Stream of Consciousness 023

 I’m busy this weekend, so this will be short. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.


Do you ever happen across blog who have been around about as long as you have and who seem to write content just as good as who do who are way more popular than you? WTF. What’s the secret? I can only imagine they don’t have much of a job outside of blogging or…. or I don’t know. Making a living blogging would make me near as happy as making a living writing a book. 

Why do I choose impossible dreams?


This video was shared by one of the womens rights Facebook pages I follow. I really liked the message. For some reason, it just hit me in the right place.


I need to remember not to wear skirts that are shorter than floor length to work. It’s freezing inside offices!

Also, cleaning doesn’t like me. I did some major cleaning this week that ended when my vacuum started smoking like mad.


Yeah, not so much this week. I might join a friend at her workouts starting next week, though. Should be fun.

social media

Due to some crazy busy things coming in my future, I spent all my time at work Monday – Wednesday scheduling post for my employer’s social media. I am burned out! No social media for me all weekend!!!

Well, at least no social media on the industry I work for. DREAMSDo you think authors worry they choose a terrible name for their characters. I mean, how do you know that Legolas will be awesome but Renesme, not so much?

Well, I choose my characters names based off of who I wanted them to be. I spent a lot of time on baby name sites before I landed on them. I really like their names and I’m not changing them. I hope you guys don’t think they suck….


4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 023”

  1. Re: “In The Blogiverse” and popularity; yeah, I totally agree. WTF? We all have egos. Occasionally they need to be stroked. How hard is it to click the “Like” button on a person’s blog? Maybe one doesn’t have the time (or need ) to write a comment but clicking a Like button isn’t that much of an effort! Happy weekend and Happy workout. I know you will enjoy the results!

    1. Sometimes, I’m just amazed at the awards, the people who get freshly pressed within 6 months of having a blog. wtf. Why don’t I have thousands of daily views. it’s like there’s a secret code of sorts.

  2. I constantly find blogs only a month old that are literally a thousand times more popular than my 2-yr-old one. I try not to let it get to me, and maybe even try to learn something from them that I can apply to my blog.

    I am also obsessed with baby name sites (I think about character names a lot). I don’t usually tell people that though, because I really don’t want them to think I’m pregnant or something.

    1. Baby name sites are perfect for character names. Sometimes all I know is that I want the characters name to mean a certain thing. Then I look for that.

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