Stream of Consciousness 022


Since I’ve taken Tuesday and Thursday off of blogging, I feel like I’ve gotten better at responding to comments. That said, I still have comments waiting for responses. I haven’t forgotten you guys! Please believe me when I say I have read every one of your comments but I don’t always have the ability to respond when I read them. Actually, it seems I rarely have the time to respond when I read them. Does that happen to other bloggers? Well, the takeaway here is that you’re reply is coming and I would be more than thrilled if my reply sprung a longer discussion. Don’t think I’m not paying attention just because a post is a few weeks old!

Out of curiosity, what have you guys thought of my blog lately? Are there any topics you wish I’d cover more? What about my poems? I’ve had so much fun posting them. My inner teenager feel like she gets some kind of validation every Wednesday. It’s almost like I haven’t become a writer. I’ve always been a writer.

I guess what I’m saying is, I really appreciate all of your dear readers. I’m thrilled your here and ecstatic you enjoy what I have to say.

I might have to write about this… not this song in particular, but how my regard for Christian music has waxed and waned. All I’ll say for now is that there is Christian music on my Sony Walkman (screw Apple!) and that a pagan, as she described herself, is the one who first got me into Christian rock/pop.ADULTHOOD

I haven’t been sucking at adulthood for awhile now. I’m not sure I’d say I’m succeeding either, but I’m pushing forward. I see my goals on the horizon and every day is a day I work toward them.

I think one of the difficult things about being an adult is that your goals almost always depend on someone else. Children often have simple goal, the biggest being how well they do in school (assuming that’s important to them). After college, you are at the mercy of society. Getting a job depends on someone else seeing the skills you claim to have. Getting a raise depends on someone else seeing your deserve it. Buying a house, getting married and having a family depend on someone wanting to do those things with you.

Well, so be it. I also think part of having an adult relationship is helping each other toward goals. His goals are mine, and mine our his. Maybe it doesn’t make much difference in the wide scheme of things, but it makes a difference to us. We no longer march toward our goals media

I’ve realized my life is social media. I go to work and spend all day on social media (for work). Then I come home and spend all night on social media. I can’t get away from it! I do I think I am running out of things to say about it, though. I need Kenny and Kylie to have more fun on Twitter so I can do more social media obsessing. ^_^SHEHULK

I nearly failed at all fitness at the beginning of the week. I woke up Monday morning feeling so crappy that I didn’t even post a blog (again, very sorry)! This happens when I am missing at least one of my main building blocks: healthy food, fitness and sleep. Unfortunately, while I think I was eating pretty well, I wasn’t getting a lot of fitness or sleep in. It was only a matter of time until I crashed. The good news is, adding back the things I had slacked on snaps me right back in shape. I went rock climbing twice this week and extra sleep.

How I go rock climbing has changed a bit. I used to go and climb the big walls, spending all night at the climbing gym. Part of the reason I had stopped is because I didn’t have that kind of time. So, what I did this week was climb the auto-belay walls for an hour. I was able to do more climbing in a short amount of time. Yay fitness!
DREAMSGuys, I have some great news! I don’t know if this will seem like a big deal, but my novel has a beginning, middle and end! I started writing out the chapters until I got a little stuck half way through chapter seven. At that point, I got advice from Richelle Mead to write chapter summaries first. I write about six more chapters that way.

That was honestly all I had plotted for the story until this week. Then, as I sat in Starbucks Wednesday night, inspiration hit me. It was one of those amazing strikes of brilliance that it just overcame me. All at once, the rest of the story came to me and it was all I could do to write the plot down. Honestly, I could have just sat there and stared off into space, the vision I saw was so vivid.

The result was 11 post-it notes ^_^. Now I’m going to work backwards a bit. I will take those 11 post-it notes and form them into chapter summaries. Then, I will take my chapter summaries and build them into my story. At that point, I will be able to call my first draft done. I am so very excited! There’s still this bit of healthy doubt in me, wondering if I can do the story justice. Still, I feel like the story itself is golden. I just cannot wait to finish my chapter summaries and get this first draft completed



13 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 022”

  1. Dude, thats just awesome. First you are lightning fast at responding to comments. I am always overawed by that super power of yours. So i don’t know what you are talking about. 😛 And second, this book and reading about how you are going about it is super exciting. I am really happy you are doing this and I wish it comes out really really well. You are already an awesome writer… so no worries. Rock On!! ^_^

    1. I’ve been getting better at recent comments since I took Tuesday and Thursday off of blogging. It wasn’t until the other day that I was able to reply to some blog comments over a week old! I’m pretty caught up at this point, so I hope to stay on top of it better.

      And I’m happy my book updates excite you. I have no idea if I will create something publishable, but creating a crappy book is better than creating no book at all. ^_^

      1. I am curious about what the novel is about actually… i hope its good… please dont make one dimensional characters and see through plots… 😀 You have read so many books… you must have your own standards to deal with and then creating a piece of art from scratch is always more daunting than just reading.. analysing and critiquing it. The best thing about it is obviously that you are just doing it… going with it… that will have significant long term benefits… no matter what the immediate outcome… i would definitely like to read this book… ^_^ and mostly its encouraging to see to take up this thing… reminds me to keep exploring and doing stuff… 🙂

  2. Contemporary Christian music really grinds my gears. I’m always tempted to write about it on my blog, but I can’t bring myself to shut them down because I still believe they’re doing a good thing. I just wish their music felt less recycled.

    1. The only thing I have to compare to contemporary Christian music is church hymns, so I guess it doesn’t feel that recycled to me.

  3. Bay-bayy! as Ray Charles used to say. That one word was all the lyric to a verse of his hit his song, “I don’t want no iceman comin round” Eight bars of just Bay-bayy. So having said that,Bay-bee, you know at some point you would not be able to answer all your fan mail so figure out how to handle that now. The Blue bloods like me wouldn’t mind,but believe it or not your conscience would. Please make time to read the Bio of great writers,but don’t let them influence you too much.

    1. No! I insist on answering all my fanmail of only to say ‘thank you.’ It might take me forever and a day to get to it, but I will answer it all.

      …once I start getting loads of fanmail ^_^

      1. (Smilingly said). . . That’s one of the things I like about you. It’s not youthful enthusiasm,it IS. . . IS. . . that indefinable quality of passion that all champions have.

  4. I, for one, love your blog the way it is. Honest. Approachable. Insightful. Lacking in pretense. Clearly revealing of your heart. RE Christian music: I created and produced it for most of my life. Now? The odd Bethel/Jesus Culture track is about all I can stand. Still travel and play for conferences, but really prefer jazz. 😎

    1. Well thank you for the compliments on my blog. Like I said, Christian music had been different for me at different points in my life. I think it sometimes has to deal with the people I group myself with by listening to it. Let’s just say they aren’t always the type of people I agree with. I don’t want to say more because I think it’s interesting enough that I’ll write a blog on it eventually.

  5. Aren’t those sudden breakthroughs wonderful? When I feel like the writing is going nowhere, I try to let myself daydream about stuff in the story until I hit some kind of little epiphany about a character or where the plot is going. Then I always feel so inspired to keep writing!

    1. I’m not sure how this will work out, but i usually just force myself to keep writing. I tend to get stuck at points where my characters are traveling from one place to another. Once they get where they’re going, my inspiration picks up again. I figure those transitions can be smoothed out during editing.

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