Stream of Consciousness 027

The above CD cover is In the Lonely Hour, by Sam Smith

BLOGERVERI keep rolling around my Google Hangout idea in my head. I’ve decided the first hangout will be at 7pm CST on October 1st. Again, this is meant to be a weekly blogger club of sorts, where we can all get together, talk about our blogs, ask questions and help each other out. It’s meant to focus on because when I look for blogging advice, it’s always on Blogger or Where’ the love for

Though that’s the focus, like all those other blog advice articles, the hangout will have many relevant topics for other bloggers. One of the topics I plan to bring to the table is image usage. What is the right way in the wrong way? What do certain creative commons licenses really mean? How should we cite book, CD and/or movie covers? I’d also really like to talk about Google+, how it should be used and the type of activities that help promote blogs. These are just the topics I have interests in, but I encourage you all to bring your own questions and topics. This isn’t the type of event where we have a topic and that is the only topic we will discuss. The only limit I have at the moment is time. I expect to stop every night around 8:15. I’ll have more information next week as I play around with how to work Google Hangouts


One of my friends (who may very well be reading this right now. Hi there!) hates this song, but I love it. Outside of the melody and lyrics, I feel like it shows a unique look at one night stands. People aren’t always looking for a quickie and then to leave. Sometimes, perhaps after a bad breakup, people just want to feel like they’re not alone. Just for one night, even though they know there one night stand isn’t a relationship or love, they want a companion to stay for the night. It’s sad, but I think this song describes those feelings beautifully.


It’s been a fun and exciting week in terms of adulthood, leading up to this weekend – finally a free weekend – where I have many things to put in place. I have paperwork for benefits at work which I was supposed to hand in last week. I need a chance to wrap my head around it all, though, which is what I plan to do this weekend. I also got something in the mail to get my car payments in place (great….). That needs to get done as well. In addition, I’m helping a couple people with their resumes. I’m actually hoping to get all that done today. It shouldn’t be too hard, right?

social media

I still feel like my social media accounts for this blog are a little silent (sorry). At the same time, work makes me feel like I’m overloaded on social media. It’s a little sad. Maybe I’ll have more to say here once the Google Hangout starts.


Earlier this week, I stepped on the scale to find was at my weight limit. I am far from overweight. In fact, in terms of healthy weight for my height, I am just fine. However, years of researching nutrition, being underweight at one point and overweight at another, have helped me find a happy weight range. There is a 10 pound range I am to stay in. In that range, I feel happy and energized. While I don’t feel like I look any different and my clothes all fit the same, I can already feel a difference being at this limit, though. It’s just that sluggish, slightly unhealthy feeling. I’m going to work harder to eat better. I’ve been particularly bad about that lately.


I’m sorry to say that this week was a failure in terms of writing. I brought my notebooks on my business trip, hoping to read on the plane, but I just couldn’t concentrate that much. I couldn’t even concentrate enough to read A Crown of Swords. Instead, I mostly read Harry Potter (and I’m still not impressed).

This is on my task list for this weekend too. I hope to read through my first seven chapters and prepare myself to write the next 12. If I can write out two chapters a week, I’ll finish just in time for NaNoWriMo. It’s now or never! Maybe I’ll buy some merchandise to motivate me. Have you seen this stuff? It’s awesome! I want it all!


Have a great weekend friends!



11 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness 027”

  1. The Google Hangout sounds like a good idea. I’ve wondered about a way to being my blogger universe together. Maybe that’s it.

    Your weight issues sound like mine. I have a range I’d like to stay in. When I tore a groin muscle and couldn’t run, I zoomed right out of that range. I’ve started running again and have got close to my range, but I’m still 5-7 lbs above it. It always seems like the excess accumulates in my gut. That’s where I feel it and see it when I add a few pounds.

    Good luck with adulthood. Do a better job at it than the rest of us!!

    1. Well, I welcome you to join me with whatever questions you have on Oct. 1st. If we have a good turn out, we probably won’t get to everyone’s questions, but there will be one a week. We’ll get to everyone, I’m sure.

      I feel bad when I talk about my weight issues. People look at me like I should be eating all the cookies in the world. What should I have to worry about? But I don’t want to wait until I’m 20+ pounds over weight before I do something about it. I know where I feel happy and healthy. I keep an eye on my weight to maintain that range. When I jump out of that range, I act fast. 5 – 7 pounds still isn’t much. Cut back a bit, eat healthy and don’t stress about it too much, Have you heard of MyFitnessPal? I’m on there if you want to be buds! ^_^

      1. It’s the right attitude. If you let it slide 5 lbs, eventually you’ll let it slide more. There’s nothing wrong with identifying a healthy weight for yourself and working to stay there. I will see what is going on October 1. Problem is that I think you’ve scheduled it for when I’m in the car on the way home.

        1. bummer! Well, I do plan to record them and post them to youtube. Depending on my response, I’m open to changing the time up during the week. We’ll see

  2. I love Sam Smith’s song, although I hear the album as a whole is pretty depressing. Adele’s 21 was like that (all about one guy who treated her wrong), but it’s still one of my favorite album of all time. The blogging meet up sounds ilke a good idea. I have trouble committing to being in the same place at the same time every week though – i don’t even watch TV shows.

    1. I’m toying with the idea of changing up the days and time that I have the hangout because that’s the exact problem I have with a wordpress meetup group near me. They meat at the same time, on the same day of the week every week. It just so happens to be a time and day where I will never be around. So, I never get to go. I’d hate for that to happen with mine. I plan to put the videos on YouTube, but moving the date and time around a bit might also be great.

  3. You should get a mug that way while you drink your coffee you can think I need to get that writing done and it’ll motivate you. A constant reminder with every sip. 🙂 and fyi… I dislike that song but mainly cause its overplayed more than anything. I literally hear it every morning. And having once been in his shoes, I can say, no man will ever ask you to stay if its a one night stand. Most just use you and throw you away, counting down the seconds til you get dressed and out the door. I’m not saying guys like him aren’t out there and might actually want what you describe but I can tell you, its very very extremely rare.

    1. There is a NaNoWriMo mug… It’s just hard to write in my apartment. What I really want is just one more room where I can build a small study. Maybe some day… The boyfriend already knows I want a two bedroom where room #2 is my study ^_^

      And I get the song. I just think it’s different coming from a man. Sure, maybe most will act like that, but do they act like that because that’s who they are or because that’s how they think they’re supposed to act. Whose to say they don’t secretly miss you when you leave?

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