Let’s Talk About Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Bestiality

A few weeks ago I was bumming around my apartment, playing on this blog while watching an old episode of Law & Order SVU. The show is always a bit disturbing, but the ideas of main criminal made me want to shoot the T.V. He had molested a child but claimed it was okay. In his ending rant, he went on about how his love wasn’t seen as abnormal in the past. Then, he brought homosexuality into his argument. The world had nearly accepted them so it was only a matter of time before his kid also found acceptance.

I don’t fault Law & Order for anything because, after the criminal’s rant, the cops and lawyers looked at him in disgust (and then the show ended). Still, I couldn’t help but think about how many disturbing, disgusting times I have heard people claim the legalization, equality and acceptance of love between consenting adults will lead to rampant pedophilia and bestiality. Do people not understand what consent means? I suppose if they are the kind who believe a woman’s clothing can mean she’s asking for it, maybe they just have a warped idea of consent. Honestly, that’s the most terrifying thing about certain religious folk.

Here’s the scary thing for me: Are these people walking around our parks and schools just itching to bed a person, child or animal? Is the only thing that hold them back from humping anything that moves covered skin and their fear of Hell?

Let’s just deal with this right now. Acceptance and equality for the LGBTQ community will never result in acceptance of pedophilia and/or bestiality. The worst it will do is allow other consenting adults who don’t fit within their group the right to love and be love. Let me stress consenting adults.

Do you know who cannot consent to sex? Children and animals. Even if a 5-year-old or 12-year-old say, “Yes, I would like you to have sex with me right now,” that is not legal consent. In the United States, most state laws on the books say a person does not have the legal ability to consent to sex under the age of 16 or 18. Some have a close age exception. Growing up in Iowa, their age exception was limited to those 14 and 15 who may engage in sex with those 4 years older. I remember a friend looking into this law because her boyfriend was a few years older than she was.

This photo, “Law & Order: SVU” is copyright (c) 2014 Daniel Fleming and made available under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic  license
This photo, “Law & Order: SVU” is copyright (c) 2014 Daniel Fleming and made available under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license

Unless laws change on the books to say children can consent to sex, there will be no legalization of pedophilia. People ranting about sex with animals make me laugh because many of states where homosexuality is illegal are the same states where bestiality is legal! In 18 of the 50 United States of America, it is completely legal to have sex with an animal. In contrast, 12 states that have equal marriage specifically ban bestiality.

Why aren’t animal rights activists behind this? It seems to me LGBTQ acceptance correlates with band on bestiality – the exact opposite of what certain religious folk rant about.

On that note, just because 18 states don’t have laws specifically banning bestiality doesn’t mean they don’t have laws about animal abuse. Does anyone know if sex with animals is covered under those laws?

This is all beside the point. The big picture here is consent. Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want so long as their actions don’t interfere with the rights. I think we have bigger issues to deal with in this world than people who love and care for each other. This is a free country. You don’t have to agree with someone’s action for their action to be legal.

I’m afraid Mr. SVU Criminal is mistaken in his assumption. There is no movement to remove age of consent laws from the books so that adults can have sex with children. Somewhere, there may be a push for adjustments to close age exception laws, but that’s hardly the same.

There is no way the legalization of homosexuality will ever lead to the legalization of people bedding children and animals. I’m convinced the only reason this idea even exist is because people see homosexuality as a sexual deviancy equal to pedophilia and bestiality. Because two consenting adults in love is obviously the same thing as a person forcing themselves on an un-willing, non-consenting child.

If it wasn’t clear, I’m kidding in that last statement. I haven’t mastered the art of typing sarcasm.

Why do you think so many people have a warped sense of consent? Do people even know what consent really means? Would it make a difference if we taught consent as a part of sex ed in schools? Have you ever heard someone argue for the acceptance of pedophilia and bestiality?


29 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Bestiality”

    1. Thank you. I feel like people have a hard time understand how something could be wrong for them but right for someone else. Someone who is straight will never understand what is means to be gay. They’re just trying to spread whatever propaganda they can to convince people they are right and everyone else is wrong.

