 12. I estimate the finished product will have 14 – 16 chapters.

It also helped that I took Tuesday and Thursday off of blogging. I was able to write without worrying about how I was going to write my next blog post and relax. I hope this isn’t too much of a burden. I really want my blog to be awesome. When I become a big shot author, I’ll make sure my blog benefits ^_^.




11 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 021”

  1. I contemplated changing the tense of my book after someone told me that writing in present tense was weird. I believe his words were ‘it’s almost like it’s happening as I read it’. Yeah, that’s kind of the point. I attempted changing it, but it just didn’t feel right. I know it’s not a fashionable way of writing, but it just seemed right for this project. Just do what you feel is right. I’m writing something new in past tense, and it feels like a massive adjustment.

    1. See, now I started mine in past tense, but I’ve realized present tense is the way to go. I want readers to feel like the story is happening right now. It just feels right….

      Which will make editing super fun.

  2. Go to you will find a ton of witty stuff for sale regarding blogging. Idk if you’ll find exactly what you were wanting, but I am under the impression that you can have it designed.

    1. True, but I want there to be a whole store dedicated to blogging and blogger merchandise. It’s be heaven on the internet.

      That’s what it should be called: Heaven on the Internet.

  3. To give you an idea about how much a house will cost, my house was $145,000 to buy. We used an FHA loan so only had to put down three percent, $5000 something. Once we had the mortgage at 5.25% interest then with the addition of taxes and insurance rolled into our payment we are paying about $1175 now a month. I do live in FL, so I have no idea what your housing prices are like but my $145,000 price tag got me a 2006 custom built 5 bedroom house that was in foreclosure. Also, we bought when there was a stimulus and got paid $8000 for buying the house, so it worked out for us.

    I actually write the same way, by hand first. It’s very time consuming and I find that I spend more time editing things than necessary. I recently forced myself to get a new plan so when I was inspired I wrote a longer synopsis of the story and what happens on several sheets and now I am fleshing chapters out using that summary. It helps. Unfortunately now I just don’t have much time to write at all. :p

    1. WHOA! Maybe I’ll take a few years to save up some more. I don’t have that kind of cash to throw down quite yet…. maybe rent to own is the way to go….

      I’ve tried writing my first draft on a computer many times and have always failed. It’s too easy to edit, too easy to delete a bunch of stuff and never get it back. Writing by hand is what I did in the passions of my youth, when I first discovered writing. I think that’s just how I write. It’s worked out so far… we’ll see if I can call it a success once I finish the book.

      1. If you do decide to go Rent to Own be careful and read every bit of text in your contract. You’d be surprised what loop holes they put in those. If there is no contract – red flag. Most likely going into Foreclosure and they just want cash until the bank repossesses. Same goes if they just want to give you a standard rental contract to ‘save’ the money separately.

        1. Yeah. I have a lot of research ahead of me. I’ve heard that some put some of your rent towards the house loan and some are literally just renting until you save enough money for a down payment. I’d only want to rent to own if some of the money I paid for rent went towards the loan on the house.

          Clearly I am far away from being read to get a house, but I do think it’s worth thinking about. I’ll need a plan, even if that plan is just to save money.

  4. Hey I don’t know
    That you’ve already been nominated before
    But, if not I would like to nominate you
    For the Liebster award …
    It’s entirely up to you whether you do it or not …
    I just really admire your writing…
    And wanted to pass it on.

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