Stream of Consciousness 024


Outside of this blog, I feel like I’ve been a poor participant in the Blogiverse. Maybe what I need is a checklist. I started looking for blogging tips on Pinterest this week because if I can barely keep up with my comments now, just imagine how crazy I’ll be if I more than double my viewership!

My goal isn’t to go crazy, though. I just want to be more engaged in this world. The summer has been busy and this past week has been the busiest of them all. I want to get back to all the great things about blogging. Yes, I love writing and I adore your comments. I’ve been able to visit my favorite blogs recently, but I want more. I’m hoping this checklist I found of Pinterest will help me out.

What about you? What activity do you find best benefits your blog?MUSIC

Did you just get chills listening to that? I have chills. This was the opening performance of the Distant Worlds concert I went to last weekend. While the concert was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI, this performance left me in awe. I desperately hope this will be on a future Distant World’s CD. I desperately need The Hymn of the Fayth to be a constant in my life. Good thing I have both the original and HD soundtracks to Final Fantasy X.

(and yes, that’s the opening to One Winged Angel the video cut off. Sorry)


This week was characterized by four days of meetings. It wasn’t unenjoyable. I learned a lot and I think people found value in what I had to say. Really, I felt like part of the team. Nearly every day, I’m reminded this is the job I need to be in. In an odd way, it’s a good thing I got laid off.

In other news, I may be buy a new car as you read this. What a big adult step! Owning a car that’s less than five years old.

Maybe. If I run into red flags, I’m done. I guess you’ll have to check out Twitter to see if something comes from this media

 FYI, social media plays a big part in that blogging checklist. That’s reason two I like it. I know I’m on social media every day, but it’s time I get back to social media for my blog as well.


I did go work out with a friend once this week. I would have gone twice except work dinners that I had previously been told were not required suddenly seemed very required. Not wanting to look like I didn’t like these guys, I went on all the days towards the end of the week. I enjoyed the dinners, so it wasn’t a huge sacrifice.

While the one workout was great, I feel like i might have annoyed the trainer. I talk to much. Really, I need to learn to stop that.

DREAMSI’m finding that picking two specific days to write may be too ridged. Instead, I think I do better just making a goal to write at least twice a week, whatever the days.

…except this week. My days of meetings were followed by work dinners. No writing got done this week. That mean’s my chapter summaries will be finished next week, which is okay. It will get done by the end of the year (and I’m still shooting for the end of October).




8 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 024”

    1. Wasn’t it, though? The only other Distant Worlds concert I’ve been to is the Celebration Concert in 2012. I think this one was way better.

      But then, I’m a sucker for Final Fantasy VI. You can’t go wrong with Dancing Mad.

      1. My first was when Distant Worlds came to LA back in 2011, I could’ve only attended 1 of the 2 days that they were there, but oh man, was it worth it!

        And yes, Dancing Mad was the absolute best! I felt the entire hall rumble at the power of Kefka– errr, I mean, the organ 😛

  1. I’m trying to get better with this too. I’m making an attempt to comment all the bloggers I communicate with on here. Plus read atleast two of their blogs every other day. I try to make myself wrote 1,500 to 2,000 words a day to stay on schedule with my second novel but it’s so hard to not be distracted with blogging and social media. Hope you get that car this weekend! Good luck!!

    1. Story of my life. I’m just barely managing to work on my book twice a week. Blogging is a whole other animal. I don’t think I can commit to responding to my comments every day, but I can make goals for the week.

      I can’t wait for the world to freeze over in the winter so I have more time for this stuff!

      1. Yeah, I understand completely. I know I want to blog cause I enjoy the feedback as well as letting off some steam occasionally, but I keep trying to remind myself that I need to write my novel because I’ve got a small fan base waiting. Keep it up though. I enjoy reading your posts.

      2. This is me, too. I’m loving the comments I get, and I love commenting on my favorite blogs, and I both enjoy and recognize the importance of the social media connections for it all, but there’s no doubt it can become a huge time sink if not managed carefully. I’m still working on that. The ‘Tips’ article you linked is helpful, though finding 15 other posts to comment on, reblog, retweet… well, I’ve been doing something like that, but not nearly that many, pretty just when I come across something that really speaks to me. In other words, I haven’t been treating it like a ‘job’ (you must comment on 15 other blogs today!), but just doing it as it feels right. I hear you about finding time to write. I try to write something every day, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s probably closer to what you experience of a couple times a week.

        To write, or to spend time promoting your writing, that is the question!

        Thanks for your ‘like’ on my off-the-cuff poem this morning. It gave me a smile, like instant gratification! 🙂

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