      1. Sadly true. Everything comes form emotions first and then thoughts trying to back whatever that is up… Though, everybody does that… It’s just unacceptable if people get hurt as a result.

  1. Teaching about consent would make a huge difference, in my opinion! But there would still be the problem of young people (and not only them) having access to adult “entertainment” online where nonconsenting sex is depicted as normal and desirable.

    1. Yeah, that material is a bit of a problem, but I think progress could be made if that was also described in sex ed. I remember seeing a video slamming Planned Parenthood for teaching about BDSM. BDSM isn’t wrong and teenagers deserve to know, not only that, but how consent plays into that.

      But then, we have a hard enough time teaching sex education in the first place.

  2. I just started my first year at university and this year they are having a huge movement in this town to teach not only the students, but the community about the importance of consent. No means no, no matter how it is said.1/4 girls are assault in their first two months of starting college or university…that’s too high.
    It sickens me to think that people actually have to be taught about this sort of thing.
    A girl between 14 and 20 shouldn’t have to worry about being sexually assaulted every time she’s alone with another human being….this topic in general makes me feel sick to my stomach.
    If the states hasn’t already begun teaching people about consent then they’d better hop to it. This isn’t something that should be left any longer. Sexual assault on young women has been the highest it’s ever been in years! Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason for this inflation is because of all the mixed messages given off by television and certain sexual films found on the internet that are so easily accessible now-a-days.

    1. Yep. The decade from 14-24 is one of the most dangerous in a woman’s life, from all forms of assault, including domestic violence. Maybe we need to have fine print in movies and television that rolls across the screen depicting a violent assault “remember to get verbal consent before engaging in this activity.”

      1. The city that I’m in for universities has beer coasters in bars saying, “Consent is Sexy” on them this year. Every bar has them to remind people that if it isn’t consent, it’s rape. I was so glad when I heard that because I have friends of mine who were put into horrible situations…and I seriously wanted to punch those guys. There were 6 girls there and 3 of them said that they had been sexually assaulted between 14 and 16 years old…it just made me sick.

        1. And consent really is sexy. Most men I know find the idea of a women being repulsed by them to be a definite turn off. That’s why rape is more about power than anything else. You’re not enjoying the pleasure of another person, you’re enjoying the dominance over another even as they try to fight you off.

  3. Two people agreeing to a certain act. Though as you stated it is between adults. same as that kids cannot buy stuff, something with adult supervision or something and laws that prohibit them to take responsibility and unfit to think for themselves. Laws can be weird on times.

    Does it help, what if I say that I was told both parties had to agree, but there is no legal background. We are talking sex ed and not law school. Does it help, unfortunate it also comes from what is taught at home. It might help but there is no real study to proof that it does as far as I know.

    A quick look at the UK where teen pregnancy is very high and people getting very clear sex ed about everything, might make me think it doesn’t always work that easy. Numbers are slowly dropping but it took years.

    Have I heard people, yeah I have.we were also one of the very few countries with a group who tried to become part of the government with a statement about pedophilia. Surely they never got elected or chosen.

    What I find more disturbing is that people always seem to think that one will automatically cause the other. For that same reason other acts between adults are also forbidden.
    We love to put people in boxes, separate them from ourselves, but some acts are all thrown in a single group as the cause of everything in that box.

    Will we ever learn to see them as different acts, i can only hope because then laws can be more directed at a forbidden act. Becoming crystal clear when what is allowed and consented.

    Personally the bestiality and pedophellia are never to be legal.

    Great post and lots of thought provoking ideas.

    1. I didn’t know teen pregnancy was high in the UK. Is it as high or higher than in the US? All I know about sex ed and stats are that studies have shown sed ed and abstinence only education do not increase or decrease the number of sexually active teenagers. However, the states with the most abstinence only education tend to have higher rates of teen pregnancy. That tells me that sex education that stresses safe sex can only help lower the teen pregnancy rate.

