Frostbite: Bring a Truly Deserving YA Series to the Big Screen!

nerdy side 2I’ll be the first to admit, the Vampire Academy movie was a bit lackluster (even though I saw it in the theater three times). Instead of focusing on the mystery of who was out to get these girls and having a serious discussion about depression, they made it into some odd Hunger Games meets Mean Girls hybrid. The movie wasn’t terrible, though. The biggest reason it didn’t do so well is because the money behind it gave up when they realized this wasn’t the same story as the Hunger Games and dropped the ball on advertising. That’s why we need Frostbite. Listen to me, please. The world NEEDS a Frostbite movie. It’s time we treat vampires like the truly terrifying creatures they are and realize that youthful recklessness can have permanent consequences. 

This is my plea. Please, if you love me, donate to the Frostbite crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. I know it’s a YA series, so the video below likes to focus on some of the love interests of the story. Trust me, this series is so much more. I’m crossing my fingers and donating a lot of money in the hopes Frostbite will be made true to the books.

Richelle Mead is my favorite author and I have given significant thought to donating even more money to have her follow me on Twitter for a year. As a writing and aspiring author, certainly there’s some worth to that, right? What if she loves me? What if she becomes my mentor and helps me become an author myself?

But, I’ve already given too much money to this campaign. I have no more. Please donate and make this movie happen. It’s time we see something different in the theater and, if they do it right, Frostbite the movie may be just what we need.

Click here and donate to the Frostbite fundraiser now!


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