Are Aliens Among Us?

The boyfriend had me watching this show about aliens over the weekend called Unsealed. I don’t shy away from the idea of aliens. Even if the chances are only one in a hundred billion that another place like Earth exist in the universe, the universe is infinite. We can’t be the only floating rock in the universe with life on it. However, that’s where my assurances end. I wouldn’t doubt that aliens had visited Earth or are visiting Earth if not for the fear mongering of these kinds of shows. They don’t play like a science or educational show. They play like a conspiracy theorist who wants to strike fear into the hearts of a population. So now, I am left to wonder…


20 thoughts on “Are Aliens Among Us?”

      1. Let me try to explain myself. I’m an atheist because I’ve never seen anything that demonstrates that a god exists as most people think of it. A creator or a supreme being. As a result, I don’t believe in God’s existence. I look at aliens and ghosts the same way. I’ve never seen anything that demonstrates that aliens or ghosts exist and the things I’ve seen people produce to try to demonstrate their existence are frequently and easily explained by other things. Hence, I don’t believe in aliens or ghosts. That’s why I put aliens in the same category as God.

  1. Michio Kaku has made the best argument on extraterrestrials. If an alien race is capable of interstellar travel, they would have no reason to visit us, much like people ignoring ants on the road. Were just not that interesting.

    1. No? Surly all our squabbles and wars warrant at least some lazy reality show. I once saw a line of ants across my lawn stealing the larva from another hill of ants. I found it fascinating. Worth a look…. but just one look.

      But yeah. If I were an alien race, I’d leave us alone. We’re far to unpredictable.

      1. If I were an alien race, I’d wipe us out. haha.

        But yeah, from an evolutionary perspective, beings will always only be concerned with immediate threats and preys, and not those far below our food chain.

        So using the ants metaphor, aliens won’t really bother IF they did exist. So it’s an agnostic view, we CAN’T prove if aliens do exist.

  2. I don’t believe in aliens but I also do not believe it is impossible that they exist. I’m somewhere in the middle. Sure, the existence of aliens is very possible, but that isn’t enough reason for me to believe in them. 🙂

  3. I think aliens do exist and that have visited us in the past and are continuing to visit us. Your guest is as good as mind why they are visiting earth. I would assume they are just watching and learning who we are before they want to make contact with us. Maybe they already have. Why do I believe they exist, because we exist. Just doesn’t make sense that we are the only intelligent life in this universe. there must be another race of being out there somewhere. The only aliens that I fear are those who would want to do us harm and any alien who travels a long distance to do that must have more advance technology then we do.

    1. I’m unsure about them visiting us, but I use your same logic as to why they exist. If we are possible, so are they. Your comment makes me think of one of my boyfriend’s stories from Star Trek. I believe, in the Star Trek universe, we hide inside a world to learn about them and only introduce ourselves when they gain a large capacity for space travel. I wonder if that’s how it actually works. It makes sense.

  4. I once took an astronomy class and actually did my final project on this same thing. I believe aliens do exist but I’m not sold on the idea that we are being visited. Fact, Mathematically speaking there are planets out there with the right conditions to sustain life like our own planet. But, in my opinion, I also think what we consider conditions to sustain life is based on only one example, our own planet. I do not believe you can make any scientific conclusion based on one observation or one outcome. We see all the time on our planet that there is life in conditions where we would not think life to be like in areas without sunlight, areas of extreme cold and extreme heat. Even following our rule that life can not live without water, what isn’t to say that on Jupiter’s moon Io there wouldn’t be life? There may be evidence of water on Io, who isn’t to say just because it’s a cold, frozen, icey wasteland doesn’t mean there couldn’t be life living in this extreme condition. And, Why wouldn’t there then be life forms on a celestial object like Saturn’s moon,Titan, which has a thick atmosphere and is mostly composed of nitrogen, may not have life forms that have grown and adjusted based Titan’s differing elements? I’m not saying there are actual large living lifeforms, but I do believe microscopic type life forms, like we’ve seen in living in these extreme conditions, may exist even in our own solar system let alone the entire universe. Like I said, I don’t think they are visiting our planet but in a small microscopic form, in the least, they exist.

    1. I feel the same. I think one of the reasons I doubt a lot of shows about aliens being real is because they show all the aliens as being human-like in shape. I think it’s more likely that alien life would look unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Even if some did look human-like, I feel like at least a handful would have to be something different.

  5. I’m not one way or the other on the topic of them having visited the planet before. However I am of the mind that there are infinite possibilities and therefore it is possible that aliens exist and it is also possible that they don’t exist. If you don’t mind the plug I think my post here: relates to this a bit. I’m open to all possibilities.

    1. I don’t mind the plug. To me, the very fact there is a chance they exist means they exist. Even if only one out of every hundred billion planets has life on it, the universe goes on forever. Certainly there is at least one more planet with life.

  6. I would say that I consider the possibility of life other than Earth because our world is smaller than we think. Plus, we don’t know enough about space so it will be challenging for us to understand.

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