      1. An article about teenage pregnancy and more. Also Britain being the country with the highest use in contraceptives.


        To give an idea of how long they have been struggling.
        Sex ed with just telling to use contraception is not working either. As numbers suggest in above article.
        Sex ed is however needed but it what from. should we scare them with pictures of Chlamydia or other STD’s. Same tactic they are trying to stop lung cancer by putting pictures of it on cigarettes.

        It is weird that the harder we get the less we give a damn. There are medicine so why worry.
        Talk like this goes around everywhere. And we still are trying to fix the past. by going back to old school teaching. hard and straightforward.

        I think it would be a good study by taking teenagers from a class and see what or how they would want it to be told so that they would be informed more. (UK has been doing so among young mums, like extra education on baby care)

        Interesting case right.

        1. Reading that article, I find it interesting that the UK does still have a lower rate than the US. I’d like to know more about what was specifically being taught and when. Do they understand how to use their chosen contraceptive choice? To they have access to choices or only a few of them? Before saying sex ed is the problem, I would like questions like that answered.

          I hesitate to agree that scaring teenagers away from sex is the key because we don’t want to raise a generation with unhealthy relationships with their sexuality. Those urges and actions are normal, but they should be controlled. I’m not saying we shouldn’t show them those images… but I’d be more for scaring them into using contraceptives/condoms correctly then making them think sex is the evil.

          1. I agree scaring just works teh wrong way round.
            Thing with statistics like this is that we only get one side of it. If you take in account for lets say 1.2 of every 100 women also uses abortion as contraceptives. that is under the age of 18. Under 16 it is more like 3 every 1000.

            One must really worry what we have been trying to teach ourselves.
            But I also know of teachings from my catholic school that condoms were evil. and one school is not the other. pre-marriage sex is not good either.

            What we teach our children might be to lurk at the outline of what would be considered correct. We all smoked pot and we all know it is not legal.

            I unfortunately do not have an answer and numbers are disturbing none the less.

            As for sex education this was on national telly in the UK. Interesting to watch if you got the time. % seasons running now.

            or search for the sex education show a working one

            Comes with content warning but everyone has a google now-a-days right.

          2. Just a small note that needs to be added. and one i hope will continue in the future. that the numbers are already lower than previous years.

            Despite that it is still alarming in either western country we may live in.

  4. You’re right, their arguments are idiotic. Unfortunately these people see homosexuality as disgusting and think everyone else sees it the same way, i.e., that it’s a choice and gays are doing something they themselves find repulsive. The biggest harm of this, of course, are the gay kids that are brainwashed into this point of view and are filled with self-hate. I think most people today understand that it is not a choice but something a person is born with that goes beyond who they want to have sex with. Hopefully as there are more openly gay role models some of the hate and fear will go away.

      1. I agree 100%. I don’t understand those who are so full of hate either, but they do exist. Al I can say is the world needs more people like you to shine the light of reason on the issue and maybe the haters can be marginalized.

  5. “Do people not understand what consent means? I suppose if they are the kind who believe a woman’s clothing can mean she’s asking for it, maybe they just have a warped idea of consent. Honestly, that’s the most terrifying thing about certain religious folk.”

    Obviously, clothing is irrelevant to consent.

    “There is no way the legalization of homosexuality will ever lead to the legalization of people bedding children and animals. I’m convinced the only reason this idea even exist is because people see homosexuality as a sexual deviancy equal to pedophilia and bestiality. Because two consenting adults in love is obviously the same thing as a person forcing themselves on an un-willing, non-consenting child.”

    The consent is what makes all the difference. I already know that children and non-human animals are incapable of truly agreeing to such a thing.

    “Why do you think so many people have a warped sense of consent? Do people even know what consent really means? Would it make a difference if we taught consent as a part of sex ed in schools? Have you ever heard someone argue for the acceptance of pedophilia and bestiality?”

    Most people do not consent to anything that is done to them when they are young. As a result, they grow up without knowing that it is wrong to do something against the will of someone. I have never been through sex education in school, but it sounds like people aren’t learning consent there. Maybe it they should explain that.

    I have never yet heard someone argue for pedophilia or bestiality, but if they do, I will try to talk them out of it.

    1. Children get to consent to thing. They advocate for themselves, choosing their favorite color, picking out what kind of ice cream they get. They can’t consent to everything, but the older they get, the more choice they have. Those who never have a choice become sheltered.

      I do think consent should be taught in sex ed, but I’m amazed it has to. If a person is unconscious, immobile or fighting you off, don’t attack them. If a person is screaming, crying and begging you to step, that means you are hurting them. Human decency would say those are sure signs you are the wrong doer.

      But then, rape is more about power than pleasure.

      1. Nobody had to teach me not to attack people. Somehow it just seemed natural that I wouldn’t want to do anything to someone that they didn’t ask for.

        I sometimes feel like I didn’t really get choice of what happened at all in my childhood. I was hurt in a lot of ways by many people that led me to feel like life was nothing but torture. I was suicidal for the first part of my life.

    1. I am very much not kidding… although I don’t know if it’s legal in the sense that someone made it that way. I think they probably just never thought it was a thing to make illegal. A few states have laws against sex with specific animals.

  6. Well, in liberal minded Canada your crazy scenario has already come up in Parliament. In 2011 a panel of experts testified before Parliament that pedophilia is as distinct a sexual orientation as homosexuality or any other orientation. In fact there is as much or as little evidence to support that people are born pedophiles as there is that people are born homosexual.

    As far as consent, that is a malleable term. Some States are as low as 12 years old for consent with regard to abortion. Most Christians will agree that Jesus mother Mary was around 12 – 14 yrs old at his birth. Many countries have historical/traditional precedents for child marriage and sex. NAMBLA is and has been pushing for legalization of pedophilia – they are currently no less derided than the Mattachine Society or Daughters of Bilitis were in the 1950’s. The age of consent can be manipulated fairly easily given time and media attention.

    As to bestiality, again there are cultural and historical supports for it. In 2007 one of the winners at Sundance was “Zoo”. A film which describes, with great humanity, the death of a Seattle man from intercourse with a horse. So already the groundwork may be laid (no pun intended) for future acceptance. How many pet owners truly believe that their pet ‘loves’ them? Probably most. Given that it, shouldn’t be difficult to do away with the current argument that an animal cannot ‘consent’…if they can love, and it is widely accepted that they can, the leap to consent becomes a relatively small step.

    At base there is a common theme. Once ‘traditional’ mores are overthrown new ones will take their place. Just as traditional ones were promulgated by the powers that be of their day so too will the new ones be. Is it odd that homosexuality’s acceptance has coincided with the rise in income level of homosexuals as a group? To pretend that these areas of society are somehow unchangeable is naive. Thirty years ago no one would have had a serious conversation considering same sex marriage. At that time there was common understanding of what ‘normal’ meant. There is already a much more fluid understanding of the term among adults today and the generations coming up will be even more open in their interpretation.

  7. I can buy the fact that pedophilia may be a state someone is born with, but that does not make that equal to homosexuality. Forcing yourself on an unconsenting victim is never going to be the same as two consenting adults in love.

    Legally, a child cannot consent to sex (although various age exception laws allow a child to consent to sex with those near their age). Whether or not a child can or cannot consent to other activities is irrelevant. The older a child gets, the more freedom they get. As such, as they grow older they are bestowed with higher abilities to consent in a general sense.

    The fact that someone believes their pet loves them make no difference in the consent of the animal if the animal cannot legally consent. May pedophiles believe children love them, but that doesn’t make their crime any less of a crime. A person may believe their rape victim wanted it or asked or it, but that doesn’t justify their actions.

    I am not trying to say that anything is unchangeable, but that homosexuality has no relation or connection to pedophilia or bestiality. Two consenting adults can never compare an attack on any non-consenting victim. it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

    1. I agree with you, Tk. But have to point out this — our laws are ours and I’m not sure my cat is concerned with our idea of laws. I can’t have that kind of conversation with him… 🙂

      I believe you are mostly trying to argue legalization of this does not lead to that. I’ve heard that sort of nonsense. It’s an emotional argument that’s disingenuous that unfortunately works too often (to me) hiding while exposing prejudice; my opinion.

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